This month’s newsletter title says it all. Most of us have felt the intense internal effects of this 5 planet retrograde cycle that will last for the next several months. Although with Jupiter going direct on the 9th and Mercury on the 21st, experiences should lighten a bit and become easier. I’m no astrologer, but I do pay attention to planetary cycles, pagan holidays like the solstices and equinoxes, and eclipses. I read the energy around them like I do when helping any animal or human on their life path. Due to the shift in consciousness happening on earth, at the time of particular planetary alignments, moons, and season changes, we always receive big downloads of transformative energy which help us grow and evolve. 
That’s what this cycle is all about: healing and transformation. I know for me, life has slowed down a lot. If it has for you, this is good. It’s time to go inward. We are getting a big golden opportunity from the cosmos here, to really clean our slates. Start fresh. Get rid of all that baggage. And although this might seem redundant when it comes to the new age “heal thyself” lingo, I can’t emphasize enough that this IS the time. Because when our loads lighten substantially we’ll have the ability to fly free and effortless by the time summer solstice comes around. So ask yourself, how long have you been waiting? For how long have you wanted to see major change in your life? This could be in any area, but for all it can essentially boost us forward in our soul’s authenticity and mission work. Simply put: Be who you truly are and do what you came to do!
It takes guts that’s for sure, and the strength that comes with vulnerability. Think you’ve got it nailed down? If you’re still having emotional crashes and pity parties, you still have work to do. It’s time to  go deeper in your self discovery and ultimately take off those masks! While in the depth you might be feeling great turmoil, doubt, frustrations, or mind-bending confusion. If your world is falling down around you, try not to stress too much.(Ha!). In fact, celebrate it. The same goes for loss. This is the death that comes before the beautiful new beginning with all the gifts, joys, comforts, and abundance that you’ve been creating thus far. 
Back to the pity party though. Don’t beat yourself up if you’ve been going there. You’re meant to feel the drastic swing of emotions; that’s why you are human! Your reaction will begin to change though, more and more, and you’ll be less likely to find yourself going off the deep end. Instead you’ll be more of a witness, still experiencing the feelings, but just noticing. Those who are able to maintain the 5th dimensional consciousness while still in a 3rd dimensional vehicle and world are already creating from this emotionally balanced place.
And this is when the masterpieces become evident. This is where we are all headed. Embracing our own power along the way is essential. As the Pleiadians share, “Only you can heal and transform yourself, or release your illusions of limitation. To be free and sovereign you must play the part. This involves shifting your beliefs, a key piece in the process. Because as humans, you create with your beliefs.” 
So ask yourself, what do you want to experience? Accept the beliefs that support that reality and give them your full attention! This can involve the work of uncovering wounds, patterns, and programming that led to the disempowering beliefs in the first place, yet who can deny the awesomeness of altering your inner life and outer world simply by choosing what to believe?!
There is more to manifesting here. According to the Angelics, “Sometimes you will have difficulty creating what you want because you’ve outgrown particular incarnational contracts with others. At that time it is appropriate for you to call forth the new ones, contracts where all beings involved carry a similar vibrational resonance.” 
Before you incarnate and usually on an unconscious level while here on earth in a body, your soul makes contracts with others that you can potentially work with, live with, serve, or be in certain kinds of relationships with. Even your relationship with different parts of the earth or areas you live in involve a contract or agreement, one where you can learn from each other. But if by the time you meet these beings on your journey you have already mastered what you signed up to work with them on, the contract is then up for review. At that time, the other being or place will feel familiar to you, but you might be conflicted about them. You might also lack the desire to begin the relationship.
If you decide to forego the relationship, then you quickly attract in your next contract. If this one is more vibrationally resonant, than likely it will feel right and you’ll go for it. If not, you again move along to the next one. You can choose a contract that is not a perfect match. But often your time with this other being will be shorter and will perhaps serve more of a purpose of convenience. In this case, there is still always the option that the other being, through their desire to evolve, will rise up and become a vibrational fit in time. But while the contract is up for review, there will come a moment where only you can decide if you want to begin the relationship based on your feelings.
If this transpires during this astrological cycle, the crazy roller coaster ride of the retrogrades might strike you! A recent occurrence in my life exemplifies this. While looking at new places to live with my husband, we took our time, waited, and reflected on the right choice for us. I delayed…perhaps for too long, on my end of the decision. It didn’t look like we would get what we wanted. And then, oh the questioning, the doubt. Did I do the right thing? We turned around and then boom, everything shifted again. We did indeed get offered the place! Back to present and coming full circle. So we went for it! 
Because the truth of the matter is that the future is yet to be seen. And the best advice I can give you is to work with the power of your awareness; your intuition in each moment. This brings the clarity that all of our souls are seeking during this amazingly transformative time. If you are clear and trusting, you truly can’t go wrong in your choices. You can never make a mistake. No matter how many times things change for you, and however topsy-turvy you might feel, you’ll always land with your feet on the ground. You’ll find yourself where you need to be, with the right beings, and for however long it serves all of you. And that my friends, is what this miraculous, highly accelerated time of growth and healing, and mutual love and connection is all about!
Until the next bend of the journey,

Heather & the guides