As I’ve reflected on my recent adventures with the cows on my travels and in other places I’ve lived since my last blog post, I’ve also been thinking about some magical experiences I’ve had with chickens as well. Like cows, chickens and other farm animals are often overlooked, mistreated or undervalued in our society.

I remember a day I was dog sitting for someone in Carmel Valley, CA  when I lived in the Monterey area. As well as taking care of the dog, I was also to feed the chickens on the property and harvest some eggs from the coup each day.

One day, after I replenished their feeders and waters, one of the hens got out of the coup. I was instructed to make sure they were all safe inside, since the ranch owner wouldn’t be home until after dark that day. So I went out after the chicken to retrieve her. She got a little scared as I scooped her up and as she twisted around in my arms, I thought I might have hurt one of her wings.

When I got her back to the coup, she seemed to act and move normally. But I wanted to make sure her wing was okay, so I decided to do some energy healing for her to provide comfort and any healing if needed.

While I did the energy healing, I got a deeper sense that she was fine and didn’t have an injury. I also felt such a love and appreciation for her and all the chickens. Not just these chickens, but all the chickens on our planet.

There are those who live on  private properties, providing eggs for their human owners. There are also those who live their lives on other kinds of farms and factories, where they are raised for meat. And then there are some chickens who are lucky to live with humans who love them and consider them family.

These particular humans want their chickens to live their lives out peacefully and naturally while free ranging and enjoying the connection with their human caretakers. I would imagine that these chickens are so happy to be loved, cared for and treated with kindness and equality.

I was reflecting on all of this when I decided to do a blessing for this hen and her sisters, thanking them for their energy and all they provide. As I completed the blessing for the chickens, I asked them if there was any way they could make it easier for me to harvest the eggs in the morning for their human.

The last couple mornings, each time I went in to feed and get the eggs, some of the hens were brooding. And since I did not want to move the chickens or try to pluck the eggs out from under them, I waited until later when they were not near the eggs.

It was just a simple question and I did not expect an answer in reply. Afterall, it is their biological instinct to sit on those eggs allowing them to transform into potential offspring.

After taking a short break and then going back to the coup to harvest the eggs that day, I was greeted with a surprise. When I moved to the back of the coup where two or three of the hens usually sat on their eggs, I noticed that they were still sitting there and looking straight at me. As I approached them and asked if I could collect the eggs, one by one, they each stood up and allowed me to reach under them for the eggs.

I considered this a testament to the power of connecting and communicating with them. I also felt a gratefulness coming from the chickens in response to doing the energy healing and taking the time to care for and consider them.

With chickens being a common animal on many home properties, farms and ranches, we can all benefit from feeling gratitude for them and giving back to them in some way. In addition, all of us can practice the art of animal communication through our intent.

For those who understand telepathy, that is the easiest way to communicate. But we can also talk to any animal out loud, as we would another human. Through my work with animals over the years, I have found that they often understand our words or the energy behind them.

So I encourage you to enjoy some magical connections with chickens! Not only will you be able to help them more, but you’ll also make it easier for yourself in the process. And best of all, you’ll find you have peaceful, joyful and healthier chickens.

With love & Blessings! 🙂 Heather

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