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Vicki Sechler

Heather’s intuition and healing has been right on with my cat Greycie. When I contacted you, she had difficulty walking, had a head bob, and seemed sad. We rescued Greycie from a woman who kicked and neglected her. Since the 4 part Tree of life series, she is transformed. Greycie is now running and playing, and her head no longer bobs up and down:) We can even brush her now! Thank you for sharing your very effective gifts. I will not hesitate to contact you if I or any of my animals need help in the future.

~ Vicki Sechler


Heather’s help with my cat during her final days made the transition a peaceful one. Heather is gentle, professional, and thoughtful. Her kindness will always be appreciated.

~ DrStKing50

Eileen T.

Heather’s sessions, which included the “tree of life,” healed my uterine polyps. Prior to the sessions, I had many polyps and painful cramps, and after the tree of life healing and other sessions, the ultrasound revealed I no longer had them. Her amazing healing and intuitiveness in assisting one’s life is phenomenal. I also had breast cancer and Heather was instrumental in my “true” healing. She was an adjunct healer along with traditional medicine.

~ Eileen T.


Hi Heather,

First, thank you so much.  You have provided a kind of necessary reassurance and reminder of who I am on a soul level.  This alone has been enough to keep me aligned during such turbulent times, and I am eternally grateful for you and your work.  To provide a quick recap, I came to you to help encourage a detox, move into 100% health, and clear lifetimes of trauma around finances and success.  You also provided great tools to regularly clear my energy field as someone who is highly sensitive.

At the same time, I am coming to realize how my level of success / finances connect to other areas of my life and relationships.  These realizations provide me the opportunity to untie and realign my intentions around my success and financial health.  Clearing the collective fear around lack and uncertainty from my energy field has been critical during this process, as such energies are high and very potent in the present moment.

You have truly been a gem.  The support you are providing during this time, for myself and I am sure countless others, is heaven sent.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!




Hi Heather,

You really helped me a lot in our last session. Huge shifts! Thank you. How on earth do you do it? You helped me remove my grief block and reclaim my power!



Heather, Thank you so much for stepping forward and sharing your gifts, your light, and your love.  Your meditations and information are always so right on.  Of course!! Divinely inspired, how could they not be. I am so thankful for the ways they have assisted me, shifted my vibration and brought new insights and joy into my life!
Much love and blessings,


I met Heather as a presenter at the Magic-4-Life’s Quarterly Preview in late June, 2019.  She was insightful and interesting.

I faced a professional obstacle which was causing me extreme distress.  This distress was compounded by a personal matter.  I could not move the clouds and began to feel sad.  I realized I needed both guidance and cleansing to move forward so I reached out to Heather.  She immediately responded to my message and scheduled time to meet with her. 

Heather guided me through cutting negative ties pushing me past the clouds to feel immediate relief from the terrible obstacles and distress I was feeling.  She left me with a process so that I could help myself in the future – although I expect I will still reach out to her for assistance and guidance.   

Thank you so much, Heather, for all you did for me and all you do for so many. 

Judy P.

Ellie Laks

Dear Heather,

I wanted to let you know how grateful we are for your services. When rescuing 120 animals, including horses, all with emotional and physical ailments it is imperative to think outside the box, as sometimes there is only so much the Vets can do.

You have helped us communicate with our animals so we can really know what they are thinking and feeling and that builds a bridge between us and them and allows for us to be so much closer to them. It builds trust and love, the first necessary stepping stones to mental and physical health.

I believe your healing work to be the reason the veal calves we rescued last year are still alive. The Vets wanted to put them down and felt sure they would not make it. You gave us hope to keep going, investing, fighting. Today the calves are running, playing, and loving life. Your work was just as important as the Vet calls to ensure they made it.

When the next call comes in with a sick, abused, or injured animal, we will have you as our secret weapon and will take the animals in with confidence because you are on our team.
Thank you for helping us save lives!

~ Ellie Laks
Founder, The Gentle Barn Foundation


I had one session with Heather over the phone, mainly focusing on my social anxiety. A few days go by and I start to feel so much better, I was able to talk to people normally. I could actually focus on the conversation and not try to read minds about what others thought of me! This has had a huge effect on my everyday life, which mostly consists of training young horses for three day events. Since the sessions, everything with every horse has gone uphill and I really believe Heather has helped me heal. Now I cannot wait for her to come talk to my horses!

~ C.D.


I have known Heather Green for just a short period of time, however, in that time, she has helped me understand what was going on with my dogs both emotionally and physically, she helped me locate my missing cat, and has helped me steer my life into a more positive direction.

When I first met Heather I was having some issues with my dog, Leo and his back. The Vet could not pinpoint anything wrong. I reached out to her to help me understand what was going on with him and how I could help him. I figured since she was working on Leo she might as well deal with an issue I was having with my other dog, Max. Max would not walk for more than a few houses without stopping and refused to walk any further. I wanted to understand why he did not like his walks. I scheduled a time for her to communicate with them and then call me after. What she told me was amazing to say the least. Turns out that Leo, had what looked like a pinched nerve, and she could see he had the start of cataracts. While with Max, and this to me is much more amazing, according to Heather, he had fluid around his heart and in his lungs, which makes it difficult to walk, hurts him, and causes him to cough. He also had something in his ear that was bothering him and Heather saw some hair or dust in there. Needless to say, I made another appointment with the Vet. I had the Vet check on both of the dogs. After a thorough check-up the Vet concurred with what Heather had told me, not just on one issue, but on every detail she gave me. Max does have an enlarged heart and fluid in his lungs and around his heart. He also had some hair/wax mixture up against his eardrum that they cleared out for him. Leo has the start of cataracts and although it is difficult to medically verify a pinched nerve the Vet said it makes perfect sense. I have had Heather work on Leo with her energy work, and since she has worked on him almost seven months ago, he has only had the issue once, where before it was almost monthly.

As you can see from my story Heather is very gifted. She not only helped me find out what was medically wrong with my dogs, but she has worked on them emotionally as well, and I have seen improvement there as well.
I am so thankful for having found Heather and having her part of my life, in caring for me and my animal partners.

~ K.G.


Have you ever had a heart break from a relationship? Have you felt that your childhood was not as happy as it could have been from neglect or abuse? We all either have experienced these things ourselves or know of someone who feels depressed from past events in their life. Many of us go around thinking we are okay or ignore feelings we do not want to face, until some event brings them to the surface. This is what happened to me. I thought I was okay, until a series of unfortunate events sent me over the edge. I was pink slipped at work, was fighting with my husband, and my best friend Dusty (13 year old Lab) died. I broke down and felt so depressed I could not get up in the morning. Then I knew I had to do something to heal myself of the pain I was feeling. I was on the internet one night and found a website that spoke of healing not only for people, but for animals too. Then I knew I needed to call Heather Green.

I have to admit that being a teacher, I was a little skeptical of whether talking to someone could heal me of my pain. I was anxious about meeting Heather. When I started talking to Heather that first session, she was very calming and patient. I had not really told her anything about myself other than I was depressed and needed help. She did an energy scan of me and told me what she saw. I stared crying my eyes out, because she was right on with her analysis of where my pain was coming from. I had been hurting for so long, she helped me to see the things that I had buried since my childhood and take ownership of them. She is very perceptive, intelligent, and gentle. With her guidance, I have been able to start healing my depression. I know now that clairvoyant healing can work even for a skeptic like me.

I also attended a class that Heather offered about animal communication, specifically with horses. I was very interested, since I have always had a special bond with animals. She had some great insights as to how animals and people can work together to understand each other. She said horses especially are sensitive to people’s emotions. They sense and read us very well. If we learn to read them too, we could be more tuned in to each other’s needs and wants.

Through Heather’s advice and guidance I have since gone from a hurting, depressed woman, to one who is finally feeling free and alive. She has been a blessing to me.

~ K.N

Links & Resources For Additional Healing

The top 3 links are crystal essences, essential oils, and flower essences for humans and animals. The next 2 links are websites for healthy pet food. The last link is a site that offers herbal remedies and supplements for animals: