For those interested in supporting the thriving of earth and the wild animals on an energetic level! This class will offer the opportunity for you to learn more about gridwork and also gain experiential practice in a group setting. It is offered on Zoom which opens up the possibility for people from many different areas of the globe to join together and provide this sacred service in their current location. This allows more areas of the planet to benefit from this energywork. Whether you are experienced or a novice, all are welcome! No prior training in gridwork, energy healing or any kind of earth-based healing is necessary to attend.

What is gridwork? Put simply, it’s a practice of supporting the earth and her grids which can include working with specific ley lines, vortexes, portals, pyramids and the crystalline light matrix that exists throughout many different areas of nature by providing energetic practices, healing modalities or sacred ceremony.

Email Heather for additional questions. To sign up, send $33 at the website payment link here.

After your payment is received, a zoom link will be emailed to you to join the class live on June 29th.