Energy Forecast for November: Total Lunar Eclipse on Nov. 8th

Energy Forecast for November: Total Lunar Eclipse on Nov. 8th

Since the end of 2022 eclipse passageway started in Mid October, big shifts have been occurring personally and collectively. The first solar eclipse on the 25th of October ignited the activations and furthered the illuminating and empowering process for many of us to deepen in our expansion and begin this next phase in our journey.

We are now feeling this upcoming lunar eclipse energy…in Taurus! We’ve been prepping for it over the last couple weeks. It can feel enlivening and exuberant, yet unsettling and chaotic at the same time. It’s sort of like living in the twilight zone; very surreal! We literally feel the changes happening moment to moment, day to day…and we know a new horizon and trajectory awaits us. The question is..can we stay present with it? Can we allow for these big leaps in consciousness and life shifts? Can we listen to, trust and follow our intuition and guidance right now, no matter what?

You may have already experienced some form of drastic change or you feel it coming. Or perhaps your life feels more spacious, dreamlike and blissful, with many opportunities showing up for you in a variety of life areas. If you haven’t already made the internal or external shifts you are being called to, now is the time to prepare. Go inward, get clear and start planning. Reflect on what you really want and deserve, use your imagination and mystical resources to envision it, and map out your first step(s). For some, it may feel as if a rug has been pulled out from under them, while for others it’s a conscious decision to implement these new beginnings. These novel fresh starts may be smaller or larger depending on your personal life path. But all of us are about to feel the transformation happening collectively.

These collective shifts may be felt in several ways. One of them has to do with the astrology. Mars is retrograde right now and through January 12th. This is providing an opening for the feminine to lead. With the strong Uranian influence, there can be unexpected surprises, breakthroughs and a dissolving of established patterns, structures and limitations. Sudden and radical change is possible. So in any area of your life where the feminine energy needs to be acknowledged, seen and utilized, let it come forth. This might involve life areas that require or affect your intuition, emotional expression, openness or relationships. In the bigger picture, it’s about what’s coming up in the political scene with the upcoming election and the results influencing women’s rights.

In addition, many of us are feeling the collective shifts in our relationship with the earth. We are drawn to assisting and connecting to her more. She is leading the way in this time of Ascension, and we can all benefit from following her energetic example. This is the time to get out in nature, take walks, meditate and just be! So much intuitive information, awareness and healing can come in for you to help you in this time of accelerated change. With Mother Earth as our ally, we can transcend any obstacle, pattern or dilemma.

She is continuing her rise into the higher realms as well. Particularly during and after this time of the lunar eclipse, because it is Taurus, we may see more physical changes on the earth. This might show up as weather and climate shifts, or some earthquakes, volcanic eruptions or storms. All of this is part of her natural transformative process. Her shifts might also affect the internet, so we should plan for some interruptions there as well. And lastly, this eclipse happening in Taurus will also influence old and outdated structures and systems around money. As these systems begin to breakdown, new ones that support the greater whole will come into being.

All of this is related to the idea of worth and value. It’s getting us to focus on self-love, our worth and what we value in our world. The importance of those groups previously oppressed–women, minorities, gay/lesbian, the nature kingdom, animals and so many others subjected to social barriers can be boosted up and supported. But are we willing to take action on this? Are we willing to step up to the plate? And what resources can we use to move forward? The eclipse in Taurus will highlight this as well. We are becoming aware of additional resources inside of ourselves and out in the world that we have long forgotten. It’s the time now to recognize and reclaim them. This is for our personal benefit and for that of the greater collective. So remember in the upcoming weeks and as we wrap up the end of this year…it is up to us. This is the time and we are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

Eclipse Blessings & Love! 🙂 Heather

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Lion’s Gate Portal Day 8/8/22

Lion’s Gate Portal Day 8/8/22

The Lion’s Gate Portal Day is Monday 8/8. On this day the star Sirius lines up with the earth and the sun from its ruling sign of Leo. Work with the mystical energies available in this window of time for accelerated manifestation with many of the following intentions:


New Moon in Gemini on May 30th

New Moon in Gemini on May 30th

This Gemini new moon on the 30th is also in the sun sign Gemini! The incoming energies can activate lighthearted, excitable and dreamy feelings. Work with them to ignite new beginnings, life adventures and access a greater sense of youthfulness…As we become more blissful and expanded, it can be easy to feel spacey and ungrounded. Spend more time on the earth to recenter and help anchor the incoming light codes.This moon kicks off a great time period for clearer communication, collaboration, celebrations and completion, especially after mercury goes direct on the 3rd of June. It can be perfectly aligned to do more writing, traveling, socially engaging, or visiting family or friends.

Especially where there has been separation or estrangement, people are coming back together. In fact, in this next cycle, closer connections can be formed in many types of personal relationships, including with siblings, peers or colleagues. This ripples out and can lead to more folks feeling accepted and affiliated in their communities. So take the time to get those new programs, projects or classes developed and out into the world where they are needed!

Many are gaining new ideas and ways of perceiving reality that can accelerate manifestation processes.  The new energies can also support us in hearing divine guidance and navigating the unknown in unexpected circumstances or areas of our lives.  Divine will doesn’t always make logical sense or come forth in a linear way. In order to discern it clearly, we must listen to our hearts, not our emotions or attachments. In many cases, there is often a sense of lightness, rightness, expansion, freedom and joy. It is experienced differently for everyone, but there will always be a deep inner knowing. As we surrender more deeply, allowing the divine to direct our lives, we begin to take action or a risk on an idea, goal or long-held dream. This is when things can get really interesting!

For those with a Gemini sun or moon in their astrology chart, this new moon energy starting on the 30th can bring big changes!

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Summer Blessings,



Prosperity and Abundance from a Pleiadian Perspective: Online Class, Friday Feb. 26th from 6:30-8pm PST

Prosperity and Abundance from a Pleiadian Perspective: Online Class, Friday Feb. 26th from 6:30-8pm PST

As we are living in a time of accelerated change and spiritual expansion, many of us feel ready to step into a greater level of prosperity consciousness. We were born to experience joy, wealth, good health and successful relationships. And now more than any other time, more of us are accessing our innate sovereignty and beginning to create the life of our dreams.

In this special online class, Heather will bring through information, tools and energy protocols she has gained from the Pleiadians for helping you manifest a more abundant life. Heather will also channel direct messages from the Pleiadian High Council on the topic of prosperity and what is relevant to us during these changing times.

Specifically, you will learn:
*How to work with your crystalline consciousness and other creation processes to move beyond limiting issues and patterns, and live a more emotionally balanced, joyful and fulfilled life
*How to manifest greater levels of health
*How to create new relationships with all of the soul qualities you desire
*How to expand your prosperity consciousness to experience more abundance in all forms
*How to increase your self-worth for more success in work, love and money

This class will be offered online via Zoom or by phone on Friday, Feb.26th from 6:30-8pm. The cost is $20. To sign up, send your payment by clicking here. You will receive the Zoom link and dial in number after your payment is received. For more questions, email Heather at [email protected].