Updates on the Shift Tele-Class: Embracing Change

Updates on the Shift Tele-Class: Embracing Change

Thursday October 25th from 6:30-8pm PST. Cost: $20. Bring your personal questions!

During this time of accelerated healing and transformation on the planet, many of us are faced with possibilities of major changes. These changes can affect multiple life areas. In particular, relationships are highlighted. The astrology supports depth in connections while healing fears regarding love and intimacy. We are discerning what needs adjusting in relationships in order to bring harmony, balance, and co-creation. Endings and new beginnings are also happening in many cases.

We could all use intuitive guidance for ease in life navigation and decision-making with any kind of change we are facing. Many of us want energetic support and balance for the physical, mental, and emotional releasing and upgrading. We are doing such immense soul integration work!

In this class you will receive assistance with all of the above! I will be working with higher dimensional beings, the Pleiadians and Angelics, bringing through information, energy and healing tools that you can use to benefit all life areas. You will also learn about potential earthly and worldly changes on the horizon!

Email me to sign up at [email protected] and receive dial-in number. If you can’t make the call, you can still sign up to receive the recording! To buy now pay $20 at https://tealhealing.com/payment/


New Moon & Solar Eclipse Recharge

New Moon & Solar Eclipse Recharge

When a new cycle begins we enjoy heightened clarity and power to enhance and renew areas of our lives that might be on hold or sluggish. A rare opportunity to kick start our bodies, lives and relationships happens with August’s new moon and solar eclipse all occurring on August 11!

Join the Vybe Tribe, where we will use this lucky line-up of cosmic events to boost our lives – feeling good, relaxing while learning new and easy techniques to help yourself, loved ones and pets.

Spend an afternoon in a nurturing mountain retreat where you will hear from four experts in the healing arts who will share and send you home with a tool kit of techniques from a rich mix of:

*Feng Shui – useful, simple techniques to boost and balance your home and office

*Psychic Protection – feel better at work, in crowds and other sometimes challenging environments

*Energy Attunements – participate in a group clearing and meditation designed to bring you more lightness and calm

*Angel Messages – receive timely, practical messages from the Angelic Realm with daily guidance for these epic times

Saturday, August 11th, 10am-4pm, Gold Run, California. $96. I’ll be bringing thru the Angelic Messages!

Contact Betty Chaya Wells at (530) 388-8048 or Beth Roszman at (859) 806-6847 to Reserve Your Day with the Vybe Tribe.

Breathwork & Energy Healing Workshop

Breathwork & Energy Healing Workshop

We are living in a time of a great shift in consciousness on Earth, with so much up for change in our lives. In this process of transformation, our bodies, minds and emotions are regularly fluctuating and readjusting, and many of us long for extra balance and support on the journey. This special healing workshop will give you the tools and inspiration to keep you shining bright and strong through the times ahead.

In sacred circle, you are guided lovingly through Energy Healing and Breathwork practice by renowned healers Heather Green and Satya Colombo. Woven together with illuminating teachings to strengthen and support you in navigating the complexities of modern living.

The Breathwork practice is an ancient high technology for healing, awakening the soul, and releasing stuck energy and emotions. Done while laying down and set to a magical inspiring soundtrack, this gentle two-stage Pranayama breathing meditation is easy to integrate into daily life with phenomenal effects on your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. This proven practice helps you:

– Dissolve stress, anxiety and overwhelm.

– Clear your mind and calm your emotions.

– Experience deeper sleep, reduced pain, and overall improved health and vitality.

– Release stuck energies and beliefs that keep you playing small.

– Revitalize your connection with your spirit, self and Universal Life Force.

Bring: Pillow and blanket to get cozy. Pen and paper if you wish to take notes. Please plan to arrive a few minutes early to get settled in as we will be starting at 2pm Saturday.

Saturday, June 30th 2 – 4pm, at Center of the Heart, 487 N. Turnpike Rd, Santa Barbara, CA 93111

$35 in advance/$40 at the door. To sign up in advance email [email protected] or buy now here

Gathering of Healers: An Introduction to the Earth Healing Summit

Gathering of Healers: An Introduction to the Earth Healing Summit


This one-hour gathering is for healing practitioners who have a passion for working with earth, as well as those who are interested in the topic and want to learn more. No experience is necessary! We’ll be discussing what will be included in our upcoming, Earth Healing Summit event.


This purpose of this healing event is to assist you in learning how to consciously give to and receive from the earth. In the first half of the day, you’ll gain some intuitive tools for helping with perceiving what aspects of earth need healing. You’ll also learn about energy methods and protocols to use in earth healing. The the last half of the day will be purely experiential as you explore how to receive beneficial energetic support from the earth. These earth energies can improve your physical health, mental/emotional states, and heighten levels of abundance and spiritual growth! You’ll be able to practice all the skills you’ve developed throughout the day. The location will be determined by weather and announced two days before the event. It will take place outdoors, where we can be directly in contact with the earth here on the central coast of California. Morro Bay and Templeton are likely options.





Saturday, April 28th FROM 1-3PM, $25. At the Halcyon Post office/Store, 936 S. Halcyon Rd, Arroyo Grande, CA.

Have you ever wondered what your animals are thinking? Have you wanted to find a way to communicate and connect with them to improve their health and behavior, and your relationship with them?

This class will include the basic skills involved in animal communication. Beginners and those experienced, who want extra practice, are welcome! Have a picture of your animal handy to practice with. Please don’t bring your pets.

You will participate in the following class activities:

*Learn how to ground and center to prepare yourself for sending & receiving messages to and from your animals.
*Participate in a guided meditation for activating and opening up the intuitive centers.
*Learn about and practice sending and receiving messages to and from your animals through telepathy (mind to mind transmission), emotion, and your energy.

Email or call Heather at [email protected] or 805-451-1585 to sign up.
To buy now go here

Winter Horse Workshop

Winter Horse Workshop


As we wrap up 2017 and integrate the powerful energies of the winter solstice, much is up for change. As we let go of the old, we open up to new beginnings. Relationships in particular are highlighted, and we could all use extra insights for how to navigate these and many other life areas right now!

With the horses as your guide, receive the inspiration you need for clarity and decision-making. The horses will help you release any limiting patterns, emotions, or beliefs so you can experience more balanced and co-creative relationships and move into deeper levels of abundance and soul’s purpose.


*Bring your intentions! We’ll share them at the beginning as we open up the healing container for the time spent with horses.

*A short healing meditation for our intentions and for assisting us with integrating the solstice energies.

*Time spent with the horses will include reflective sessions while grounded and present with them in their pasture. They will help bring healing and clearing for any life area as well as offer intuitive guidance.

NO HORSE EXPERIENCE NECESSARY! These activities are for healing and awareness purposes, and there will be no riding. Wear a hat/sunscreen as needed and dress in layers. Bring your own water and wear sturdy, toe covered shoes or boots.

Cost is $40. To sign up, email Heather at [email protected] or call 805-451-1585. BUY NOW at : www.tealhealing.com/payment.htm