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Heather offers intuitive services, energy healing, and tools for expanding your consciousness.  She is devoted to helping animals and humans have healthy, harmonious lives and relationships. Please visit Heather's Writings page for articles, the latest news and events, and to sign up for her newsletter.

For the Love of Horses

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Energy Healing involves the interfacing of universal, life force energies with the physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual levels of your energy field to clear blocks, activate spiritual mastery, and manifest intentions.

Energy Healing can help you or your animal:

  • get to the root cause of issues or concerns, preventing their recurrence
  • improve physical health
  • achieve greater emotional well-being
  • spiritually grow and evolve
  • develop healthy, fulfilling relationships
  • connect more deeply to your animals and the nature kingdom
  • create greater career and financial success
  • address many life areas all in one session

Heather uses her intuitive abilities to find the source of your issues, works with energy to help you shift it,
and provides guidance to assist with any life changes or decisions.

(805) 451-1585
Living in Cambria, California but Working with Clients Worldwide