Gridwork Zoom Class: Saturday June 29th 10am-12:30 pm PST $33

Gridwork Zoom Class: Saturday June 29th 10am-12:30 pm PST $33

For those interested in supporting the thriving of earth and the wild animals on an energetic level! This class will offer the opportunity for you to learn more about gridwork and also gain experiential practice in a group setting. It is offered on Zoom which opens up the possibility for people from many different areas of the globe to join together and provide this sacred service in their current location. This allows more areas of the planet to benefit from this energywork. Whether you are experienced or a novice, all are welcome! No prior training in gridwork, energy healing or any kind of earth-based healing is necessary to attend.

What is gridwork? Put simply, it’s a practice of supporting the earth and her grids which can include working with specific ley lines, vortexes, portals, pyramids and the crystalline light matrix that exists throughout many different areas of nature by providing energetic practices, healing modalities or sacred ceremony.

Email Heather for additional questions. To sign up, send $33 at the website payment link here.

After your payment is received, a zoom link will be emailed to you to join the class live on June 29th.


Post Eclipse Cycle Integration

Post Eclipse Cycle Integration

Congratulations on making it to the other side of the eclipse passageway! This last cycle of mercury retrograde was also challenging for many, and now we are through that as well. With the addition of the recent full moon in Scorpio, we have certainly had our fill of powerful transformation during this month of April.

For those who still might be feeling the echoes of the recent moon energies, take a deep breath and let go of any old feelings of loneliness, doubt, rejection, abandonment, depression or anxiety, or being unlovable. With the incoming cosmic energies we are receiving, including the mother plasma, solar flares, and magnetic shifts, we are finalizing the end of a very long cycle.

You might be experiencing body heaviness and continuing to feel very tired and lethargic at times. With the endings comes the need for rest and integration. Give yourself time as we wrap up the end of the cycle this month. We will be continuing to work with all the lessons and utilizing the energies of the eclipse gateway over the next six months.

There is so much happening on a physical level. Our DNA is upgrading, and as the water element inside of us shifts it releases encoded information that helps the crystalline body expand. Do what you can to help your body detox and stay as balanced as possible.

If you have any pain in the body, tend to that. It’s all part of the big changes your powerful physical vessel is making, so listen to the body and follow any guidance. Also, being in or around bodies of water can be of assistance to your own body’s transformation at this time. Doing so can bring more comfort, ease and flow within your body and in your life in general.

The body needs a break from old routines, habits and any stress or oppression. Take more time off work, put yourself in a new environment, go to a special place in nature, take a vacation or indulge in your favorite self-care activities. But most of all, do something different in how you move or operate physically. Your body will want to show up in a unique way. This will be an expression that is in alignment with his or her upgraded form.

As a new cycle commences on May 1st, it’s an opening for many lightworkers to implement the upgrades in their creative abilities. It starts with your next step. What do you want to do? What draws your attention or feels enLIGHTening or expansive to you? What have you been dreaming about? Instead of waiting for the opportunities to come to you, take action on your desires.

Even if all the puzzle pieces aren’t in yet and you only know what you feel called to do, you can begin the manifestation of your new reality by setting it in motion. If there is a group of people with whom you’d like to be in service, go where they are, and offer your gifts there. Contrarily, if it’s an area of nature, animals or some other special group that needs assistance, pick the place of your preference and begin working with these beings.

The same goes for writing a book, blogging, or starting a podcast, course or documentary series. Just get going on it. Take that first step! As you do, the universe will response by bringing you a cascade of additional options where you can be in service and receive abundance in return.

Know that in every way you decide to be in service, it will be mutually beneficial. As you receive and replenish yourself in the process, you will also feel inspired and motivated to do more–proof that you are moving in the right direction and finally coming out of any limiting and stagnant energy of the past.

And lastly, look at any patterns of lack in your life. This new beginning will take us into the summer solstice gateway. We have to be willing to give up operating from a place of survival or unworthiness. Ask yourself, where do you still give your power or energy away, acting from a codependent stance?

Start recognizing your value and assert yourself from there. It might feel challenging at first, as if you are trying on a new pair of shoes that feel uncomfortable or awkward. But as you begin to wear them, you will feel more at ease and confident in your progressive expression.

Reclaiming your power and operating from more of an abundant mindset can happen many different ways. Some examples can include quitting your job and following your calling, asking for a raise or promotion, and not settling for less than being fully honored and respected in all your relationships.

Where do you still have doubts and fear that you won’t have enough or may suffer losses in areas of work, money or relationships? It’s time to have full faith in your creative abilities and in your co-creation with Source and the universe! Begin with trust and act from a place of knowing what you deserve in every life area where that applies.

So go forward doing what you love for work, knowing that you will always have more than enough because you are in service to the light. When it comes to money and relationships, always ask for what you will need to thrive and expand. Let go of those who don’t honor you, so you can have more healthy and harmonious relationships.

Don’t fear any kind of loss. Know that anything that falls away or anyone who walks away only opens you up to experience more authenticity, joy, wellness, equality in giving and receiving, freedom, unconditional love and connection in relationships and other life areas.

With the cosmic energies and the current astrological alignments in Taurus, this is the time to take risks and leaps forward. You might be surprised by the increasing opportunities and fortuitous events that follow. And so it’s time; honor your greatest path of service and dream your new reality into being!

With Love, 🙂 Heather

PS: For more support during this time of integration and change, I am continuing my *Eclipse Special* on sessions through Mother’s Day, Sunday, May 12th!

$111 for two 30 min or one 1-hr session & $222 for two 1-hr sessions! Email me to book your session.




New Moon in Gemini & Summer Solstice: June 18th & 21st

New Moon in Gemini & Summer Solstice: June 18th & 21st

The new moon in Gemini on the 18th officially kicks off the summer solstice energy! Many are going to notice the powerful shift that happens around this time. For one thing, the Gemini energy is going to highlight our attraction for more joy, lightness and freedom in our current realities. Many will feel more able to access clarity around life-altering decisions, potentially being able to choose a pathway that supports their values, long term-goals and overall life/timeline shifts that can affect career, money, relationships and health areas.

The summer solstice falls on the 21st of June in the U.S. We’ll be receiving codes and activations then that will bring upgrades in our crystalline bodies and DNA, leading to more vitality, robust health and longevity. Remember that with the upgrades come the release of density and therefore a need to detox. The body can feel tired and heavy during this, so extra time to sleep, rest and relax is important.

These upgrades can also help us accelerate our speed and ability in manifesting. Our connections to Mother Earth and her crystals will support our transforming bodies and manifestation processes, as well as serve us in becoming more telepathic with humans and other beings. In this way, communications can happen more easily and instantaneously, even at times when we are not aware of it. With these upgrades, we’ll be more pulled towards those who energetically resonate with us on a vibrational level. This is why many more will be finding their soul tribes, partners or families in the second half of 2023. These are the people we will be called to collaborate with in new projects, creations, and in serving our collective in many ways over the next decade.

This new moon and solstice energy also emphasizes the need for greater intimacy and healthy communication in all relationships. This starts with ourselves first. Dive deep within your heart center and feel that steady, constant flow of divine connection, love and trust that is always there. When we access the higher realms during meditation and other spiritual practices, we can easily receive the support, healing and guidance from our angels, guides and other higher dimensional beings who will also assist us to get more deeply in touch with our infinite soul.

As this new moon also happens to fall on Father’s Day, the energy supports healing father issues and the distorted masculine energy in our collective. You might find yourself thinking about your relationship with your father and your child soul aspects. If it’s relevant for you, get the support to release or transform any old childhood and past life traumas associated with your father or other significant early relationships. If you contact your father at this time, know that it will likely bring a greater connection and/or healing for both of you. This might mean making a phone call or visiting, while for others the communication might happen in dreamtime, meditation, while journaling, or through another healing modality.

Many will find that during this cycle, they are able to renounce old patterns and emotions, leading to more compassion and complete forgiveness related to any significant relationships in their lives. If you’ve been consistently doing the inner work to heal some of your closest relationships, especially if you’ve been at it for many years, there is an opportunity here to see major breakthroughs. This can positively impact every area of your life, in a massive way! If you haven’t done any healing, now is the time to start. The astrological alignments and cosmic energies will support your process. Because of the energies and the increasing vibration on the planet, healing can happen much more quickly and easily now than it has for many of us in the past.

Our healing and forgiveness will also help support the distorted masculine collective in the healing process as well. The distorted masculine energy is in each of us, man or woman. It’s the part of us that feels the need to control, manipulate, dominate, deceive, corrupt, or lash out in order to feel safe. We see this distortion in our world in any authoritarian groups or organizations who support the few instead of the many. It’s in those who use their power for their benefit only, instead of helping to ignite more freedom, love and collaboration for all.

Releasing our emotional pain and holding a space of compassion for any distorted masculine energy in ourselves, lovers, friends, family or society is such a key piece in the masculine’s healing. As we do this, the masculine will feel safe enough to be vulnerable, come forward, clear the air if needed, and drop his emotional burdens. It is happening now. This is why we are starting to see more harmony between men and women, those who are different, and those who have previously been divided over some topic or social agenda. It is also why those outdated, corrupt and greedy organizations and structures in our world are beginning to fall away. More upgraded, heart-centered and inclusive possibilities are already coming in!

The feminine is going to show us the way through all of this, especially now and over the next few years as we transition out of the old, traditional patriarchal leadership. This is why feminine values and energies such as vulnerability, emotional expression, interdependence, collaboration, empathy, reflection, intuition, flexibility and transformation are going to be so necessary for all of us to use and work with more in our lives.

So no matter where you are with regard to your deepest issues or patterns in particular life areas, know that this new moon and summer solstice will help you release and activate what’s needed to gain clarity, make choices and thrive on your new timeline. As the body and DNA upgrades support your health, manifestation and expanding telepathic abilities, you’ll naturally go deeper in your connection and communication with yourself, the earth and others. This expanding intimacy will ignite the profound healing that is possible regarding father issues and the distorted masculine, and any other significant relationship challenges. Go with the flow, enjoy and allow for the unfoldment of this process. As you do, you can expect pleasant surprises and progress!

With love & Summer Blessings! 🙂 Heather

If you’d like to receive more intuitive guidance and support in your healing process, check out my intuitive, channeling and energy healing services here. I am offering private sessions by phone and Zoom.

You can also find me on Facebook as Heather Green, and on Instagram as Teal Healing.

“Healing For the Earth” online class, Wed. Dec. 28th at 6:30 pm PST, $22

“Healing For the Earth” online class, Wed. Dec. 28th at 6:30 pm PST, $22

This is the 2nd Earth Healing group Session!!! Last month’s session was so enjoyed by many who participated, so I decided to offer another one during this special holiday month, as a way of giving back to Mother Earth. You didn’t have to attend the first one to sign up for this one! So join us for more fun!
Here are the details:
Give to the Earth and receive healing from her in return. This class is for animal and nature lovers. The focus will be on providing energy healing for the earth to help with her transformation, which is also known as gridwork. No prior experience is needed. I will teach you how to offer the healing energies and we will provide this service as a group. We will also receive healing and energetic support from Earth, the elementals, angels and master guides that will be assisting us in this special offering. I will end with a special channeled message from Mother Gaia. If you have a desire to help Earth and receive the love, support, healing & transformation you need right now, this is the class for you!!! Email me for questions. To sign up now, send $22 at my website link here.
The Zoom link to join the class will be sent to you after you sign up and send payment.


Messages from the Whales

Messages from the Whales

I’d like to take this opportunity for reflection and to share two channeled messages by the Whale Collective from the autumn of 2020 that are very applicable at this time.
This first excerpt was taken from a personal channeling in Nov. 2020:

“Humanity and the earth are assisted by many star beings throughout the galaxy. And as many more of you begin to feel and incorporate even more divine energy in your physical realities, it can be a time of magic, mystery, and great peace. Many of you will be able to smoothly navigate any turbulent waters, or any unexpected twists and turns with grace and ease while allowing your hearts to direct you in any move or change that is needed.

And for those of you who wonder about us, we are continuing to work the grids with earth. We are continuing to weave the rainbow light frequencies within the Earth and in your waters, helping to ease the assimilation of the shifts in frequency happening for earth and the collective. We encircle your globe as a whole, from the western and eastern waters. We provide our role and service continuously with joy, as it benefits us to serve in this way too. Many more of you will begin to have more direct experiences and contact with us in the days, weeks, and months to come as we become more prominent in your world.

More humans seek to reach out and connect with the wildlife on your earth, which includes us. We will lead in this new way of relating and understanding. As the large creatures that we are, we can make quite an impression while in your presence. And in these connections with you our transmission is shared so that there can be a deepening compassion and love between the humans and the wildlife, a new beginning to collaborate and co-create a different kind of earthly experience for all.”

The following excerpts are from the Support with World Changes Online Class, October 2020:

“That great mother energy, the divine feminine, is becoming so potent, so conscious in the way it is expressed in your world. And we, in our ocean waves, role model this way to all beings. Many of the women in your human collective will find their power, their voice—and express it in this next new phase. They will do it so much more easily, deeply and compassionately. This is a new kind of leadership and one that can assist with even the most difficult challenges, blocks and stubborn minds. It is one that heals through love, as we radiate in our waters.

…And during the next cycle, you will remember, many of you, the connections to us, other sea life and other wildlife on your earth. And the deepening of these connections will allow you to do the same with your humanity. It is a subtle but beautiful change in your world that is happening now.

It is a time of exciting potentials. Your earth is changing her form and may appear very different to many of you in your days, weeks, and months to come. 5D Earth with vivid colors, unlike the normal color spectrum, can be seen through your psychic sight. There will be different feelings, tones and expressions coming from your earth. Many of you will see or sense things coming from the earth that have never been sensed before. This will open you up to many other beings who are present around you and your earth: the fairy beings, who are coming back in greater numbers, and the angels. It is opening up the gateways to the spirit world. Allow yourself to be open, to be vulnerable. Open yourself to your feminine side even more than you ever have before. This is allowing the feminine energies to lead the way on your planet during this time.

…So be curious and with any energies that lift up and out of you and doors that close; just feel the new that opens up in its place. Allow that to take you to the next timeline. Let go of control and allow the flow to carry you there. You’ll be amazed at how your frequency changes, how you find yourself being leaders in the world, connecting to others in new ways, and how new structures and new beginnings rapidly appear on your horizon!

We leave you with this for now. Take a nice deep breath, and like we do, come to the surface for air whenever you need it. Ask yourselves, how can you come to the surface for air when you need a great deep breath in your life with whatever is happening around you–the changes, the progress, whether you label it good or bad? Come up to the surface and breathe as we do, in the way that suits you. We look forward to our connections with you in the very near future and we send you love until then.”

~From the Whale Collective