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Horse Sessions For Kids (from age 3-11)
in Templeton, CA
For Healing, Growth, Life Enrichment, & Recreation

The purpose of these sessions are to help kids connect with horses, promoting self-esteem and emotional well-being. Children will learn the art of horse whispering, understanding behaviors and emotions, and communicating through the mind (for older kids). The sessions are one hour. Active time will include brushing horses, leading them by halter and rope, and light horseback riding. Reflective time will include healing interactions with the horses and creative projects, all according to the age level and interest of the child.

These sessions are particularly therapeutic for those who are highly sensitive, or who have depression, anxiety, ADD, learning disabilities, and many other imbalances, but all children can benefit from these activities with the horses. No previous horse experience is necessary.

Pricing is $65 for one session, one time, or buy two or more at once for $50 each. 

Halloween Horse Classes for Kids,
October 29 + 30, 1-3pm

Details Here

Horsemanship & Riding With a Healing/Transformative Focus
For Teens & Adults

These one hour sessions are for teenagers and adults who want to learn basic horsemanship and riding skills while expanding their consciousness. Learning will include how to make and maintain a connection with the horse, animal communication, checking in with yourself and the horse to track feelings and changes, and opening up to receive healing and transformation during the process! Cost is $65 for one session, one time, or buy two or more at once for $50 each.

Energy Healing with Horses
(For pre-teens, teens & adults)

Sometimes it isn't until we take a good look in the mirror, seeing the truth for perhaps the first time, before we can acknowledge where we are at and begin to make changes in our lives. Horses are psychic, empathic beings. They are energetically sensitive. This means they can think, feel, and physically sense our emotions, thoughts, bodily sensations, and behaviors. They are magnificent beings in that they naturally mirror these energy patterns back to us.

Like mother earth, horses are energy masters. They have the ability to ground and absorb the energy around them through their energy fields by naturally being in the present moment. They can help us release deep-seated issues if we are willing. The horses help us on all levels of our being: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. All we have to do is be present with ourselves, aware of what is happening inside of us. As we maintain this awareness, pain and trauma are lifted out of our energy fields, our bodies are grounded with the earth for greater stability and health, and insights and guidance for how to live our lives are revealed from within. This is all done within the safe space of the horses' unconditional, loving presence.

In Energy Healing With Horses sessions, Heather works in tandem with the horses, using her intuition and energy healing techniques to help you gain clarity, understand, process, and shift issues in all life areas. These sessions are reflective in nature; they take place on the ground and do not involve horsemanship or riding. To read more about energy healing, scroll down to the bottom of her home page. For more information about the energy healing techniques she uses, go to her services page and read the healing heading.

Types of sessions available:

Intuitive Guidance and/or Energy Healing with Heather and the Horses:
$150 for 60 min.

Animal Communication Mentoring with Horses:
$80 for 30 min, $150 for 60 min

I also offer private animal communication mentoring over the phone: 
$80 for 30 min or $150 for 60 min. 
The activities are the same, but you'll practice with your animal's pictures.

Package rates are available for successive sessions.

If this type of healing calls to you, please contact Heather by phone or e-mail
for questions or to schedule an appointment. No horse experience is required.

(805) 451-1585
Living in Cambria, California but working with Clients Worldwide


Healing with Heather Green