As I sat down to write this newsletter, I pondered how quickly the last month went by. Can it really be that time of year, the end of the year? Yep. And our experience of time is speeding up as we weave into and out of the higher dimensions in our daily life.  Just when you thought you had that extra ten, fifteen, twenty minutes, it slips away from you.  But this is even more reason to be in the present moment of all moments. As you focus there, relish it for all that it offers.  The wise beings of the faery realm pose this question to us humans, “Why are you so busy trying to make things better for your future but not now?”

           And we’re often in a hurry, but that’s a whole other story.  As time seems to be passing us by, we move faster to catch up, but that only hinders our progress. The best way to stay aligned with time in our daily lives is to slow down, take in each moment, and set a pace for ourselves that feels natural and easy. Those of us who are Type A’s, workaholics, or high achievers, will find this a hard lesson to learn, but it needs to be learned nonetheless.  (More information shared here in my expanded version newsletter. For more information or to purchase the expanded version, go to http://tealhealing.blogspot.com/2013/03/expanded-version-monthly-updates-on.html#more ).
            The way I see it, in wouldn’t be a bad idea to have our own personal mercury retrograde at the end of this year and into the first couple weeks of January. We need the time to assimilate those major spiritual downloads we’ve received with the help of the shifting sun and earth throughout the Christmas holiday. If you didn’t notice, this was why many were feeling very tired, achy, dizzy, and nauseated. It wasn’t the food, drink, or family that caused it. But that sure fooled a lot of us! In combination with the downloads, our issues got brought up and triggered while being around family and loved ones. All the more reason to process and integrate!  (In the expanded version of this newsletter, I offer tools to help you shift those issues).
            At this time, the end of one year and beginning a new one, it’s really important to finish any unfinished business on a body, mind or spirit level. This is why many people have come down with colds and flu the last couple weeks of December.  You’re body is getting sick to provide you with the opportunity to clear and heal on a physical level. The rest required is helping you do this. I see complete cellular rejuvenation happening here. There is also an emotional and spiritual purification occurring simultaneously. All the more reason to be grateful for a circumstance that is anywhere from inconvenient to miserable!
So wrap up those issues you’ve struggled with throughout this year (or for some, throughout this life). You’ll want this January to be your clean slate. The new moon on the 1st sets you up for it, and in conjunction with the energy of the cosmos, will support you in the manifestation of your deepest desires and dreams. But you have to have done your work. January alone is a month that can launch you forward if you’re willing. Mid month’s full moon flanked by two new moons on the 1st and 30th might stir you up if you need stirring, perhaps in such an uncomfortable way that you’ll no longer be able to rest on your laurels. It will simply be unbearable now. This might sound daunting but we have to realize that as a collective, we need something to shake us up.  Having difficulties and hardships from time to time isn’t enough to ignite action (or change) in most. (More information shared here in expanded version).
In addition, many of us are working out patterns on an individual level that also need to be cleared for the human collective. All of these relationship-oriented patterns are helping us understand what it means to be a healthy, functioning member of a true collective. Family, friends, workplaces, neighborhoods, cities, and soul cluster groups are some common collectives. This month, many of us are learning what it means to put ourselves first, setting appropriate boundaries so we can be of greater service in the world. We are also letting go of unhealthy ties, binds, and attachments, and experiencing what it means to give and receive equally. Sex and sexuality is also changing for humans as we move closer to the 5th dimension. (Much more shared on the topics of this paragraph in the expanded version).
But finally, if you are struggling with feelings of loss, grief, or abandonment regarding any kind of relationship in your life, go back to focusing on your essence (the spark of God within you). Ask for and receive a hefty dose of unconditional love from your higher self on this one. As you connect to the love that always has and will exist within your essence, you’ll instantly reconnect with your soul cluster group, and eventually to all of those collectives you’ve been a part of, beyond this lifetime. This is the ultimate antidote to separation and loss. Feel the unity!
Blessings for a Happy New Year,
Heather, the Faeries, Pleiadians & Sirians

Want to work out those issues that got triggered this holiday with family and loved ones? The tools I have included in this month’s expanded version will help you. I also recommend that you read the November Expanded Version Newsletter for working on your core issues (core wounding that originated many lifetimes ago). These are the biggies, those patterns that you’ve repeatedly recreated throughout this life and many others. For more info. or to purchase any expanded version, click on the link in the 2nd paragraph of this newsletter.



            Is it really November already? Hard to believe fall has flown by…in a flash despite a mercury retrograde that didn’t seem to slow us down a bit.  October and beginning of November brought two powerful eclipses with the new and full moons; we cleansed and released for another deep layer of integration. Take a moment to look in the mirror and connect with your new self. You really have transformed! 

Whoa! If you’re like me, you’ve been twirled upside down, inside out, and you’re finding yourself in a completely different life.  (More shared here in the expanded version newsletter. For more information about the expanded versions or to purchase for just $9, click here). But where does that leave you for the rest of November and into December?
Like the cyclical seasons, we are preparing for winter. On an energetic level, this means death. We are dying to our old selves, our outdated beliefs, patterns, ways of seeing the world, even letting go of material possessions, control, and wanting to know where we are headed. If you thought October was a tough month, be prepared for the bigger challenge this November and early December. Whatever you didn’t shift last month will come up again louder, more intense, and with heftier consequences.  But remember this is always a good thing, because it gives you more opportunity to evolve at lightning speed.  As I’ve said before, saying yes to evolution means a life of more calm, peace, and happiness. And at this time, we have extra support and assistance with the transformative energies coming from the center of the galaxy and those beings of the 5thdimension and beyond. All it takes is your willingness to allow your internal shifts to happen. It really can be that easy.  (More information on how to help yourself in the evolutionary process in the expanded version newsletter).
Another piece of the “energetic death” this month and into December involves grief.  I spoke of this last month, but we are still clearing deep layers of it. For most, it’s more extreme this month. We are grieving what we’ve lost (in this life and many, many others, including other dimensions, universes, and as other species). Not only are we processing grief from issues that have to do with our relationships, health, work, and other life circumstances, but we are also grieving our separation from the human collective, the animal/nature collective, and our disconnection from our galactic origins.  Have you felt the tender heartache yet? For some it may even feel as though a huge weight has been placed on the chest and in the psyche. In addition, there’s a restlessness, helplessness, and anxiety that goes along with it. You’re sure to find yourself in reverie over what once was but is no longer in your life.  I know for me, I’ve been feeling confused by the sadness, emotionally raw and vulnerable, yet uncertain of where it was coming from…until I contemplated the symbolic resonance of what was showing up in my external world (More information shared here in the expanded version).
You may also be feeling emotionally unbalanced, ungrounded, and energetically depleted.  This is happening as we’re sandwiched between the transformative energies blasting off of our sun and earth.  On top of this, the bombardment of spiritual energy floating in from the center of the galaxy is relentless.  It’s becoming routine to have to schedule some time for venting your frustrations, having meltdowns, or finding a place to lie down in the middle of your day! The apathy you’re feeling some days is also inviting you to do absolutely NOTHING…and to just simply BE. This shift will support your physical and spiritual transformation.  
As far as grounding goes, we can still connect to the earth the old 3-D way, receiving the life force energy that helps sustain us. But since we are upgrading to a more efficient, fine-tuned system, I have found that it is simpler, quicker, and more graceful to work with your crystalline system to maintain balance in your everyday life. For those who’re struggling with physical pain and cognitive difficulties, this is the time to make the switch from electro-magnetic to crystalline (More information shared here in the expanded version). After all, eventually we will convert over to this system entirely.
If this is a new concept for you, let me explain: The crystalline system includes your crystalline energy field, chakras, and internal structures. Our physical bodies are currently in transition from carbon to crystalline. As of now, most of us are working with both electro-magnetic and crystalline energy, according to the percentage of these energies that we carry within. This is true for the animal and nature kingdoms as well. By the time we reach ascension, and as our earth and sun complete their processes, we will rely on our own self-contained crystalline systems to replenish, rejuvenate, calm, ground, and to keep our health in check. Of course, by that time, the way we think and integrate emotions will also have changed. For many, this change has already occurred.  In addition, what we eat and how we eat will continue to transform (More info. in expanded version). Have you become aware of this? The nature spirits working with our physical bodies, as well as those of the animals and the earth will move on from this role and forward in their evolution.
But with all of these changes, the Pleiadians are directing me to refocus your attention on something more important. Right now, if you concentrate, you can feel the pulsation of the energy of our moon. She holds a sacred, safe space that balances the energies of the sun and earth, while at the same time, comforts and nurtures us. Breathe in the bounty of this nourishment whenever you need it throughout this month.  And lastly, there’s an alluring music coming from the cosmos.  If you listen with your inner ears, you will hear the ascended celestial bodies singing to you, lifting you up out of your heavy slumber. Whenever you feel out of sorts, anxious, or unhinged this month, take it all in.  It’s a great reset button. As the energy permeates your being you’ll recalibrate to the 5thdimensional frequencies. You’ll know once again that all is in divine order…the future is unfolding exactly as it should…taken care of by the present…every moment—every breath.
Giving Thanks this month & Many Blessings,
Heather, The Pleiadians, and the newsletter guides

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     As we quickly roll into the month of September, we’re greeted with a new moon,

another opportunity to start fresh and anchor in our intentions.  This moon’s creative energy moves through the end of next week, even through Friday the 13th. Although historically this has been a date associated with fear, horror, or other bad omens, I see it bringing good fortune for many this month. So count your lucky stars and make a wish during this time. 

It feels refreshing and comforting after that intense, and for many of us, excruciating, integration period that began with the astrological sextile at the end of July. (More shared here in the expanded version newsletters. For more information about the   expanded versions, or to sign up, go to: http://tealhealing.blogspot.com/2013/03/expanded-version-monthly-updates-on.html#more).
     And this month’s energy is all about balance. As we move more fully into the time of autumn, it is essential that we remain balanced/grounded and present in all life areas to move forward evolutionary-wise. To our benefit, transformative energies working with us this month will give us a hand. 
     But first of all, realize that every area of your life is interconnected and mutually influential. In the past, with the old energies, your work, relationships, leisure/play, spirituality, and rest were all separate, having no bearing on each other. But now, in the time of the new world, everything is one. You can’t isolate yourself or an area of your life without dropping back down to the 3D level, and playing by the old rules that create limitations, obstacles, and fear. Instead, tend to and nurture all areas, especially those that have been neglected. Make decisions and take steps for improving life aspects that are suffering. (More info. here in expanded version).
     July and August were big energetic months—lots of spiritual downloads and integration happening. You may feel a challenge with this, as if you’re really dragging, can’t get out of bed in the morning, wanting another coffee and it’s only what, 10am? Or maybe you’re achy all over and just want to lie down. When we move a lot of energy, we burn protein. So for some, increasing protein loads, or eating more dense protein sources may help. Drink and be near water more. Be outside, on the Earth, connecting with Earth as much as possible. 
     As the Pleiadians (higher dimensional beings from the planet Pleiades) have put it, “You do have to allow your body/mind/spirit time to transform. Don’t push yourself too hard in your daily tasks. If you feel yourself in pain or overly fatigued, it means you need more down time because of too much physical or mental activity. Move back into the heart space and rest.” And the biggest reason and solution for the complaints above…let go of your resistance to change. The Pleiadians say, “Let go of your structure of how change should look or feel. It doesn’t have to be uncomfortable or awkward. Think of it as a joy, a breeze, making life easier.”
     The biggest area of resistance I see is with utilizing our 5thdimensional energy systems. This is synonymous with allowing the higher frequencies to move through our physical forms, helping our bodies evolve. It is about accessing our higher selves from within, and therefore, becoming more easily able to recognize and integrate our issues. It is also about letting go of the mind more, trusting, and operating from more of an intuitive/heart-centered stance. As we practice working with our new energy systems, we begin to tap into (or for many of us, move more fully into) our sovereignty, which further creates our realities through our intent, and allows us to fully discover and work with our psychic abilities, and those of telepathy and telekinesis. (More info. shared here in expanded version).
     So overall, if you’re tired, scared, in pain, or resisting change in your everyday lives, cut yourself some slack, because ascension is a process that for good reason, does not happen overnight. Instead, while disillusioned by linear time, we get to choose how and when we go about our integration process, and what we think and feel every step of the way. But the biggest thing we are remembering is that we create our lives—every hour and every moment of all now’s. And especially this month, with the influence of lucky 13, we can begin to turn the tides in our favor.
See you around the next corner of the journey,
Heather, The Pleiadians, and the newsletter guides
To help with the following life areas:
*open up to and take action with new potentials and possibilities
*tend to all life areas and keep those areas balanced while you’re at it, for overall life benefit
*let go of the “shoulds” and follow where your energy calls you
*the benefits of the 5th Dimensional energy system and how to utilize it
*how to maintain your center and timing when around chaotic/discordant vibrations, and how to show others how to do the same.
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