Heather offers intuitive, channeling, and energy healing services for humans and animals. These services help you or your animal heal and transform. They address any life area: physical, mental and emotional health, behaviors, relationships, soul’s purpose, abundance and more…


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Intuitive or Channeled Readings & Animal Communication

Heather uses her psychic senses and telepathic abilities with animals and spirit guides to answer your questions. She also connects with higher dimensional beings such as Pleiadian and Angelic collectives. She channels their messages and transmits energetic healing that can support and guide you or your animal in any life area.

 Energy Healing Sessions


Heather is a multi-modality energy healing practitioner with 15 years experience. The basic style of how she works in sessions with both humans and animals is given in the columns below. Because each soul is unique and there are many layers and root causes to the issues presented in a session, Heather also uses a variety of additional healing methods, protocols and tools gained throughout her lifetime as a healer that are needed for each person based on what is appropriate for their situation.

For Humans

In energy sessions, Heather helps you align with the divine energy and other higher frequencies within to make the internal shifts that lead to change in any life area.

She also assists you in working with your higher self, spirit guides and other higher dimensional beings such as the Ascended Masters and Archangels, to release or transmute physical and emotional imbalances and limiting life patterns. This healing promotes the retrieval and integration of soul energies and fragments which support greater levels of joy, peace empowerment, clarity, confidence, trust, consciousness and overall wellness.

The benefits can include: physical and emotional healing, fulfilling and co-creative relationships, discovery or deepening of soul’s purpose/vocation, and greater levels of abundance. 

For Animals

In energy sessions, Heather works with your animal’s higher self, spirit guides and other higher dimensional beings such as the Ascended Masters and Archangels, to help them release or transmute physical and emotional imbalances as well as unhealthy behavior patterns. 

The benefits can include: physical healing, emotional balance, improved relationships with other humans and animals, healthy behaviors, and ease and comfort during times of transition.

The healing for animals addresses other issues such as PTSD, territorial behaviors, inappropriate elimination and sibling rivalry. 

For Humans and Animals

Heather also channels energetic tones and light language from Angelic and Pleiadian collectives, promoting healing and balance for both species.

Healing with Horses and whales

Heather will travel to offer healing with horses events to groups of people who desire the amazing benefits of joy, greater support,  life guidance, clarity, emotional release, empowerment, and spiritual growth that a few hours or days spent with horses will ignite. The horses must be provided by those who are interested in hosting or participating in the workshop.

Heather is also open to hosting wild horse or whale and dolphin healing events with humans. For those who may be interested in collaborating to set up an event,  inquire with Heather at her email below. 

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All Intuitive and Healing Sessions are offered over the phone or by Zoom.

*Valentine’s Special* I’m now offering 1 hour sessions for $111 from Feb. 8th-15th. Also, if you purchase your session during this week you can schedule it for later in the month. 

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