Many of you who follow me on Facebook may have read my recent post about my trip to New Mexico and Texas in May. I wrote about my intention to communicate with and offer energy healing to the cows in those areas.

I shared that the cow energy represented the divine mother and how they are helping to anchor in more of this mother/feminine energy into our planet and collective consciousness at this time.  The cows had been calling me for awhile now…since the fall of 2023. I knew they wanted my assistance, I just wasn’t exactly sure what for.

In order to understand it fully, I’ll have to take you back to several years ago when I lived on the border of Arizona and Utah. Back then, I was called to live there in order to be more in service to the earth. As well as assisting clients by offering intuitive guidance and energy healing by phone and online as I do now, I was also helping to restore areas of the earth that needed healing.

This type of work is also known as gridwork. It’s a practice of supporting the earth and her grids which can include working with specific ley lines, vortexes, portals, pyramids and the crystalline and diamond light matrix in many different areas of nature through energetic practices, healing modalities or sacred ceremony.

At that time, I lived in a very remote area. I had to drive a few miles down a dirt road to get to the camper where I lived. One day while driving home, I saw several cows near the side of the road. I usually saw them most days, but this time they were closer to the road than ever before.

On this particular day I was drawn to stop and interact with them. It was a narrow dirt road and most of the time no one else was driving down it, so I just stopped right there in the road. It was a hot summer day and I had the windows rolled up and the air conditioning on. As I noticed them look over to me, I was called to sing to them.

So right then, I began singing in the car. I knew they couldn’t hear me, I just hoped they would feel the energy behind my words because it was a song about love.  In addition to this, I also sent them some supportive energy for healing and empowerment. I sent it at the higher self level like I often did when working with animals.

What happened next took me by complete surprise. Within just a minute or two of singing and sending this healing energy to them, they turned on their heels and swiftly approached my car. Astonished by their quick movements, I stopped singing. My jaw dropped in amazement while I watched as they completely surrounded my car.

Two of the cows stood at each side window of the car. A few others stood around the car at other angles. The one who was standing next to the driver’s window where I sat, was making licking and chewing mouth movements. He stretched his neck forward and chewed on the car’s driver side mirror. Then he bent his head down and looked at me closely through the driver’s side window. I still remember the way he tilted his head as his big brown eyes pierced mine.

All the cows seemed very curious and drawn to the energy I was sending them. I wasn’t sure what to do next and I definitely didn’t want to startle them by trying to move the car or get out. So there I sat. We continued looking at each other and sharing in the love. I stayed there for awhile longer connecting with them and when they moved a bit off the road, I decided to drive on home. But I knew there would be more interactions to come!

Fast forward two and a half to three years later to the end of 2023…That’s when I started hearing and feeling that familiar energy again. I had a dream about cows living in a barn next to my home, who seemed comforted by my presence. I saw visions of cows in my daytime meditations and I knew they were trying to connect with me.

After moving to my new home in Sedona in early 2024 and getting clear about this travel destination to be in service to the cows, I set out to visit them in May. It was so much more than I expected!

What a great reunion it was since the last time I had crossed paths with cows in 2021 on the border of Utah and Arizona. I was able to communicate with them and offer energy healing at a dairy farm and a few cattle ranches. It was a beautiful mutual exchange that occurred over a few days, with energy and messages both given and received.

In the weeks and months to come, I’ll be sharing more about their specific messages to me for this important time period on earth. But for now, I’ll leave you with something to ponder. It’s time to change things!

Similar to what I shared about domestic horses back in 2007 when my journey as an animal communicator began, all beings deserve the love, comfort, and nurturing support that we take for granted most days. Cows and many other farm animals don’t want to keep living the same kind of existence they’ve had with us since early times. It’s no longer appropriate for them or for humans to keep up these old ways.

I understand that this brings up big issues. Factory farms, the meat industry and how we raise or treat farm and other wild animals is up for question and review. I’m not saying we should all become vegetarian or vegan right now. I only pose the option to look at how we can do it all differently. And so it’s the time for many of us who are called to look into these topics to go deeper in our exploration.

The divine mother energy activates unconditional love, freedom and unlimited compassion for all beings. As we expand our consciousness, we recognize more and more how we are all one and the same, and that includes the animals and the nature kingdom.

If we can view cows or any other animal, wild or domestic, as our brothers and sisters, how would that impact our relationships with them? As I shared in my story above, cows are highly sensitive and responsive to our energy and love. With love and generosity, their sustenance has been offered to us freely since the earliest times. It’s worth considering how we would like to reciprocate to them as an expression of our gratitude, love, mercy and kindness.

With Love and Blessings! ~Heather

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