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Heather offers holistic services for animals and humans that address all life areas: health, emotional well-being, relationships, behavior patterns, abundance, career, soul’s purpose and more… Sessions can be done in person or over the phone. Call or e-mail to set up an appointment. Intuitive reading and/or energy healing sessions for humans and animals are $80 for 30 min, $150 for 60 min, and $200 for 90 minutes. Contact Heather for questions about pricing or the length of session required for your needs. Then fill out the terms and conditions form below and click on the email me button to be redirected to the payment page and make your payment.

Package rates for sessions are available upon request

INTUITIVE READINGS/SPIRITUAL GUIDANCE/ANIMAL COMMUNICATION: Heather uses her intuition, telepathy and communication with animals, spirit guides, deceased loved ones, and higher dimensional beings to answer questions regarding any life area.

HEALING: These sessions can help you heal, transform, and manifest in any life area. Before your session, bring to mind or write out a few questions regarding the area(s) of your life you'd like Heather to focus on. Heather's energy healing modality is Crystalline Consciousness Technique™ (CCT). CCT works with your crystalline system, an upgraded energy system that helps you ground, heal, expand your consciousness, and manifest during these transformational times. Heather uses CCT to help you integrate the healing from her other techniques: working with you or your animal's Divine Self (the spiritual teacher and God Spark) and the Earth energies, and using color, sound, light, sacred geometry, as well as retrieving soul energies. You will also receive tools you can use in your daily life to continue healing and growing, and to bring lasting change. Heather might recommend herbs, essential oils, or flower essences to assist the body, mind, or spirit in the healing process.

Level 4 Advanced Protocol CCT, Tree of Life Healing Series: This is a four week healing that works with the sacrum of the body and benefits a human or animal physically, emotionally, energetically, and spiritually. This healing series can help with any of the following that apply: immune problems, auto-immune disorders, spinal/hip problems, menstruation and menopause ailments, emotional/mental traumas, sexual abuse issues, and preparing the sacrum for childbirth. $300 for 4 weekly sessions.

HORSE EDUCATION PROGRAM: Learn to communicate and connect with horses through horsemanship and riding activities. Experience an intuitive guidance or energy healing session with the horses. Receive private animal communication mentoring. For more information, go to the Horse Education Program Page.

Contact Heather at greenbluehealing@gmail.com or 805-451-1585 to inquire about her services.

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