May Newsletter

May Newsletter

Spiritual Mastery and the Shifting of Timelines
Well, congratulations! As we make our way into the 2nd half of 2017 and begin to get our heads above the integration waters, many of us are starting to feel energized again. This is surely a breath of needed air after the last several months of feeling uninspired, unfocused or spacey, overly emotional, and fatigued. Many of us in our spiritual advancement/5D embodiment process are creating new life missions and desires. But in no way are we completely clear on where we are going–the universe is definitely letting us harness the needed faith, trust, and intuition in order to develop the strength and courage for what is coming next.

The reason we are not completely clear is because of the shifting timelines. We have all experienced this over the last year, both personally and collectively. For those who are unfamiliar, I’m referring to changing the course of your life/path and outcomes to situations due to a shift (higher or lower) in your vibration/frequency. Many are not aware that they’ve made a leap until they begin to question what the heck is happening in their life, or why things seem so unfamiliar or confusing. For example, you might suddenly question what you are doing at a particular job or place you live, or you might just know that it’s time to start a new business or leave a relationship. Things you’ve always or never noticed in these areas will either disappear or become very apparent to you, all in a way that means your life will never again be the same!
So if this is happening for you, it’s all good no matter how it looks! Every single living being on this planet is expanding their consciousness to a degree that means only forward movement or the tendency towards higher vibrational experiences/timelines. Because we have done so much inner work and shifting, most of us are opening up many different options in our life paths. The truth is that we have infinite potential, but we do lean to certain particulars.
As the Angelics have recently shared, “The awakened will have more insight or intuitive hits on these upcoming possibilities. They might come to you in a meditation, dream, or even as you reflect on your life. In these cases, you’ll know what choices you could make that may influence future outcomes. This is great wisdom to behold and act upon in your times in order to create and progress in your life and in the world.” 
Many are receiving information about things they have no control over but are concerned about, often life areas that involve another’s free will or choice. These messages are frequently coming from our future selves who are alerting our present selves that we might want to make a change in our behavior/dynamic or even work things out with the other person at the higher self level, so that  the highest and best outcome can be achieved for all. This way of approaching potential future timelines is empowering, autonomous, and always interesting and fun!
The confusing part with changing timelines is that there can sometimes appear to be too many options in our present moments! To those on the accelerated path this is often the case. You’ll experience this when you are deciding where to place your focus or what your next move will be. In my own life, I’d like to start writing again. But I have a number of interests. One is a healing handbook I’ve already written that needs a lot more fine tuning and my editor’s help, another is the first draft of a children’s fantasy novel that I have scribbled in a notebook, and the last is some writing I’d like to do on the topic of soul mates and twin flames. I could work on all of them. But I’m currently most passionate about the topic of relationships…
As the Pleiadians say, “What is most important is to go with what feels light, inspiring, and exciting. Often it is what is most relevant in your now, but not always. You are then moved by the greater forces, not really making your own move. In this way you create your highest pathway of service. Even with projects or tasks you’ve abandoned if it truly motivates and uplifts you, or helps you or others to expand, you will return to them in right timing. For some, this could be years later. But the options that have expired and belong to the old timeline will be forgotten or no longer desired. You’ll be unwilling or unable to continue them.”
So leave logic behind and don’t feel you have to complete something just because you started it! As humans we’ve been programmed to live this way, but it stagnates the creative juices and our life flow.
The most positive news of all about shifting timelines is that you don’t have to know where you are headed! In fact, it’s often better to let go of this and focus on how you can best manifest your highest potential, by adjusting your own vibration and frequency. This is what it means to be sovereign.  Run the energies within you that truly serve your life: joy, empowerment, connection, fulfillment, passion, serenity, clarity, or whatever it may be. Become really attached to what you are creating in your inner world as that will soon be reflected in your outer life. From this stance, you’ll naturally fall into a level of trust and faith with any timeline change. When your intuition is needed it will be heeded accordingly. The strength, courage, and other gifts and mastery that you build along the way will prepare you for the new level of service and abundance that you will soon be stepping into. 
For many of us, the journey over the last several years has felt  long and often weary, and we shall welcome any new purpose/mission or rise in status so to speak. But with any change, the power we are given warrants a greater level of integrity and responsibility. This is the reason for all of our spiritual weight-lifting, especially over the last year! I’m told that the start of June and through the summer will herald a time of motivation, inspiration, productivity, emotional balance, freedom, lucidity, grace, and vitality. So hang in there as we round this next corner of the journey; the hard work will pay off in exponential ways 🙂
Love and Blessings,

Heather and the Guides
On the Oversoul

On the Oversoul


Here’s a sneak peak from my next book titled, “For the Love of Horses Workbook:

This section explains the process of healing for our individual souls and for those that make up our oversoul, which many of us are feeling at this point in our evolution. For greatest ease in understanding, this process is described from a linear perspective, but keep in mind that in reality it is nonlinear. If any of the concepts that follow are difficult to grasp, connect to your heart center, and feel into the meaning intuitively instead of logically.

We are all whole, vast, powerful beings, part of a greater soul collective. Like petals on a flower, our individual soul is connected to other soul members or mates in this collective. To further clarify this verbal illustration, the center of the flower could be called the oversoul. The flower as a whole represents the oversoul energy. Our oversoul and others are linked, which make up even larger soul families and collectives.At some point during our soul’s existence our individual soul broke off from our oversoul and incarnated into physical form, in this linear timeline, so that we could experience the illusion of being separate. We did this to learn specific lessons, have certain experiences, and gain spiritual mastery as directed by our oversoul.

The oversoul records and integrates every lifetime and the life events of each soul member. A good metaphor to clarify this concept is to view the oversoul as a radio station and each member of the soul cluster as a particular song. As individuals, we only know our own song, but the oversoul has access to all the varieties at once.

Since we’ve begun incarnating, over thousands, even millions of times on earth and in other physical and nonphysical planets, worlds, and realities, both as individuals and collectives, we have experienced opposite ends of the spectrum in all of our existences—good and bad, pain and pleasure, joy and despair, abundance and scarcity, and all that exists in between. In the process of living through trauma or overwhelming circumstances, we became fragmented.

At this time of the shift, many individual souls long for their own healing and wholeness. We long to return to the soup of our oversoul energy and ultimately, Source. We desire the peace and harmony of this oneness.

Our individual soul’s healing process unfolds as we become aware of and experience the suppressed or repressed memories, thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and behaviors from this life and all of our other lives. It also involves mastery of the lessons associated with them. As we heal, denser vibrations are transmuted or lift out of our energy fields. Soul pieces and fragments that we have lost through trauma come back to us. Our being fills up with more divine light and unconditional love. We then make our way back to being bigger beings again.

But it is important to understand that while we are on this journey, we will continue to recreate situations that bring up the old memories, thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and behaviors, to a greater or lesser degree, depending on our level of spiritual understanding. This will persist until all of these vibrations are released and our individual souls have become whole through fully experiencing and therefore integrating these life happenings. This is what it takes to heal many lifetimes and many layers of wounding and trauma.

As our individual souls become more whole, we then become aware of the healing process for other soul members. This is already happening for many on earth right now. We are remembering and experiencing the traumas of many of those beings who are part of our oversoul. Because of this, we might dream about lifetimes that these souls have lived. At that time, or even while awake, we can access many of those soul’s memories, beliefs, thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and even physical sensations related to particular life experiences and traumas.

When this happens in a dream or vision, the experiences might feel or look like they are happening to you. They might remind you of something from your past or you might think they are from another one of your lifetimes. Sometimes when the memories, emotions, or visceral sensations are experienced, you might even think they are related to something in your current life.

For example, some people will blame health issues or pain on emotional or physical causes, like stress or an injury, when in truth, it is related to a trauma from another life or another member of our oversoul’s life.  You, or that other soul aspect might have been shot in the area of pain, or had another illness, injury, or traumatic experience that affected the area of the body where you now have the health issue.

A common issue being worked through for many in an oversoul is power, where certain members play out the victim role, and others are the perpetrator, sometimes even in the same lifetime. An example of this is the Holocaust. During this tragedy in human history, one soul aspect could have been a Jewish person in a concentration camp, while another was a Nazi guard. In this case, you might have memories of living out both experiences, as victim and perpetrator. But these seemingly opposite energies are really two sides of the same coin when it comes to learning about empowerment. The karma of each side is balanced by the other.

 It takes a great deal of intuitive experience to understand what’s really going on in these situations. The good news is, you don’t have to know whether it was you or another soul that experienced the trauma because the souls that are part of your oversoul make up your oversoul energy, which is the bigger you. Address these particular issues as you would your own individual healing, and you will be helping these soul aspects heal as well.

From the big picture (linear) standpoint, as we deepen the process of healing and transformation for our individual soul and the members of our oversoul, our consciousness continually expands. We evolve into even higher dimensional beings. This enlightenment continues through all of our existences, until we merge fully once again into our oversoul’s energy, eventually making our way back to Source—the ultimate divine energy—the all that is.

A Note on Ascension:

At this time on planet earth there is a great shift in consciousness happening for all livings beings and the planet herself. Ascension is our becoming fifth dimensional beings; the length of time in this process is unknown. For us individually, ascension is the soul merging fully with the higher self. We get there by healing, transforming, and becoming whole as described in the section above. Currently, collective humanity’s soul consciousness resides in the fourth dimension. This is a dimension where we can experience the dense, physical aspects of the third dimensional existence and the lighter, ethereal experiences of the fifth dimension, as our physical bodies transform from carbon-based to crystalline. The animal and nature kingdom are also shifting along with us, as their consciousness is becoming more humanoid and their bodies are also changing to crystalline.

It is during the process of ascension, in the height of our own individual soul’s healing and wholeness that we also become conscious of our oversoul energy and the healing happening for members of our oversoul. We feel and remember our connection to Source, knowing we have truly never been cut off from it. Becoming fifth dimensional beings involves the beauty and full awareness of being separate and united at the same time. We get to shine our spiritual and divine selves through a transforming vessel while interacting with what appears to be a physical world. It’s the grace and magic of bringing our own unique heavenly qualities onto this earth and experiencing a whole new way of life because of it!





          What an exciting month we have ahead of us. And with so much anticipated change. Let’s see…where to start? We’ve got the solar eclipse happening on the 13th. Then the lunar eclipse on the 27th, which is also a blood moon, the 4th and final in the notorious awe-inspiring series that started in April 2014. Sandwiched in between the two eclipses is mercury retrograde, always a time for healing, transformation, and slowing down, whether you consciously choose it or not.

           What does all this mean? Well, for starters, we’ll receive heavy downloads of photonic energies on those dates, which will help us release and expand from the inside and out. The blood moon heralds big and bold social changes in our external realities. Many of us have felt the clearing process beginning already, either physically or emotionally. I’ve noticed more painfully for myself, clients, and colleagues, a lot shifting in the 3rd chakra.
This is our center for personal empowerment, and in particular, taking it to the next level. On an individual level, we are each working towards feeling powerful and strong in our physical bodies. When we master this, we’re able to provide more of our service in the world, helping others to do the same, which then activates it for the collective. So if you’ve been stuck or blocked there, you’ve probably been dealing with fear, shame, insecurity, or any of the physical imbalances or pain in that area of the body, like the stomach, liver, gallbladder, kidneys and diaphragm.
Continue to work on the layers behind these issues and know too, especially for those with health issues arising, that your body is also transforming. Some of the pain and illness you are experiencing is not sickness at all. Throughout this summer so far, and with these two spectacular moons, our transition into crystalline beings further unfolds. Many of the reactions, diseases, or allergies you think you have might not really be so.
You could say you are becoming more sensitive, but what’s more true is that you now operate at a different frequency. Since your physical body is now made up of both carbon and silicon-crystalline aspects, at times it can be confusing and contradicting when choosing what is best to consume with food or medicine, or what environments it is best to spend time in. When in doubt go within and listen to that all-knowing voice of the divine for guidance.
This is all the more reason to spend this coming mercury retrograde getting the needed rest and replenishment. MR, especially this one, will be a great opportunity to reflect on where you are and where you want to go in your life.  Let go of what really doesn’t work for you and take a chance on those long forgotten or so-called far-fetched dreams!
Money is highlighted big time this month, personally and collectively. What I’ll say about this is anything is possible—anything!—As long as you believe it. And believing it is the main point here. At this time of the shift, we are creating our realities through our thoughts and beliefs every day. As our evolution continues, this process is amplified, thus the instant manifestation.
In the recent past, the Pleiadians have told me that as a collective, we’ve chosen to create things slowly, with no drastic changes in world events, whether we view them positive or negative. But now they reaffirm and remind me that we hold the power to influence our future in every moment. Therefore, it is always changeable. As they say it, “Choose wisely. Nothing can be foretold or is ever pre-destined. You create your reality, one by one, in what you believe in and focus on in your days. Ask yourself what you’d like to experience in your life and your world. Back it up with the appropriate thoughts, feelings, and actions, and so it will be.”
In other words, stop that fear monster that has been let loose individually and collectively, especially regarding money issues and the money system. Even if you belong to the group that wants to see the money system change or go away, more power to you. The key here is to align with the frequencies that can bring it about harmoniously, and in a way that benefits all. In either case, don’t neglect the denser emotions if and when they surface. Acknowledge them but don’t let them overrule the sense of joy, excitement, contentment, love, and freedom that is fully palpable right now, even amongst the dissonant waves of injustice, uncertainty, fear, outrage, or sorrow out there.
Together, we have the privilege and ability during these amazing times, to create something truly magnificent. This is an opportunity we don’t want to pass up and it involves utilizing our fullest, most conscious cooperation. We all can, and many will experience extraordinary change in a variety of life areas, starting this month and heading through the end of the year. How those shifts affect the rest of us is yet to be seen. So as you consider your own role in the bigger canvas of collective reality, the only question that remains is, “What will you create?”
See you along the next bend of the journey,
Heather and the Pleiadians


August Newsletter: The Lion’s Gate
    We are in the midst of a magical time of opportunity. A stargate portal has opened in earth’s atmosphere bringing through transformative energies preparing us for big shifts at eclipse time this September. This Lion’s gate access is available every year at the end of July through August 8th, the time of Leo. We can utilize this energy to launch forward in our evolution.

    But the energy can bring with it the weight of fatigue and emotional issues. It’s balancing our inner yin/yang and the physical pineal and pituitary glands which can cause headaches, visual changes, dizziness, and other neurological effects. On top of this, we just experienced a full & blue moon which illuminated much of what’s been previously hidden to us. Pay attention to dreams and look at longstanding wounds/life patterns. Whatever you’ve avoided dealing with you can’t escape from much longer.
    This is true for our larger, collective issues as well. If you’re one of the awakened, you’re well aware of what’s out of line, unjust, or imbalanced in our world. You probably already see the connections between the problems with food, healthcare, environment, and weather patterns. You probably feel the effects of exposure to more toxins.  And it’s not just about corporate greed, it’s bigger than that. Can you guess what that ultimate domination would be? One by one we must all see the true motivation here in order to fully free ourselves. How far down the rabbit hole are you willing to go to know the truth?
    The wonderful news is, since 2012, we’ve ended the contracts that originated with the Annunaki and those groups of elite humans who’ve been in power. So now it’s about releasing the patterns and attachments that continue to enslave us personally and collectively. These victim/enslavement programs held in our root chakras are expired. The solution is simple. Connect to your higher self and ask to activate empowerment and freedom through your 5D energy system. Continue to do this when you find yourself falling for and following those same enslaving beliefs and behaviors as they arise, and remind yourself that you are free.
    Then you’ll see yourself taking action when you need to, as will more in your collective. As I write this, the guides are sharing that new ideas and templates for thriving during these times, simpler lifestyles with ease in technology, beneficial social and governmental changes, and greater abundance for all beings has begun to manifest and will continue to do so over the next couple of years. More exposure of darkness in the world will be uncovered and seen in the media, which will instigate change, particularly through the end of this year.  As a collective, we will no longer tolerate what is not whole, just, and equal for all living beings.
    More of us will be drawn into a deeper connection with nature. Access your co-creative power with earth and all of her elementals. When needed, work with them to bring harmony, balance, and sustenance on our planet. This is especially helpful during weather changes–like storms, volcanic eruptions, and wildfires. Some imbalances in nature occur to teach us lessons. Big earthquakes and tsunamis often open up our heart centers, teaching us compassion, connection, and empowerment as we discover we are all vulnerable, valuable–that we’re in this together, and that we can move through and overcome fear.
    So when you’re connecting with earth, and it’s so important to do so these days especially to help stay in balance as you integrate the transformative energies, feel into any weather/climate changes. If something is on the horizon, go deep and ask what lesson humanity would or is learning through the change. Ask your higher self to activate that lesson for yourself first, and then send this energetic info to all in collective humanity who are ready and willing to receive it and integrate it.
    And lastly, don’t be fooled by appearances. We are going to be tested more and more thoroughly on this topic over the next couple of years. Some people and things can sound and look great at face value; for example, certain bills, laws, spiritual groups or teachings, and even environmental and sustainable living plans or programs. If it doesn’t support your own sovereignty, or that of the collective’s, it’s not in the highest good.
    So feel into them–every person, plan, or idea out there. Be willing to see through the surface, behind the mask. Go deeper. Discover what’s not completely obvious. This is no time to be superficial. It’s time to be real. And like the lion, strength and bravery is needed to uphold the kind of integrity we are creating at this time, from the inside out.

Enjoy the journey,
Heather & the guides
PS: More exciting news next month on the September eclipses!


March Newsletter: Updates on the Shift

“The Big Moon”

It’s so good to be back writing updates on the shift after a long hiatus during which I produced You-Tube videos sharing energetic tips for staying in balance with these changing times. Of course, those videos will still continue; I plan to alternate them with my writings on the shift to keep things interesting for you and fun for me.

Do I dare ask how you are all doing? I’m sure you felt the unfathomable powers of the mighty full moon a few days ago, which should give you a taste of what’s coming as we inch closer to the Spring Equinox on the 20th. Whoa! It’s gonna be a big one, a big moon, this Equinox. 

You might have felt tired, angry, overly sensitive (as in you were easily triggered and reactive, and probably not in a way you would’ve expected from yourself at this point), dim-witted, or a combination of all of the above. Many of you felt bursts of ultimate bliss, freedom, and joy around the time of this month’s full moon as well. The important thing was that you flowed with it, and didn’t try to push your feelings away. Whatever you experienced, you were (and still are) being prepped for this month’s grand event.

The Big Moon is the New (Super) Moon and Total Solar Eclipse on the Spring Equinox, March 20th, in the wee hours of the morning for us Californians. The Equinox doesn’t formally occur until the afternoon hours. But in any case, this day is marked for new beginnings, for all of us. Everyone will begin to see the workings of change in their lives, no matter where they are on their path. It’s as if the bridge you’ve crossed has disappeared and there’s no going back. This is a death of sorts. A total eclipse of the heart. And whatever you’ve got in that achy breaky heart that hasn’t been resolved will be coming up again to be looked at, healed, and fully integrated.

Many will experience the pangs of grief over what once was with regard to certain happenings in their personal lives and for us as a collective. There will be shifts in our political and social scenes this spring and into summer, with legislation passed that will surprise, shock, scare, and/or please you. Even if your ego’s view judges these alterations as negative, what matters is the change–even if it’s not what we want or expect. Sometimes difficult circumstances are what can truly activate inspiration, motivation, and the coming together of many for a greater cause. And that has the potential to transform our world more swiftly than we can imagine!

For those of us who’ve done our homework, we have the opportunity to make such immense leaps forward that our lives will no longer even look remotely the same. For this reason, we must remember to stay grounded, centered, and anchored in our connection to our Divine Selves. Otherwise, the winds of change may feel more destructive instead of regenerative; the happiest of occasions could feel overwhelming, even traumatizing, instead of enlivening. 

We don’t want our first steps in our new lives to be faltering or failing. Instead, surrender to your divine will and your authentic life’s blueprint, all of which are accessed through your deepening contact with your Divine Self, and you’ll be supported every step of the way. This magical combo of your higher self and God energy will infuse you with the courage, strength, and adaptability to stand tall on your own two feet, no matter what’s going on around you. The result is that you will finally have the chance to do what you were born to do in a way that will begin to feel effortless. No more striving, trying to work too hard or make something happen. We just have to sit back, wait, and trust. After an arduous, exhausting loop of the journey, I think many will agree with me that this sounds really good, especially if we get a nap!

When I say wait and trust, I don’t mean become lazy or apathetic, although you might be feeling this way due the transformation happening within your physical body this month. Apathy might also be a sign of resistance to change, only you can be sure. Use discernment wisely and implement your healing tools so you can shift your inner reality.  We can no longer claim victimhood, for we have always been creators. In fact, when we pass through this new moon doorway/portal, we step up in our responsibility as creator beings. That means we can set things into motion more quickly, for better or worse. Our innermost thoughts, emotions, and beliefs will have even more of an impact on our external realities. Think instant manifestation, instant karma. 

Feel free to rest and relax, but then decide how you want to navigate this new chapter in your life’s path. Be willing to step out in a unique way, showing the world who you really are, feeling the confidence from within that it’s show time and you are on!  With fierce focus only on the life of your choosing, the life that you’re creating, that is what will be…Nothing else can stand in your way. It’s finally time to let go of the 3rd dimensional safety nets and release what no longer works for you: those long-expired, frustrating, disruptive fears or worries, roles, relationships, jobs, binds and/or ties relating to mundane human civilization. The current cosmic forces will assist you in this mega clearing if you allow it. It’s only up to you–up to us now!

Until next time…
See you around the next bend of the journey,
Heather and the guides