I am now offering a special rate on sessions when you buy 2 or more. These are session intensives that will address a particular life area that you need extra assistance with to bring more ease, grace, breakthroughs and timely results. Each session is 75 minutes long. Payment plans are available! See details at the bottom of this post.

Some examples of life areas to focus on for these sessions can include: relationships, career/money, physical health, emotional well-being and self-worth, soul’s purpose, home or moving, other life changes, support for loss and grief, and animal issues.

The sessions will include an intuitive reading and guidance for navigating that area of your life. You will also receive energy healing to help you release limiting patterns, beliefs and any other root causes of the challenges you are experiencing.

The energy healing will support you with moving through emotional processes if that applies to your situation. In addition, there will be energetic activations offered to assist your transformation and support you in creating your highest level soul desires in any of these life areas.

Each successive session will follow up on the last, so more questions can be asked and additional assistance can be offered according to your personal progress.

**With sessions for your animals, the process is mostly the same. I will be communicating with your animal, sharing info that can help you better assist him or her, and providing energy healing for your animal in whatever way it might be needed (for health, emotional wellness, behaviors etc..).

Cost for the packages:

$250 for 2 sessions, $375 for 3 sessions, $555 for 5 sessions & $666 for 6 sessions.

Payment plans are offered for 3, 5 & 6 session packages. Email me for any additional questions, to request a payment plan or to book your session. You can send your payment for any of the packages at my website payment link by clicking here.