It’s good to be back! I took a two-week break—the first since becoming completely self-employed in 2011. Now it’s April already, and it seems the world has greatly changed since I went inward, taking solitude and rest. The guides tell me that this is a time of fertility. Think potent, productive, pregnant, plentiful, and profound. And like a rabbit, we are making dramatic leaps and bounds forward. But most of all, it is spring. As I spoke of in March’s newsletter, many of us are finding we have ripe eggs to harvest. After all our hard work, this is a blessing.

            There are a few big themes throughout this month, all involving our newly acquired “crops.” The most prominent of all relates to the old saying, “you reap what you sow.” If you haven’t done your karmic clearing, now is the time. And even if you have, you’ll need to go deeper. The blood moon/lunar eclipse on the 15thof this month will force you to look into your shadows: the red, raw, dense emotions and energies that have not been fully processed or dealt with.  If you still haven’t a clue, look to your dreams and visions for guidance. (For more information about karma and how to clear it, read my expanded version newsletter. You can access it here). 
            I know my dreams have been especially vivid this month, waking me up throughout many nights—and I’m told that all the jewels are there, waiting to be retrieved. Our higher selves are revealing them to us when we’re in this most vulnerable and receptive state. These gems include the heavy, animalistic energies, as well as our most amazing, benevolent characteristics and gifts. It is time to reclaim them and move into a deeper level of empowerment. Humanity is moving up the spiral of evolution. Many awakened humans are integrating their higher self energies at a root chakra level. This is happening in perfect timing for the drastic changes coming up in our world. (For more information about these changes, view my expanded version newsletter).
            Besides receiving the fruits from our labors of love—the internal work and the external manifestations in dreams, career, relationship, and health advancement—we are also receiving assistance on our journey of evolution. We need to spend more time in nature, preferably at the beaches or in forests. These areas will not only clear our energy fields, calm our neurological systems, and get us away from the continuous EMF exposure, but here we can find the herbs and crystals brought by extradimensional beings to earth in the last five years. These will help with our acceleration and transfiguration process. (More shared here in expanded version newsletter).           
The last big theme—and another source of abundance for all of us this month is what I did for two weeks. Rest, slow down, or take a break.  Even if you think you can’t afford it, you can. In fact, it will bring you riches. It will give you more time in a day, help to replenish your body, mind, and soul, and draw to you many resources. When you fully relax, letting go of all physical and mental tensions, your overall vibration raises.  Along with your schedule opening up, you will then become more open energetically to receive, magnetically attracting in your soul’s needs. This is when many of your intentions, dreams, and goals can begin to take form in the physical. This is where miracles occur.
            So much can happen as you begin to slow down—the opposite of how the majority of the humans currently operate in the world. We are programmed to be busy and to do, do, do—to believe that we can’t possibly be productive unless we live by this rule. But as we are influenced by the higher dimensional energies, this way of living will continue to work against us, bringing more lack and striving.  My best advice and that which I am living is to simplify your lifestyle. If needed, incorporate all aspects of your life: work, projects, relationships, home, and goals, into one big dream. If you’re in doubt as to whether you are doing too much, ask your body. Tune in and notice how you feel. Your body will always let you know if you’re taking on too much.
This month of fertility brings great change for us—change that can help us gather our goods, taking care to fully integrate those dualistic characteristics and energies.  But most of all, be willing to see and comfort the part of yourself that wants to cling to the old and familiar—the aspects of yourself or your life that are trying to fall away or die.  As each of us evolves, so does collective humanity, which leads to global change. As the guides tell me, we are on the verge of a revolution. This can happen peacefully or cause difficulty and strife. Fortunately, we all get to decide.
More on this next month!
With Love and Blessings,
Heather & the guides, the Sirians and Pleiadians
This month’s energy activations will help you:
*clear karma: release what is holding you back in relationships, health & soul’s purpose.
*receive a gift of inspiration and replenishment, and additional guidance to help you with current difficulties and challenges.
*learn how to receive on a deeper level through sharing—thus attracting in more abundance.
*heal the perpetrator/victim pattern and step into greater empowerment.
*discover details of your current timeline for fulfillment of cherished goals & dreams.
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