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Heather Green offers intuitive and channeling services, energy healing, and tools for expanding your consciousness. She is devoted to helping animals and humans have healthy, harmonious lives and relationships.┬áPlease visit Heather’s Writings page for articles, the latest news and events, and to sign up for her newsletter.

Energy healing involves the shifting of vibrations held in the energy fields, positively altering your physical, mental, and emotional realities. It promotes healing, transformation, spiritual mastery, and manifestation. Learn more about Heather’s style of healing.

Heather uses her intuitive abilities to find the source of your issues, teaches you how to work with energy to shift, and provides guidance to assist you with any life changes or decisions.

Discover and deepen your passion and purpose

Achieve mental, emotional & physical health

Assistance for empaths: healthy boundaries & energetic integrity

Expand your consciousness

Develop fulfilling, co-creative relationships

Connect more deeply to your animals and the nature kingdom

Get to the root cause of issues or concerns, preventing their recurrence

Address many life areas all in one session

Create greater abundance

Latest Writings

Quarterly Preview: What will April, May & June Bring?

The Quarterly Preview, Friday March 27th from 7-9:30pm. $16 In this Online Event I'll be part of a panel of intuitives, channelers, astrologers and numerologists offering information on what's to come for April, May and June 2020. Solarzar will share the Wisdom of the...

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Manifesting with Ease Online/Teleconference Class (Part 2)

Wednesday October 30th from 6:30-8:30pm Pacific Time Join us by phone or online via Zoom With Intuitive & Channel Heather Green and Numerologist Tracy Wallace It's not necessary to have taken Part 1 in order to attend or benefit from Part 2! Because there is so...

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