On the Oversoul

On the Oversoul


Here’s a sneak peak from my next book titled, “For the Love of Horses Workbook:

This section explains the process of healing for our individual souls and for those that make up our oversoul, which many of us are feeling at this point in our evolution. For greatest ease in understanding, this process is described from a linear perspective, but keep in mind that in reality it is nonlinear. If any of the concepts that follow are difficult to grasp, connect to your heart center, and feel into the meaning intuitively instead of logically.

We are all whole, vast, powerful beings, part of a greater soul collective. Like petals on a flower, our individual soul is connected to other soul members or mates in this collective. To further clarify this verbal illustration, the center of the flower could be called the oversoul. The flower as a whole represents the oversoul energy. Our oversoul and others are linked, which make up even larger soul families and collectives.At some point during our soul’s existence our individual soul broke off from our oversoul and incarnated into physical form, in this linear timeline, so that we could experience the illusion of being separate. We did this to learn specific lessons, have certain experiences, and gain spiritual mastery as directed by our oversoul.

The oversoul records and integrates every lifetime and the life events of each soul member. A good metaphor to clarify this concept is to view the oversoul as a radio station and each member of the soul cluster as a particular song. As individuals, we only know our own song, but the oversoul has access to all the varieties at once.

Since we’ve begun incarnating, over thousands, even millions of times on earth and in other physical and nonphysical planets, worlds, and realities, both as individuals and collectives, we have experienced opposite ends of the spectrum in all of our existences—good and bad, pain and pleasure, joy and despair, abundance and scarcity, and all that exists in between. In the process of living through trauma or overwhelming circumstances, we became fragmented.

At this time of the shift, many individual souls long for their own healing and wholeness. We long to return to the soup of our oversoul energy and ultimately, Source. We desire the peace and harmony of this oneness.

Our individual soul’s healing process unfolds as we become aware of and experience the suppressed or repressed memories, thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and behaviors from this life and all of our other lives. It also involves mastery of the lessons associated with them. As we heal, denser vibrations are transmuted or lift out of our energy fields. Soul pieces and fragments that we have lost through trauma come back to us. Our being fills up with more divine light and unconditional love. We then make our way back to being bigger beings again.

But it is important to understand that while we are on this journey, we will continue to recreate situations that bring up the old memories, thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and behaviors, to a greater or lesser degree, depending on our level of spiritual understanding. This will persist until all of these vibrations are released and our individual souls have become whole through fully experiencing and therefore integrating these life happenings. This is what it takes to heal many lifetimes and many layers of wounding and trauma.

As our individual souls become more whole, we then become aware of the healing process for other soul members. This is already happening for many on earth right now. We are remembering and experiencing the traumas of many of those beings who are part of our oversoul. Because of this, we might dream about lifetimes that these souls have lived. At that time, or even while awake, we can access many of those soul’s memories, beliefs, thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and even physical sensations related to particular life experiences and traumas.

When this happens in a dream or vision, the experiences might feel or look like they are happening to you. They might remind you of something from your past or you might think they are from another one of your lifetimes. Sometimes when the memories, emotions, or visceral sensations are experienced, you might even think they are related to something in your current life.

For example, some people will blame health issues or pain on emotional or physical causes, like stress or an injury, when in truth, it is related to a trauma from another life or another member of our oversoul’s life.  You, or that other soul aspect might have been shot in the area of pain, or had another illness, injury, or traumatic experience that affected the area of the body where you now have the health issue.

A common issue being worked through for many in an oversoul is power, where certain members play out the victim role, and others are the perpetrator, sometimes even in the same lifetime. An example of this is the Holocaust. During this tragedy in human history, one soul aspect could have been a Jewish person in a concentration camp, while another was a Nazi guard. In this case, you might have memories of living out both experiences, as victim and perpetrator. But these seemingly opposite energies are really two sides of the same coin when it comes to learning about empowerment. The karma of each side is balanced by the other.

 It takes a great deal of intuitive experience to understand what’s really going on in these situations. The good news is, you don’t have to know whether it was you or another soul that experienced the trauma because the souls that are part of your oversoul make up your oversoul energy, which is the bigger you. Address these particular issues as you would your own individual healing, and you will be helping these soul aspects heal as well.

From the big picture (linear) standpoint, as we deepen the process of healing and transformation for our individual soul and the members of our oversoul, our consciousness continually expands. We evolve into even higher dimensional beings. This enlightenment continues through all of our existences, until we merge fully once again into our oversoul’s energy, eventually making our way back to Source—the ultimate divine energy—the all that is.

A Note on Ascension:

At this time on planet earth there is a great shift in consciousness happening for all livings beings and the planet herself. Ascension is our becoming fifth dimensional beings; the length of time in this process is unknown. For us individually, ascension is the soul merging fully with the higher self. We get there by healing, transforming, and becoming whole as described in the section above. Currently, collective humanity’s soul consciousness resides in the fourth dimension. This is a dimension where we can experience the dense, physical aspects of the third dimensional existence and the lighter, ethereal experiences of the fifth dimension, as our physical bodies transform from carbon-based to crystalline. The animal and nature kingdom are also shifting along with us, as their consciousness is becoming more humanoid and their bodies are also changing to crystalline.

It is during the process of ascension, in the height of our own individual soul’s healing and wholeness that we also become conscious of our oversoul energy and the healing happening for members of our oversoul. We feel and remember our connection to Source, knowing we have truly never been cut off from it. Becoming fifth dimensional beings involves the beauty and full awareness of being separate and united at the same time. We get to shine our spiritual and divine selves through a transforming vessel while interacting with what appears to be a physical world. It’s the grace and magic of bringing our own unique heavenly qualities onto this earth and experiencing a whole new way of life because of it!





Wowee..! Today I finally have the energy and opportunity to sit down and give you all an update on the shift. This month was like walking into a heavy wind. For most people out there, no matter how hard you tried, you just couldn’t keep up your usual pace. And yet, tasks, responsibilities, resources, and, options fell into your lap that you simply had to act on. Now! 

But as we wrap up June, mercury is about to go direct, helping travel, communication, technology, and work-related issues go forward again. I always see mercury retrograde from an empowered stance, as a chance to rest, relax, and reflect. When I do, those usual annoying glitches and delays don’t happen. Take a vacation, and even better, let this be your chance for deep healing.
And we’re sitting in that healing energy right now, still, as we move into the first couple weeks of July. There are astrological alignments that are opening this up for us, and we’re all continuing to integrate the powerful spiritual downloads from summer solstice.  So if you feel unbelievably exhausted, emotional, or unbalanced, give yourself a pat on the back. Surrender to your inner desire to heal, rest, and feel those raggedy, raw edges of pain.
The pain is paramount.  Many are noticing intense or odd pain in the physical body or changes in their health.  I’ve had more than my fair share of health scares and concerns, particularly over the last few years with all the evolutionary transformation; even times where, the old nurse in me thought I should go to the hospital. But every time I check in with body, I’m told that I’m fine. As the newsletter guides remind me, we are now healing so many layers of unresolved injury, illness, and emotional pain held from many lifetimes, often from traumatic experiences when we left our body because of immense overwhelm or devastation. (Just think about all that war and torture in our human history!) But we have to go through this process so our bodies can change from carbon to crystalline. The more we resist the healing process, the more pain, imbalance, or dis-ease we’ll have in the body.
This isn’t to say we shouldn’t go see a doctor. In fact, many are getting cancer these days because of a long-term, unconscious resistance to healing: a build up of physical, emotional/mental, and karmic baggage that has reached a breaking point. No matter what treatment modality one chooses, on some level, they will need to heal these underlying causes if they want to eliminate cancer and remain cancer free. And for the rest of us out there: with regard to those stabbing pains and aches, digestive difficulties, migraines, chronic fatigue, rashes, and other neurological symptoms, don’t try to deny it or make it go away.  If you feel the pain of the health disturbance, or whatever it brings up for you emotionally, you will more quickly process the unfinished business from long ago. But we do need to be patient with ourselves.
And this is true for all aspects of our lives now…We are continuing to integrate higher self energies at the root chakra level. This brings up more than just health related issues, but also the deepest, darkest, animalistic tendencies of all in the human species. For some it is just too much to bear. Others are acting these tendencies out. But for the rest of us, as courageous, mighty beings, we are facing and dealing with it all. And by mid-July, those of us who’ve been willing to go there should notice things lighten up a bit, as the universal energies help launch us forward in our projects, dreams, goals, and in our home lives.
Best of all, we can help ourselves by remembering to embrace the polarities of our life experiences. Along with suffering there is also contentment and joy. Do what feels fun to you. Play! Involve yourself in what feels easy and enjoyable, and weave this energy into your most mundane activities. As you heal the pain of the past, while still feeling joy and gratitude, you’ll find yourself less often on the rollercoaster of extremes, instead falling more mid-range, knowing peace.
See you at the next bend of the journey,
With love & Blessings,
Heather and the newsletter guides (The Sirian & Pleiadian Councils)


            We’ve come to May already! But with the intensity of April and all we’ve been through, it seems as if we should be well into summer at least. The important thing is that we survived the grand cardinal cross. And even if you are still feeling extremely exhausted and unmotivated because of it, that will be changing soon. Around the 19th of this month we’ll start to feel unstuck and more inspired to get out there and do our thing.

            The astrological grand cardinal cross has helped us anchor in the new paradigm, which allows us to manifest the physical realities we came here to partake in.  For many of us, this involves our soul’s purpose work (what we do that brings change and evolution), but it is also about world peace, joy, equality, and abundance. I’m not saying this will happen overnight, but we have come a along way already, and we have to keep going.
            Collectively, we are still in the shadow phase. When it comes to world authorities and power, we will need to see and know the truth with crystal clarity.  Since many are not ready to recognize the corruption, the current task of bringing the darkness into the light might still be in process over the next four to five years. But there’s a lot we can do individually.  Just when you knew you needed to go deep, you now need to go deeper. Yep, look at those personal shadow aspects even more thoroughly. We must uphold the highest of integrity to move to a lighter vibrational state. (More information about shadow work and integrity in the expanded version newsletter. To read about the expanded version newsletter, or to purchase it, go here ).
            From the beginning of this month and throughout it, many of us have and will experience hardships, challenges, traumas, and even disasters, just when we thought we were done with that particular pattern. You didn’t see it coming, but you know what it’s about, don’t you? The good news is, the problem you have is really a blessing in disguise.  You’ve recreated it again so you could heal another layer of it and get to the other side. The karma and all other correlated patterns, emotions, beliefs, from all times, can be released. The next time this issue arises in your life, it will not have to go this way. This is a huge leap forward, even if it doesn’t feel like it. The best part is that if we truly integrate the lessons from the challenges, we can jump to the timeline where the trauma, challenge, hardship, or disaster never occurred. I can say I’ve experienced this firsthand, and it is pretty freaking amazing! (More information about jumping timelines shared in expanded version).
            Along with some of these uncomfortable yet fortunate incidents, comes our resistance to integrating our higher selves within our first chakras. This is the last stage of our physical enLIGHTenment (letting our divine selves shine through our physical containers), before our bodies continue into a deeper process of morphing from carbon to crystalline. But in order to get there, we have to release our resistance.  Many of us fear full integration because we think it separates us. But the truth is, like for Buddha and Jesus, it will help us connect with, enjoy, and understand our fellow humans like never before. (More on this topic shared in the expanded version).
            While we allow the integration process, the heaviness, struggles, and hard work begin to lighten. Life becomes easier all around. Many of us will experience happy surprises and breakthroughs this month because of our massive clearing and surrendering. This is prime time for stepping fully into who you are.  Do not hold back. You didn’t come to earth to play small this time around! But to be who you are, you must ground your magnificence in your outer life. If you have a dream, take steps to make it happen. Bring your imaginative creativity into the world—let it out, let it go! (More info. on how to do this in the expanded version).  This is yet another way we bring the darkness into the light, embracing our wholeness on our path to ascension.
            See you around the next bend of the journey,
            With love, Heather and the guides
This month’s energy activations will be brought to you as you journey as Alice, down the rabbit hole of time. They can help benefit the following life areas:
*To recognize on all levels of your being, that you are sovereign. This process also helps you step more fully into empowerment, letting go of victimhood, leading to the life of your creation.
*Helping your bring your creativity out into the world for greater manifestation of goals.
*Bringing greater patience, perseverance & dedication to your inner work, to bring change in your external reality.
*To move from lack to abundance consciousness, leading to more abundance!
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            It’s good to be back! I took a two-week break—the first since becoming completely self-employed in 2011. Now it’s April already, and it seems the world has greatly changed since I went inward, taking solitude and rest. The guides tell me that this is a time of fertility. Think potent, productive, pregnant, plentiful, and profound. And like a rabbit, we are making dramatic leaps and bounds forward. But most of all, it is spring. As I spoke of in March’s newsletter, many of us are finding we have ripe eggs to harvest. After all our hard work, this is a blessing.

            There are a few big themes throughout this month, all involving our newly acquired “crops.” The most prominent of all relates to the old saying, “you reap what you sow.” If you haven’t done your karmic clearing, now is the time. And even if you have, you’ll need to go deeper. The blood moon/lunar eclipse on the 15thof this month will force you to look into your shadows: the red, raw, dense emotions and energies that have not been fully processed or dealt with.  If you still haven’t a clue, look to your dreams and visions for guidance. (For more information about karma and how to clear it, read my expanded version newsletter. You can access it here). 
            I know my dreams have been especially vivid this month, waking me up throughout many nights—and I’m told that all the jewels are there, waiting to be retrieved. Our higher selves are revealing them to us when we’re in this most vulnerable and receptive state. These gems include the heavy, animalistic energies, as well as our most amazing, benevolent characteristics and gifts. It is time to reclaim them and move into a deeper level of empowerment. Humanity is moving up the spiral of evolution. Many awakened humans are integrating their higher self energies at a root chakra level. This is happening in perfect timing for the drastic changes coming up in our world. (For more information about these changes, view my expanded version newsletter).
            Besides receiving the fruits from our labors of love—the internal work and the external manifestations in dreams, career, relationship, and health advancement—we are also receiving assistance on our journey of evolution. We need to spend more time in nature, preferably at the beaches or in forests. These areas will not only clear our energy fields, calm our neurological systems, and get us away from the continuous EMF exposure, but here we can find the herbs and crystals brought by extradimensional beings to earth in the last five years. These will help with our acceleration and transfiguration process. (More shared here in expanded version newsletter).           
The last big theme—and another source of abundance for all of us this month is what I did for two weeks. Rest, slow down, or take a break.  Even if you think you can’t afford it, you can. In fact, it will bring you riches. It will give you more time in a day, help to replenish your body, mind, and soul, and draw to you many resources. When you fully relax, letting go of all physical and mental tensions, your overall vibration raises.  Along with your schedule opening up, you will then become more open energetically to receive, magnetically attracting in your soul’s needs. This is when many of your intentions, dreams, and goals can begin to take form in the physical. This is where miracles occur.
            So much can happen as you begin to slow down—the opposite of how the majority of the humans currently operate in the world. We are programmed to be busy and to do, do, do—to believe that we can’t possibly be productive unless we live by this rule. But as we are influenced by the higher dimensional energies, this way of living will continue to work against us, bringing more lack and striving.  My best advice and that which I am living is to simplify your lifestyle. If needed, incorporate all aspects of your life: work, projects, relationships, home, and goals, into one big dream. If you’re in doubt as to whether you are doing too much, ask your body. Tune in and notice how you feel. Your body will always let you know if you’re taking on too much.
This month of fertility brings great change for us—change that can help us gather our goods, taking care to fully integrate those dualistic characteristics and energies.  But most of all, be willing to see and comfort the part of yourself that wants to cling to the old and familiar—the aspects of yourself or your life that are trying to fall away or die.  As each of us evolves, so does collective humanity, which leads to global change. As the guides tell me, we are on the verge of a revolution. This can happen peacefully or cause difficulty and strife. Fortunately, we all get to decide.
More on this next month!
With Love and Blessings,
Heather & the guides, the Sirians and Pleiadians
This month’s energy activations will help you:
*clear karma: release what is holding you back in relationships, health & soul’s purpose.
*receive a gift of inspiration and replenishment, and additional guidance to help you with current difficulties and challenges.
*learn how to receive on a deeper level through sharing—thus attracting in more abundance.
*heal the perpetrator/victim pattern and step into greater empowerment.
*discover details of your current timeline for fulfillment of cherished goals & dreams.
The energy activations are part of the expanded version newsletter. For more info. about it, or to purchase it, click on the link in the second paragraph of this newsletter. 

March 2014 Newsletter: Bringing The Rains


            Well after a never ending, excruciating mercury retrograde, I’m glad to be back.  If you were like me you had some down time, a break, or perhaps a break-down (or more)? It was unavoidable with the frustrations, delays and misunderstandings in personal communications, and the relentless, agonizing emotional processing that naturally followed the triggering of your most tender, longstanding wounds. There were also scattered days of meaningless melancholy, ultimate blah-ville, where even your most cherished activities were not enjoyable. Yep, mercury retrograde definitely gave you time to think it all over amidst the frequent interruptions.  Hopefully you didn’t run away from it all or indulge too much in contemporary humanity’s many forms of escapism. I know I almost did.

            But it wasn’t all mercury retrograde. With the assistance of the cosmos, the squaring of many planetary bodies, and the flipping of the sun’s poles in December, of course we’re going to feel uncomfortable right now, not to mention dizzy. We’re still assimilating recent energetic changes, and it’s a needed process in the evolution of humanity and for our Earth. (More information shared here in my expanded version newsletter. To read more about the expanded version’s or to purchase one, click here.
            The good news is that with most of your issues up in your face since end of January/early February, including those anguishing relationship conflicts, if you’ve done your inner work during this time you’ll begin to experience a reprieve. It’s much like the beginning of the rains here in California. After an extremely dry winter the rain has come in, and there’s more on the horizon. It is refreshing, cleansing, and nourishing physically and emotionally, for our planet and all living beings. The negative ions from the rain take the edge off the irritating effects of the radioactivity and increasing EMF’s in our environments. That’s why it’s felt so good! For these reasons, during this Piscean time we should be in or around water, and eating what grows in it. And yes, let go of those fears of Fukushima. (More information share here in the expanded version newsletter).
            But on with what I said above for those true to their journey: the wheels of fortune are turning in your favor.  The time of spring is coming. Those seeds you planted last fall and nurtured throughout winter are going to bloom. Expect the bloom to literally happen around the Spring Equinox this year. Don’t give up now–even if you’re stupendously weary. Believe in your dreams, perhaps even those long forgotten. If you’ve done the needed legwork in this physical reality, along with the required spiritual growth, there’s an increase in abundance coming your way between March-June this year. This will happen the more you allow your updated, 5th dimensional energy systems to shine though your 3rddimensional physical forms. (More information shared here in expanded version newsletter).
The world is in flux. Although there’s great joy, freedom, and enlightenment, many also experience natural disasters, tyranny, and terminal illnesses. If there’s one answer I can give you to help shift even the most difficult problems or challenges that are coming your way this month, no matter what area of life they may be in, it’s this: tap into your inner Divine Love. This is otherwise known as unconditional love. The desire for protection is based on fear. At this time in evolution, you’ll have better outcomes if you move into this natural state of being called love.
From here, you will rise above anything that is a lower vibration (or that you wanted protection from), even if it’s just temporarily. Love is what moves mountains, manifests dreams, and creates the external realities we desire. But these things can only happen from the inside out. Your only task is to keep your fear in check. Become aware of it when it pops in, see it for the illusion it ALWAYS is no matter what is really happening, and let the love antidote transform it. (More info. on this topic, including examples of when and how to access Divine Love in the expanded version newsletter).
If you are too weak, burned out, apathetic, agitated, enraged, or grief-stricken to tap into it or even care, ask your higher self to deliver you an infusion of this 5thdimensional gold whenever you need it. It really is that simple. Best of all, from this place you’ll truly recognize what it means to be a sovereign being. (More information here in expanded version). You’ll understand that you’re the only one creating your reality.  And like the 9 of cups in the tarot, you’re going to get what you want, which is what you focus on. From here, I can only offer one more piece of advice: be care-full of what you wish for! 
See you around the next bend of the journey,
Love, Heather and the Newsletter Guides
The energy healing provided in the expanded version newsletter will assist in the following life areas:
*soothing the neurological system due to the sun’s pole shift and the flux of Earth
*clearing and detoxifying radiation, karma, and heavy emotions
*assisting your 5th dimensional energy to shine through your physical container,       
 manifesting greater abundance
*shifting life patterns that are creating limitations and suffering
*energy balancing for Fukushima and other areas of Earth
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