Venus Retrograde in Leo: Upgrade your relationships and boost your abundance

Venus Retrograde in Leo: Upgrade your relationships and boost your abundance

Happy Summer everyone! At this time Venus is Retrograde in Leo until Sept. 4th, 2023. We are also in the Lion’s Gate Passageway, a powerful astrological phenomenon and portal of energy available each year from July 27th-August 12th that can boost our manifestation processes. With both Venus Retrogade and the Lion’s Gate happening simultaneously, we can expect many areas of our lives to be influenced. In particular, issues related to love, relationships of all kinds, self-worth and abundance will be highlighted.

This is a great time to reflect on your biggest blocks and challenges with regard to romantic relationships, friendships, family, coworkers or business partners, to let go of the old stories. The same goes for money and abundance. When considering both areas, think about what you deserve, value and intend at this time. The cosmic energies coming in during this Venus Retrograde & Lion’s Gate passage can support you in shifting your reality. Work with your creativity, self-sovereignty and confidence to help you step into greater joy and your highest timeline.

With relationships, prepare for wake-up calls or clarity. You might receive insights about going to to the next level in some of your closest and most beloved partnerships. Some might find themselves wanting to commit more deeply, while others might decide separation or endings are needed with certain people they care about. Use communication to move beyond old issues. More will be revealed in relationship dynamics. So put in the effort to heal and transform all that you discover during this cycle!

Especially for women, if you know this applies to you and you’ve been holding back for way too long, don’t be afraid to speak your truth, assert yourself and set appropriate boundaries. This allows you to take better care of you. It can assist you with releasing any anger, resentments or hurts from the past. It is also part of what supports your own self-worth and empowerment, helping you to create better balance and harmony in all of your relationships. Healthy relationships are based on equality, with both partners giving and receiving.

Most women can relate to the mother archetype. When we access and embrace the divine mother energies inside of us, we feel a deep desire to love, nurture and protect. Empathy, connection and a sense of oneness with others comes naturally to us. Women have a powerful role to play at this time on the planet. All of humanity needs more of our pure, unconditional love and acceptance. This kind of love alone can work miracles in healing! It can change the world.

It’s the perfect time for all of us–men, women and children–to love and support those who have traditionally been oppressed, forgotten, disrespected or unappreciated. Those who need extra care and compassion can benefit from our assistance. So if you feel called to be involved with women’s rights, speak out on behalf of animals, offer support with environmental issues or help with the lifting of social barriers, do so! Whatever passion or purpose you have that brings you joy, step into that! And if it’s something unconventional, unique or eccentric, even better. Now more than ever, your actions can have more far-reaching effects than you know.

And when you do what you do in service to others, remember to care for and love yourself more. Take time to rest and replenish. This allows for the ignition of your inspiration and passions. Let go of old patterns of sacrificing or sabotaging your needs or energy. Release the habit of people-pleasing, and stop trying to change or fix anyone else. Instead, live your life for you!

Focus on shining your light in the world, in the ways that you choose. This is also how you role-model the way for others to do the same, which often inspires them to change! If this is new for you, even taking a first step in this direction can leave you feeling more powerful, free and uplifted than you may have ever known. Understand too, that it isn’t really about what you do, it’s more about how you do it.

Careers, hobbies, vocations and special projects that light you up are examples of how to spread your gifts in the world and live a more fulfilled life. Stay-at-home moms, gardeners and animal lovers who bring creativity, joy or a unique energy in how they live out these roles also emphasize this point. The focus on your passions, play, and creating the life you desire will boost your self-worth and abundance quotient. This will also benefit all of your relationships.

There is more of a balance taking place between the masculine and feminine energies inside of each of us and in our world. This shift and other collective karmic releases are allowing for divine order and justice with regard to our economics as well. We’re going to see breakthroughs for those who have been stifled, dishonored and abandoned by the larger authoritarian and governmental groups in our society. But we all have to do our part. We can’t just sit aside and wait for the changes to happen. It starts with each of us on an internal level, one person at a time!

So as you reflect, review, and release over the next month of Venus Retrograde and the last week of the Lion’s Gate passage, ask yourself, what will your part be in collective change? And where will you begin? It’s the perfect time for you to release old and unhealthy stories and creations connected to love, relationships, and abundance in all forms. Set your intentions and allow for the healing and transformation. Stay focused on what you want to manifest in your own life and know that right now, a potent window of opportunity is available to you. Let the magic happen…and enjoy!

Love, Heather

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Updates on the Global Energies Online Class: May 29th at 6pm PST

Updates on the Global Energies Online Class: May 29th at 6pm PST

Updates on the global energies & how to support your health during these changing times! Cost $22, Monday May 29th, 6pm-7:30pm PST, by Zoom or phone.

In this online class, I’ll share information about what we can expect with the cosmic and collective shifts as we prepare for summer. We’ll talk about specific topics that are up for people including soul’s purpose and money/abundance, with a special focus on how to support your health and wellness during these times of accelerated transformation. I’ll be channeling messages from the Pleiadian High Council and you’ll have time to ask personal and/or worldly questions.To sign up, you can send your payment at my website link here.


March Newsletter: Updates on the Shift

“The Big Moon”

It’s so good to be back writing updates on the shift after a long hiatus during which I produced You-Tube videos sharing energetic tips for staying in balance with these changing times. Of course, those videos will still continue; I plan to alternate them with my writings on the shift to keep things interesting for you and fun for me.

Do I dare ask how you are all doing? I’m sure you felt the unfathomable powers of the mighty full moon a few days ago, which should give you a taste of what’s coming as we inch closer to the Spring Equinox on the 20th. Whoa! It’s gonna be a big one, a big moon, this Equinox. 

You might have felt tired, angry, overly sensitive (as in you were easily triggered and reactive, and probably not in a way you would’ve expected from yourself at this point), dim-witted, or a combination of all of the above. Many of you felt bursts of ultimate bliss, freedom, and joy around the time of this month’s full moon as well. The important thing was that you flowed with it, and didn’t try to push your feelings away. Whatever you experienced, you were (and still are) being prepped for this month’s grand event.

The Big Moon is the New (Super) Moon and Total Solar Eclipse on the Spring Equinox, March 20th, in the wee hours of the morning for us Californians. The Equinox doesn’t formally occur until the afternoon hours. But in any case, this day is marked for new beginnings, for all of us. Everyone will begin to see the workings of change in their lives, no matter where they are on their path. It’s as if the bridge you’ve crossed has disappeared and there’s no going back. This is a death of sorts. A total eclipse of the heart. And whatever you’ve got in that achy breaky heart that hasn’t been resolved will be coming up again to be looked at, healed, and fully integrated.

Many will experience the pangs of grief over what once was with regard to certain happenings in their personal lives and for us as a collective. There will be shifts in our political and social scenes this spring and into summer, with legislation passed that will surprise, shock, scare, and/or please you. Even if your ego’s view judges these alterations as negative, what matters is the change–even if it’s not what we want or expect. Sometimes difficult circumstances are what can truly activate inspiration, motivation, and the coming together of many for a greater cause. And that has the potential to transform our world more swiftly than we can imagine!

For those of us who’ve done our homework, we have the opportunity to make such immense leaps forward that our lives will no longer even look remotely the same. For this reason, we must remember to stay grounded, centered, and anchored in our connection to our Divine Selves. Otherwise, the winds of change may feel more destructive instead of regenerative; the happiest of occasions could feel overwhelming, even traumatizing, instead of enlivening. 

We don’t want our first steps in our new lives to be faltering or failing. Instead, surrender to your divine will and your authentic life’s blueprint, all of which are accessed through your deepening contact with your Divine Self, and you’ll be supported every step of the way. This magical combo of your higher self and God energy will infuse you with the courage, strength, and adaptability to stand tall on your own two feet, no matter what’s going on around you. The result is that you will finally have the chance to do what you were born to do in a way that will begin to feel effortless. No more striving, trying to work too hard or make something happen. We just have to sit back, wait, and trust. After an arduous, exhausting loop of the journey, I think many will agree with me that this sounds really good, especially if we get a nap!

When I say wait and trust, I don’t mean become lazy or apathetic, although you might be feeling this way due the transformation happening within your physical body this month. Apathy might also be a sign of resistance to change, only you can be sure. Use discernment wisely and implement your healing tools so you can shift your inner reality.  We can no longer claim victimhood, for we have always been creators. In fact, when we pass through this new moon doorway/portal, we step up in our responsibility as creator beings. That means we can set things into motion more quickly, for better or worse. Our innermost thoughts, emotions, and beliefs will have even more of an impact on our external realities. Think instant manifestation, instant karma. 

Feel free to rest and relax, but then decide how you want to navigate this new chapter in your life’s path. Be willing to step out in a unique way, showing the world who you really are, feeling the confidence from within that it’s show time and you are on!  With fierce focus only on the life of your choosing, the life that you’re creating, that is what will be…Nothing else can stand in your way. It’s finally time to let go of the 3rd dimensional safety nets and release what no longer works for you: those long-expired, frustrating, disruptive fears or worries, roles, relationships, jobs, binds and/or ties relating to mundane human civilization. The current cosmic forces will assist you in this mega clearing if you allow it. It’s only up to you–up to us now!

Until next time…
See you around the next bend of the journey,
Heather and the guides