Space is now full! Stay tuned for my next upcoming, whale event.

These special healing events offer an awesome opportunity to directly connect to the whales! You’ll receive the transformative benefits of their powerful energy transmissions and messages while enjoying a sunset boat ride.

We’ll begin by gathering together on the boat. I’ll lead a short meditation to link us up with the whales and set our personal and group intentions. Then as we meet the whales, dolphins or other sea life on our journey, we’ll open up to receive the energies to heal, change or manifest in any or all life areas! I will be facilitating the energy healing process and offering any guidance or support throughout it. I will also be channeling messages from the whale collective to our group that inspire us and assist with the elevation of our consciousness. In particular, I’ll channel one personal message for each individual. Towards the end of the trip, you’ll also be able to give back to the ocean and sea creatures. We’ll be working as a team to offer them energy healing that promotes harmony on all levels.

This is a time to dream big! Reflect on those exciting and expansive long-term goals. What do you want to experience and create in 2021? Prepare to receive empowering and illuminating insights during these healing whale events that can potentially change the course of your life in amazing ways!

The cost is $111. Stay tuned for the next whale event, coming up in November or early Spring.
These private events will take place on a smaller-sized whale watch vessel operated by Sanctuary Cruises and staff according to Monterey County guidelines for COVID-19. The sea is normally calm and the whales are very active and engaging during this fall time of the year! Enjoy the photo above and the ones below of whale sightings in Monterey bay. These photos were passed on to me to share by Sanctuary Cruises.