July Newsletter: The In-Between Places

July Newsletter: The In-Between Places

Welcome everyone, to a new beginning! This June’s summer solstice ignited change for each of us as well as the collective. New trails have been blazed before us. Now all we have to do is be willing to walk forward on these paths, taking the steps needed to enLIVEn our new realities. 

For the time being, we’re still in transition, the in-between places. Most of us have moved from being stuck to unstuck, but we haven’t quite reached the destiny we’ve set in motion, or at least the temporary destination when it comes to the many in a lifetime…Where do we go from here? 

From the Leprechauns, “Plant your luck. The wheel of fortune is turning in your favor. Believe in magic again. Believe in your dreams. Find both within yourself. Place yourself in a supportive environment; surround yourself with all that lifts you up. Be willing to do the necessary work and allow your consciousness to expand. Get over trying to blend in already! Be who you are and proud of it. Enjoy everything, even the littlest of things in your life.”

That’s really the best advice for this month in a nutshell. But let’s break things down and go deeper into these parts. The change in luck that the Leprechauns are talking about has to do with current astrology and its affects on each of us and the collective. The energies are moving and flowing again since mercury and mars went direct. But it was the energetic transmission at the summer solstice that really lit a fire under us. Shadows and blocks that have obscured our paths are now cleared. Our way is opened. We know what our purpose and/or mission is. There’s nothing standing in our way, except maybe…us.

How do we deal with resistance which is often caused by fear of the unknown? With the magic, which is the 5D, crystalline consciousness.  As the Faeries say, “Unplug from the 3rd dimension and the associated lower densities of fear and doubt, specifically those in your media. Distance yourself from any emotional or physical violence in visuals, sounds, thoughts, or deeds. As you do, you more easily align with the 5th dimensional energies, which are about grace and ease, especially as it applies to abundance and creation. Play with joy more, as it is the highest of vibrations next to unconditional love. When it comes to the unknown or uncertainty, feel excitement instead of anxiety. Realize that you have the power to chose how you feel and what you will react to in every moment. “

As well as choosing our emotions, we have the power to choose our thoughts as well. Seem impossible? Well, in this time of the great purification, these vibrations are going to be up for release. But here’s more help in the process: From the Angelics, ” Every time you feel a low thought or emotion, know that it comes from another time–the past in this life or another. Acknowledge it. Feel it through and through, so those experiences may be integrated. Then the cycle is complete. You’ll dance in the expansion of mental and emotional freedom that follows. “

It is thereafter that you’ll finally know full mastery of your thoughts, emotions, actions, and reactions. Some humans have reached this place of maintaining full 5D consciousness, while still in a physical body and world. But for the rest of us, if you still struggle with internal resistance, or are frustrated by old, limiting beliefs and emotions that you know are affecting your reality and daily harmony, follow some advice the Merfolk taught me recently: “Surrender to the resistance. Embrace it and yourself, as you would a child. Then feel into the wisdom of the truth, the spiritual truth of your reality. Let it permeate your being. Let it work within you awhile and take however long it does to alter the beliefs or limiting patterns.”

For this reason, we do have to be patient. And that is another hallmark of this time we are in, during this month of July and likely through August as well.  Our fruits are beginning to bloom but they are not ready to be picked yet. For that reason, making hasty decisions and life changes are not recommended just now. Sit back and wait, enjoy your current view. As you soak in this contentment, the universe will work on your behalf to bring to you what is truly in your highest good. The world is in a mutable cycle right now, and that is why many are not seeing the big pictures of their physical creations yet. At least not completely. 

The key to seeing our fully manifested dreams and goals in physical form is acceptance of what is. I know I can relate to this personally. After vacillating on whether to move or not back in May, we finally did take the leap. It’s been an interesting ride ever since. Although the home itself and the land seem perfect for what my husband and I would like to experience, all the pieces of the puzzle are not available yet. I’ve been preparing the place for my horses, so they can finally live with us. But that’s where things are uncertain and incomplete. Do to a number of changes, the owners of our house are considering selling it. We can’t tell for sure if this is definite or how long it would be, but I don’t like the idea of bringing my two older horses into a situation that might mean another move, more quickly than expected. On the positive side, I do have control over  my attitude, and especially in focusing on what is working for me now, what I am content with. 

And this is something we all can do. No matter what your life situation is, focus on what is going well, what you’re grateful for, or happy about. For me, it’s the fact that I’m closer to my horses, now just a ten minute drive away. As the Pleiadians say, ” As you embrace where you are, and your current fulfillment, contentment, and enjoyment, from there you will rise up to meet more of the same–more opportunities that are a vibrational resonance based on where you are today. ” This will bring new and better options to all of us much sooner! So in my case, either the place we live at now will shift into a more stable environment for the horses, or we’ll hear of one available to us somewhere else. 

There are often hidden reasons why we are in these in-between places. The purpose of these delays might be to give us time to rise up vibrationally, so we can access what is in our highest good and create our greatest happiness. Other times, we are just in a holding zone until what we really want can be available in physical form. The mystery behind it all often won’t be solved until after particular life events have played out. 

But sometimes we can feel into the answers to these dilemmas. Go there now and sense what these might be…Perhaps more information is needed, certain resources need to be had, new people have to be met, another location needs to be made ready, or YOU need to be ready. Don’t question or doubt what you get. Most of all, accept wherever you are at. 

Whatever your case may be, don’t give up. Keep doing your inner work; challenge those outdated beliefs and patterns. With the help of the current cosmic energies, sooner than later, your higher consciousness will override the lower. Work with your higher self to deactivate the ancient programming that is at the root of these thoughts, beliefs, and emotions. As we move more deeply into summer, we’ll free ourselves from these enslaving vibrations and finally make more headway in our lives. 

And then…the magic happens! As the Faeries shared on summer solstice: “What if you could have what you truly desire in this moment, with just a wave of your wand? You can, so make a wish!” Now and into the next few months that follow, we can experience the power of this truth. Enjoy the journey!

Love Heather & the guides
May Newsletter: The Retrogrades

May Newsletter: The Retrogrades

This month’s newsletter title says it all. Most of us have felt the intense internal effects of this 5 planet retrograde cycle that will last for the next several months. Although with Jupiter going direct on the 9th and Mercury on the 21st, experiences should lighten a bit and become easier. I’m no astrologer, but I do pay attention to planetary cycles, pagan holidays like the solstices and equinoxes, and eclipses. I read the energy around them like I do when helping any animal or human on their life path. Due to the shift in consciousness happening on earth, at the time of particular planetary alignments, moons, and season changes, we always receive big downloads of transformative energy which help us grow and evolve. 
That’s what this cycle is all about: healing and transformation. I know for me, life has slowed down a lot. If it has for you, this is good. It’s time to go inward. We are getting a big golden opportunity from the cosmos here, to really clean our slates. Start fresh. Get rid of all that baggage. And although this might seem redundant when it comes to the new age “heal thyself” lingo, I can’t emphasize enough that this IS the time. Because when our loads lighten substantially we’ll have the ability to fly free and effortless by the time summer solstice comes around. So ask yourself, how long have you been waiting? For how long have you wanted to see major change in your life? This could be in any area, but for all it can essentially boost us forward in our soul’s authenticity and mission work. Simply put: Be who you truly are and do what you came to do!
It takes guts that’s for sure, and the strength that comes with vulnerability. Think you’ve got it nailed down? If you’re still having emotional crashes and pity parties, you still have work to do. It’s time to  go deeper in your self discovery and ultimately take off those masks! While in the depth you might be feeling great turmoil, doubt, frustrations, or mind-bending confusion. If your world is falling down around you, try not to stress too much.(Ha!). In fact, celebrate it. The same goes for loss. This is the death that comes before the beautiful new beginning with all the gifts, joys, comforts, and abundance that you’ve been creating thus far. 
Back to the pity party though. Don’t beat yourself up if you’ve been going there. You’re meant to feel the drastic swing of emotions; that’s why you are human! Your reaction will begin to change though, more and more, and you’ll be less likely to find yourself going off the deep end. Instead you’ll be more of a witness, still experiencing the feelings, but just noticing. Those who are able to maintain the 5th dimensional consciousness while still in a 3rd dimensional vehicle and world are already creating from this emotionally balanced place.
And this is when the masterpieces become evident. This is where we are all headed. Embracing our own power along the way is essential. As the Pleiadians share, “Only you can heal and transform yourself, or release your illusions of limitation. To be free and sovereign you must play the part. This involves shifting your beliefs, a key piece in the process. Because as humans, you create with your beliefs.” 
So ask yourself, what do you want to experience? Accept the beliefs that support that reality and give them your full attention! This can involve the work of uncovering wounds, patterns, and programming that led to the disempowering beliefs in the first place, yet who can deny the awesomeness of altering your inner life and outer world simply by choosing what to believe?!
There is more to manifesting here. According to the Angelics, “Sometimes you will have difficulty creating what you want because you’ve outgrown particular incarnational contracts with others. At that time it is appropriate for you to call forth the new ones, contracts where all beings involved carry a similar vibrational resonance.” 
Before you incarnate and usually on an unconscious level while here on earth in a body, your soul makes contracts with others that you can potentially work with, live with, serve, or be in certain kinds of relationships with. Even your relationship with different parts of the earth or areas you live in involve a contract or agreement, one where you can learn from each other. But if by the time you meet these beings on your journey you have already mastered what you signed up to work with them on, the contract is then up for review. At that time, the other being or place will feel familiar to you, but you might be conflicted about them. You might also lack the desire to begin the relationship.
If you decide to forego the relationship, then you quickly attract in your next contract. If this one is more vibrationally resonant, than likely it will feel right and you’ll go for it. If not, you again move along to the next one. You can choose a contract that is not a perfect match. But often your time with this other being will be shorter and will perhaps serve more of a purpose of convenience. In this case, there is still always the option that the other being, through their desire to evolve, will rise up and become a vibrational fit in time. But while the contract is up for review, there will come a moment where only you can decide if you want to begin the relationship based on your feelings.
If this transpires during this astrological cycle, the crazy roller coaster ride of the retrogrades might strike you! A recent occurrence in my life exemplifies this. While looking at new places to live with my husband, we took our time, waited, and reflected on the right choice for us. I delayed…perhaps for too long, on my end of the decision. It didn’t look like we would get what we wanted. And then, oh the questioning, the doubt. Did I do the right thing? We turned around and then boom, everything shifted again. We did indeed get offered the place! Back to present and coming full circle. So we went for it! 
Because the truth of the matter is that the future is yet to be seen. And the best advice I can give you is to work with the power of your awareness; your intuition in each moment. This brings the clarity that all of our souls are seeking during this amazingly transformative time. If you are clear and trusting, you truly can’t go wrong in your choices. You can never make a mistake. No matter how many times things change for you, and however topsy-turvy you might feel, you’ll always land with your feet on the ground. You’ll find yourself where you need to be, with the right beings, and for however long it serves all of you. And that my friends, is what this miraculous, highly accelerated time of growth and healing, and mutual love and connection is all about!
Until the next bend of the journey,

Heather & the guides



 It’s not ironic that today is leap day. Or that this year is leap year. Not at all. That fabulous extra last day of February that buys us time before March, so true for what we need on a spiritual level these days. Time to prepare…

     And right we should, because this month of March is going to be a powerful one! Much like last September’s blood moon/eclipse series/equinox, we can expect the same earth-shaking, soul-stirring, life-changing experiences to arise, while the emotions come tumbling out. If you found that time last year unbearable, with your world crumbling down around you, rest assured this next month should prove to ignite transformation while offering much smoother sailing waters.
     We’ve had practice since September and now we know what we’re dealing with. We know what our issues are, where our weaknesses lie, and how to access our strengths. We have the moment’s notice to catch our breath before we go under water again, plunging into the depths for another round of our inner work. This we must attend to if we intend to come out on the other side on solid ground, shining our light more brightly in the world due to further healing, evolvement, and with readiness to move forward in our lives.
     The guides are calling this time we’re headed into “the lightning bolt of March.” With the first eclipse, a total solar one, happening on the 8th, bringing the so needed vitality, inspiration, ideas and energy to get up and out there; to feel alive again. If you’ve been drained of money, energy, cheerfulness, health, clarity, or, you fill in the blanks here–just about anything, you’ll finally begin to get your bearings again, finding the inner and outer resources to want to participate in life. 
     Then the partial lunar eclipse on the 23rd, just shortly after the Spring Equinox on the 20th, gives us the extra momentum–the push forward, while supporting us with the masculine energy necessary to ground and manifest in our world. This translates into “take action” time. And for many who are and will be doing their work this month, it will be a much simpler and graceful process of bringing your gifts to the world and receiving abundance and healing. From the looks of things I’d say life in general can get a whole lot easier…!
     So what does this required inner (or outer) work equate to, exactly? Well, taking leaps forward of course! According to the Angelics, we’ve been delaying this for too long, and if we truly go inward, we’ll know exactly what we’ve been avoiding when it comes to our soul’s growth and evolution as well as our external lives. 
     We can ask ourselves, what still remains in the shadowy realms when it comes to our painful memories, emotions, unhealed traumas, and other lifetimes? What skeletons in the closet do we still keep secretive, uncovered and undealt with, because we’re haunted by them? This is where we must have courage and be willing to go if we want an easier ride through the month of March. The same is true for taking leaps forward in our outer lives. 
     It may feel like you need the additional faith to take what feels like a risk, what brings up every level and layer of fear you’ve ever felt, what will push you past your comfort zone in so many ways. But you must do it, we all must be willing at this time, for the guides remind me that so much opportunity and reward lies just around the corner…if we make that first step on our own, taking our leaps as needed, like the fool in the tarot card.
     We aren’t fools though, nothing of the sort. Because after we’ve surmounted our long-standing hurdles, we’ll be all the wiser. The metaphor the Angelics give me is that of a movie or book, an adventure, where there is suspense, uncertainty, possibly even danger. As the characters or actors of integrity carry on, being brave and true, using the strength all humans innately possess within, by the time the story or movie ends all is well and as it should be. This isn’t to say there couldn’t be loss experienced or heavy emotions felt along the way! But with most good stories something more important has been gained by the challenge. After all, it wouldn’t be very interesting to read or watch otherwise, would it? 
     Neither would our lives. Most people tire of boredom but even for those egos who cling to it, our souls ultimately chose to incarnate for growth and expansion. There is no other way around it. We can go the harder route and be dragged by the universe, kicking and screaming, or we can voluntarily move forward, as if we are the character in our favorite film or novel, doing what it is that we know we must!
     What would you like to experience? The choice is yours. And you get to be creative about how you do it. What will your inner/outer changes look like? For so many, new careers/soul’s purposes, freedoms, relationships, lifestyles, health, and homes will be born. The seed was planted last fall. March is the beginning marker for the blooming of our crops, but we can expect to see them harvest throughout the rest of this year. 
      So we’re left now in planning and preparation time. From the Angelics: “The next seven days will prove to be very fortuitous indeed as you discover the inner and outer moves that are necessary for growth and change. Much that has been perplexing for you will be illuminated, as you receive an added helping hand from us and the many higher dimensional beings around you.” I can’t imagine a better sustenance and support as we rapidly approach the edge of our personal cliffs. 
Enjoy the mystery and adventure!
Until the next bend of the journey,
Heather & the guides

January Newsletter on the Shift: Hibernate

     Glad to be back with you all again after what already feels like the beginning of a long winter. Since the start of December as we approached the solstice and with Mercury Retrograde in full swing at the moment, it’s definitely a time to rest, relax, reflect, withdraw and replenish; to hibernate like the wild animals. I’ve needed the extended break to get my bearings before writing a post or doing an event, or anything for that matter. 

     If you’re in the same boat, you’re just where you should be. And for several reasons. There’s a lot happening with the energies, especially since the solstice. For one, we’ve now activated and are starting to utilize the new upgrades to our energy system, one that affects how we operate physically, mentally, and emotionally. In 5D this looks to bring more strength and efficiency for our physical bodies, speed and versatility with emotional processes, not to mention telepathy (think mind reading). But the transition equates to feeling tired, irritated, overwhelmed, edgy, as if you just can’t handle one more thing! Spending time out in nature or doing any kind of grounding activity will help you acclimate right now.
     Each time we receive a download of transformational energy or an activation of our upgraded systems (at the Equinoxes and Solstices), we thereafter clear out another load of the unnecessary, heavy baggage on all levels of our being. Collectively, we’re working at the root chakra level. So health, money, issues about surviving/thriving are up to be released, whether they involve work, home, livelihood, or relationship…
     Many have been hit especially hard since 11-11, shockingly so, and I know I was. And we’re not out of the woods yet. So if your health has plummeted, relationships have ended or become difficult, your money has drained, you can’t stand your job or you lost it, all at the same time, consider it a blessing in disguise. It’s a detox as the guides tell me.
     Physically, because you are still at least partly carbon~you must take care of your body as much as you’re able. Proper nutrition, rest, and natural medicines are helpful. But because you are also crystalline, you can use energywork in ways you’ve never been able to before, to bring healing to the body. With illnesses look past the obvious sources to the “other life” causes for relief. Our bodies are feeling them big time. Memories of old injuries and traumas are coming up in the form of pain or disease in a body area. More rarely, some body discomfort is simply due to the transformational process but check in with your higher self to be sure.
     When it comes to relationships and work…let freedom ring. This is again due to our processing in the root chakra area. We can no longer be slaves, we have no tolerance for the cookie-cutter programming that we were born into. And we can’t be trapped in relationships that feel confining, one-sided, co-dependent, or inauthentic. Many of us are even questioning those solid, stable, long-term, committed unions, reflecting on our choices and making decisions to stay, go, or make changes accordingly.
     We can only be us, our truest selves co-creating with those of a similar vibration. Like Finn, the storm trooper turned rebel from Star Wars 7, it takes a great deal of courage and risk but leads to empowerment, happiness, liberty, and justice. And the alternative is, well, depressing to say the least. Most of us just can’t do it anymore.
      As for money, like the physical issues, we have other lives playing a role here too. We’ve accessed the old “lack” tapes that have been recorded during times of hardship and loss and now it’s time to release. Overall I’d say go with the flow. Some helpful guidance from the Pleiadians in this life area and many is, “Don’t try so much. Allow. Accept, surrender, trust. Be open to take inspired action when necessary. This is key in all your endeavors. Wait for the spark of inspiration before you do anything. If you are tired, sick, unmotivated, or burned out, stop. Go play and enjoy your life. Take care of you and let whatever it is you desire come to you.”
     So let go of those jobs, relationships, or current contracts with money that feel limiting or unreal! Heal and love your body. Embrace your life and the mission that calls you. Because the force (universal energy) is with us and will support us now, every step of the way. But like the fool card in the tarot deck, we are on the edge of the cliff and do need to make the move. Harness the trust. We will find ourselves on the other side, on solid ground.
Until next time,
Heather & the Guides

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          Well, here we are and it’s July already. It feels like yesterday was weeks ago and last year was a moment ago, yet our concerns should be with the present. And in the right now, there’s a lot to be considering here on planet earth. Most all of us are sensing the changes going on in our world, even though many of them are covert, subtle, and still undercover. We can feel the simmering pot of humanity, stewing and stirring as the energies shift on our planet, as we observe the physical manifestation of transformation on environmental, governmental, legal, and social levels.

           Many are confused about what they see occurring. Is it good or bad? Others know for sure how they feel about it all and are excited or enraged, maybe even depressed, apathetic, or completely checked out. I can attest to feeling all of the above at one time or another in the last month. With the intensity out there now, for some, being a willing participant in life feels like an act of courage.
And act we should. In fact, if I had to give one word of advice to those who are bewildered or overwhelmed by the world’s current state, I’d say take action. Follow your bliss, speak your truth, stand up for what you believe, and fight for what’s right, because doing nothing is an action too, and one that has definite consequences during these times.  If you’re not sure what to believe or what’s true, or even if you think you know, follow your intuition. It will never lead you astray or contradict like the so called “facts” out there, the laws, some research, and the many ideas and thinking that seem rational, logical—that appear to make sense.
            No matter how you feel about what’s happening on the planet, or even in your personal life, just know that these are necessary alterations. What has previously been hidden must come to light in order to be acknowledged, evaluated, and ultimately decided upon. When it comes to the worldly changes, we get to decide as a collective—is this what we want? If so, the adjustment goes through or things continue. If not, it’s halted.
            Some of you might be feeling pretty helpless when reflecting on the collective’s decisions, figuring out our future based on a group consensus. Are we ready for that? Is there enough of us awakened to appropriately support or reject these changes?  As we sit with the many possibilities here, our group pot begins to boil. The boiling helps us let off steam but also creates an internal chaos.  The chaos can bring with it feelings of anger, rage, anxiety, or even panic.
            These feelings are completely normal considering the circumstances. The pleiadian and angelic guides encourage us to feel and express all of these emotions as needed, and if you are one of many feeling helpless or hopeless, to access your own sovereignty. They also say, “As you move forward in your own ascension process, you’ll become more of a leader and guide for others.  You’ll understand yourself as a creator being and from that stage, be able to make your greatest dreams come true while at the same time influencing others to do the same.”
            Many have asked me recently, what’s going to happen this summer? Contemplating the boiling point that is surely coming, I say it’s going to be a summer on fire. But from my perspective, this isn’t something we should fear.  If the internal chaos shows up in the external world in ways that make you uneasy, simply view it as validation that radical change is upon us.
Revolution doesn’t have to be destructive but if it is, does it not illuminate our society’s shadow side? These revelations wake people up; they bring new developments and opportunities, which are long over due. Thereafter, our collective evolution progresses. Consider new laws or political leaders. Do any of these worry you? If so, if your worst case scenario happens or has happened, how can that give you the chance to break out and do something completely unique, discover a new line of work, move, raise and teach your children differently, change your lifestyle, or invent a new technology? When you look back on your life later you’ll be glad it all happened, that you were willing to step up and stand out.
In fact, that’s where the angelic and nature spirit guides want you to focus. If you want greater success and abundance during these changing times, as we get closer to the 5th dimension, be willing to be different.  Don’t even try to fit in.  Let your odd, peculiar, or eccentric side shine in the world. And yes, it will pay off! But most of all, don’t compartmentalize yourself.  Let who you truly are be expressed in everything you do.
That’s right, don’t try to hide any authentic aspect of you.  If you are a healer, teacher, nurturer, or artist at heart, you still are even when you’re paying your bills, at the grocery store, visiting with family, or working at an unrelated job. If you are afraid or skeptical about the effects of this change, ask your higher self for assistance, and let this part of you lead the way in all your life’s tasks.
In addition, as the angelic ones say, “Don’t compare yourself to others, do your own thing fearlessly.  Don’t look to what others have done to decide what choices you’ll make. Blaze your own path.” And that, my friends, is what this summer is all about. That is why despite the internal chaos, our future’s uncertainty, and our collective’s pot getting ready to boil, we have something wonderful to look forward to. Let your passion, fierce focus, and undying devotion to yourself and your evolution be the impetus for the changes that you desire over the next few months.
And we’ll leave you with this last pearl of wisdom. This summer’s fireball of transformation is also a rebirthing. In order to be reborn, we must die. So ask yourself, are you resistant to this inner death? What parts of yourself are you willing to let go of? What aspects of your life must end?  To those who currently feel like they’re dying or have thoughts about death, we can assure you that your inner death is imminent. So when you’re ready, take a deep breath and make that leap…into the great unknown.
See you on the next bend of the journey,
Heather & the guides