Advanced Animal Communication Class
Saturday, May 16th, from 1-3pm
At Unity, 1165 Stubblefield Rd, Santa Maria, CA. $25.

Have you ever wondered what your animals are thinking? Have you wanted to find a way to communicate and connect with them to improve their health and behavior, and your relationship with them? Throughout my career as an animal communicator and healer, I have discovered that animals long for a deeper bond with us, one that involves the use of their natural abilities as healers and teachers.

This class will include advanced skills involved in animal communication. Beginners and those experienced are welcome! Bring a picture of your animal to practice with. The class will also include the signing of my book, “For the Love of Horses: An Animal Communicator’s Guide to Helping Our Horses and Healing Our Lives.” The cost of the book is $19.99, in addition to the class fee.

We will briefly review how to ground, center, and activate the intuitive centers, as well as how to send and receive basic messages to and from your animals through the body.

Advanced level skills will include connecting to your animal’s higher self for:

*chronic/complex issues like emotional and behavior problems
*death and dying questions
*how to find lost animals
You will also learn:
*the basics of medical intuition, finding the source of health issues
*basic energy techniques for healing your animal on a body, mind, or spirit level.

Email or call Heather at [email protected] or 805-451-1585 for questions and to sign up. You can register and pay online by credit card or paypal at You can also pay at the door by check or cash.



Get all your animal questions answered!
* emotional/relational

15min: $25
30min: $50
45min: $75
60 min: $100

Drop by from 1-4pm or call ahead to book your time, 805-451-1585


Every monday evening in January, 2014, and the first monday evening of February.
At Sukha Wellness Center in Avila Beach, CA

This 5 class series will teach you about the gifts the animals have to offer us, how they heal us, and how you can improve their health and well-being. You will learn basic skills for opening up the lines of communication, and sending and receiving messages to and from your animals. 

You will also gain advanced skills in connecting to your animal’s higher self to help you solve more complex issues, chronic problems, answer questions about
death and dying, and communicate with animals who have passed on.
Bring pictures of your animals for class activities!
Class Objectives:
Learn why your animal incarnated with you, how they help you heal, and
how you can improve their health and well-being. This class also includes
common thoughts & emotions of animals, and their role in our evolution.

Week Two: 
This class will include protocols for grounding, centering, and tuning in to
your animals, and a guided meditation and partner practice for develop-
ing clairsentience (clear feeling), clairvoyance (clear seeing), and claircog-
nizance (clear knowing), helping you understand your animal’s inner life. 

Week Three:
Bring your animals’ pictures to work with. You will learn about and 
practice sending and receiving messages to and from your animals
through telepathy, meditation, and imaginative techniques.

Week Four:
Learn and practice how to connect to your animal’s higher self for 
answers to more complex issues, chronic problems, and questions about
death and dying.

Week Five:
This class is a summary of all you have learned over the past four weeks,
including communicating with animals who have passed on and 
practicing medical intuition.

No previous experience necessary, Beginners are welcome!
Sukha Wellness Center
6615 Bay Laurel Place
Avila Beach, CA 93424
Monday, January 6th, from 7-8pm
Monday, January 13th, from 7-8pm
Monday, January 20th, from 7-8pm
Monday, January 27th, from 7-8pm
Monday, February 3rd, from 7-8pm

First class is FREE!
$20 per class thereafter. 
(Drop-in’s welcome). 
EARLY BIRD for all classes is 
$50 by December 16th, 2013.
and pay for the number of classes 
you’d like to attend. You can also pay at 
the door by cash or check if you drop in for a class.
 CALL Heather at 
805-451-1585 for all questions and information.


Saturday, Nov. 2nd from 11am-5pm, at Amethyst Healing Center,
704 Main St. in Cambria, CA.
FREE admission

Come on over anytime on saturday and join the fun! Get all your animal questions answered and treat your animal to a healing session to improve or prevent health, emotional, and behavior issues. Meet the author of “For the Love of Horses,” Heather Green, who will be doing readings, healings, and book signings all day.

Animals are welcome but your animal does not need to be present to participate.
I’ll be introducing my book, “For the Love of Horses: An Animal Communicator’s Guide to Helping Our Horses and Healing Our Lives.” The book is about my healing journey with the horses, and how with the horses help, I was inspired and motivated to leave a thirteen year career in nursing and follow my calling to be a human and animal intuitive-healer. The stories of the humans and animals whose lives I touched are scattered throughout the book, as well as how these amazing beings assist us in our personal transformation. But most importantly, the book emphasizes how we in turn, can give back to our beloved animal companions, benefitting their lives. This is a great book for learning how to communicate, connect with, and work with energy to help your animals heal and thrive.
For more questions or more information about this event, please call Heather at 805-451-1585 or email her at [email protected]