July energy update: In Honor of the Freedom Codes!

July energy update: In Honor of the Freedom Codes!

As many have recently celebrated the 4th of July holiday, themes of freedom are arising. We have also been receiving higher frequency downloads of light and more freedom codes since the beginning of this month. There is a quickening in the awakening of the collective, and our animal and nature kingdoms are equally progressing in their evolution. Take time to rest, recalibrate, tend to your emotions, and stay adequately hydrated during this rapid upgrading of the body and soul! These higher level light frequencies activate our crystalline DNA and expand the crystalline light body. Getting more sleep, replenishment and drinking lots of water helps to facilitate the process with ease. Self care will be extra important all month long!

In honor of the freedom energies coming in during this time and the developing unity consciousness of our collective, I attended a rally on Friday, July 2nd to stop the July 12th scheduled roundup of the Onaqui wild horses who live 40 miles southwest of Salt Lake City. During roundups, horses are chased down by helicopters, separated from their families, and trapped in holding facilities to be sold later for adoption or slaughter. Some of the horses get injured or killed in the brutal roundup process, in particular the very young, old or ill.  The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) claims that the horses are depleting the vegetation, so therefore the roundup is necessary to protect the rangelands. But there are 26,000 cattle and only 500 horses grazing on these lands. These roundups are inhumane and unnecessary!

These horses, like all living beings deserve the same rights we have. They deserve to be respected, honored and treated equally. They should be allowed to stay healthy, free and connected to their families in the wild. I don’t believe any of the creatures of the wild should live in captivity. Their health and the balance of the earth depends on their being able to roam free in their natural habitat. This in turn affects our well-being. We are all one!

I got to visit the Onaqui wild horses while I was in the area on Friday, which was a truly precious and heartwarming experience. The photo above was taken during my visit with them. These are innocent and majestic beings! The Onaqui are also a well known group of wild horses who are visited by tourists throughout our world. They are shining the light on this terrible fate that many wild horses throughout the U.S. are now facing.

I am writing about them now because in this time of expanding unity consciousness, it is more important than ever that we protect and stand up for those who are oppressed and cannot speak for themselves.

UPDATE: As of July 9th, the roundup has been delayed until July 13th. We still have time! If you feel called to help, go to https://www.savetheonaqui.org/ and click on the Take Action Tab to write a quick line to Secretary Haaland and President Biden and ask them to call off the roundup.

In the meantime, the energies are amping up as we prepare to enter the Lion’s Gate portal of transformation that opens on July 28th. This is a time for stepping into greater empowerment, freedom, prosperity, manifestation, and acceleration of our soul’s purpose. If you’d like extra support in navigating your life during these times of change, check out the details of my upcoming, “Support with Worldly Changes Online Class,” on Wed. July 21st from 6:30-8pm by clicking here.

Summer Blessings and love,

🙂 Heather


Choosing to move into greater levels of union in your life–whether with particular life areas, or in many relationships with romantic partners, friends, associates, family members, community members, helps you let go of the illusion of separation that causes loneliness and suffering.

 Unity consciousness involves knowing that we are all connected–the human, animal, and natural world, and following through with actions that back these beliefs.  This coming together is always mutually supportive and beneficial. At this time of the shift in consciousness on Earth, it helps life flow easier and more gracefully, brings greater fulfillment and abundance.

Check out my free meditation for December, helping you create more union in your life, and prepare for the new beginnings activating at the time of the winter solstice, Here .
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Every monday evening in January, 2014, and the first monday evening of February.
At Sukha Wellness Center in Avila Beach, CA

This 5 class series will teach you about the gifts the animals have to offer us, how they heal us, and how you can improve their health and well-being. You will learn basic skills for opening up the lines of communication, and sending and receiving messages to and from your animals. 

You will also gain advanced skills in connecting to your animal’s higher self to help you solve more complex issues, chronic problems, answer questions about
death and dying, and communicate with animals who have passed on.
Bring pictures of your animals for class activities!
Class Objectives:
Learn why your animal incarnated with you, how they help you heal, and
how you can improve their health and well-being. This class also includes
common thoughts & emotions of animals, and their role in our evolution.

Week Two: 
This class will include protocols for grounding, centering, and tuning in to
your animals, and a guided meditation and partner practice for develop-
ing clairsentience (clear feeling), clairvoyance (clear seeing), and claircog-
nizance (clear knowing), helping you understand your animal’s inner life. 

Week Three:
Bring your animals’ pictures to work with. You will learn about and 
practice sending and receiving messages to and from your animals
through telepathy, meditation, and imaginative techniques.

Week Four:
Learn and practice how to connect to your animal’s higher self for 
answers to more complex issues, chronic problems, and questions about
death and dying.

Week Five:
This class is a summary of all you have learned over the past four weeks,
including communicating with animals who have passed on and 
practicing medical intuition.

No previous experience necessary, Beginners are welcome!
Sukha Wellness Center
6615 Bay Laurel Place
Avila Beach, CA 93424
Monday, January 6th, from 7-8pm
Monday, January 13th, from 7-8pm
Monday, January 20th, from 7-8pm
Monday, January 27th, from 7-8pm
Monday, February 3rd, from 7-8pm

First class is FREE!
$20 per class thereafter. 
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EARLY BIRD for all classes is 
$50 by December 16th, 2013.
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