Heather offers intuitive, channeling, and energywork services for humans and animals. These services help you or your animal heal, transform, or manifest. They address any life area: physical, mental and emotional health, behaviors (for animals), relationships, career, soul’s purpose/passion, abundance and more…

Intuitive or Channeled Readings & Animal Communication

Heather uses her psychic senses, and telepathic and communication abilities with animals, spirit guides, and deceased loved ones to answer your questions. She also connects with higher dimensional beings and collectives such as the Pleiadians, Angelics, Nature Spirits, and Ascended Masters. She channels their direct verbal messages, toning, and light language, and transmits energetic healing that can support and guide you or your animal in any life area.

Energy Healing

For Humans

In energywork sessions, Heather works with your higher self, relaying intuitive information and energetic tools that will assist you in shifting or releasing those vibrations within your energetic fields that no longer serve. Your higher self or energy self is the more enlightened aspect of you. Heather will help you connect to your higher self to activate particular vibrations that support growth and change in a graceful, easy, and empowering way.
Heather will teach you how to use universal laws and energies such as sacred geometry, crystalline light, colors, and aspects of nature to heal and evolve. As you access and channel these energies, you’ll be assisted in working with your higher self and divine essence, running the vibrations and frequencies you desire internally. As you run these vibrations within yourself, you then begin to alter your external reality, experiencing these qualities in all life areas. This can lead to greater peace, love, confidence, self-empowerment, clarity, strength, joy, fulfillment, and prosperity.

Heather also assists you in accessing and working within the higher (non-physical) dimensions or realities, experiencing up there what you’d like for yourself here in the physical dimension. You’ll be able to call back your own soul pieces and energies that have been lost or misplaced due to trauma or fear, which leads to your becoming more whole and balanced. The work you do in these realities can help to influence and change many aspects of your earthly life. You can then manifest healthy co-creative relationships, deeper soul partnerships, successful career/soul’s purpose endeavors, greater overall abundance, and physical and emotional health.

For Animals

Animals are also on a path of evolution and expanding their consciousness. For that reason, energywork sessions with animals are very similar to sessions with humans. As with humans, Heather works with the higher self of the animal, relaying energetic information and tools that can assist the animal in shifting or releasing the lower vibrations that create suffering.

Heather also connects with the animal’s higher self and works with the universal laws and energies listed above to help heal, activating spiritual mastery and higher vibrations of peace, connection, joy, love, trust, and empowerment, leading to emotional, mental, and physical health, improved behaviors and relationships.

For Humans and Animals

Heather verbally channels energetic tones and light language from the Angelics and Nature Spirits, bringing healing and balance for both species.

Healing with Horses

Heather is no longer offering services with her own horses, but she will travel to lead healing with horses workshops to groups of people who desire the amazing benefits of greater support, presence, emotional balance, life guidance, clarity, empowerment, trust, confidence, and spiritual growth that a few hours or days spent with horses will ignite. For this offering, the horses must be provided by those interested in hosting or participating in the workshop.

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Sessions can be done in person or over the phone.


The cost of intuitive or channeled readings and/or energywork sessions for humans or animals is $100 for 30 min and $200 for an hour. A sliding scale of $150-$200 for an hour, according to your current financial need, is available.

Package rates for sessions are available upon request

Contact Heather to book your session. You will also be able to ask questions about pricing or the length of session required for your needs.

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Contact Heather to book your session. You will also be able to ask questions about pricing or the length of session required for your needs.
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