Halloween Horse Classes For Kids

Halloween Horse Classes For Kids

This Halloween Weekend Class is for kids aged 5-11 years old. Sat/Sun, October 29th & 30th, from 1-3pm. $40 per day. $25 for 2nd sibling.
The classes will include the following activities:

Basic horse skills and care, animal communication, interactions with horses that promote self-esteem and emotional well-being, projects that ignite creativity and imagination (Halloween themed) and light horseback riding. Sign your child up for one more both days!

Call or email Heather to sign up at: 805-451-1585, [email protected]

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Saturday, June 4th, from 6-8pm. $40.

At: 2991 Poco Rd, Templeton, CA

Come together, share and shift this new moon! The theme for this workshop will be manifesting your dreams and desires.

The new moon is about new beginnings! Bring your intentions for healing,manifesting, and starting a fresh chapter in the book of your life. We’ll be working with the energies of nature and the new moon to activate them.

This gathering will take place on horse property, so bring an offering for the land, horses, and spirit guides assisting us. This can take the form of food, a crystal, rock, feather, talisman, creative expression, or any object, word, or energy that has special significance for you.

In the last part of class, you’ll experience healing interactions with the horses for guidance and support. They’ll assist each member to shift, evolve, and manifest timely, gracefully, and easily.

No horse experience necessary.
For more info or to sign up, email Heather at [email protected] or call 805-451-1585.
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Reconnect with nature and communicate with horses in a new way, while learning natural horsemanship & basic riding skills.

In addition, the animal communications skills and intimate interactions with the horses will benefit kids’ self-esteem, confidence, self-responsibility and overall wellness. Highly sensitive children will find balance, groundedness and improved cognitive function from time spent with the horses.

For children ages 7 and up. Children must be physically and mentally able to follow instructions. No horse experience is needed. Beginners and those experienced welcome!

SATURDAY, JUNE 13TH, FROM 10AM-2PM, $75 (Sign up through Heather)
WED. JUNE 17TH & THURS. JUNE 18TH, FROM 10AM-2PM, $185 (This camp is hosted by the Ymca; sign up through Shelly Dargatz as instructed below).

 Specific activities will include:

*learning about horse lifestyle, food, riding gear, behaviors, body language
*grooming, cleaning hooves, and horse care
*how to approach and touch a horse
*animal communication skills
*leading horse by halter and lead rope
*light horseback riding
*interactions with the horses that promote self-esteem and emotional well-being

Address: 2991 Poco Rd, in Templeton. (left off hwy 41 & first right into property with white fencing)

Kids must be prepared to get dirty, have fun, and explore the world of horses!
They should dress in layers, wear hat and/or sunscreen as needed and toe covered shoes (boots preferred), and bring a sack lunch and plenty of water.

For questions, directions, other details, or to sign up for the camp on the 13th, call Heather at 805-451-1585 or email greenbluehea[email protected]. You can pay by credit card or paypal online at: www.tealhealing.com/payment.htm. (Click on the buy now button. On the left hand side of the page, type in the payment amount, $75). You can also mail a check. Call or email Heather for the address.

To sign up and pay for the camp on the 17th & 18th, Call or email Shelly Dargatz at 805-239-3047 or [email protected].

Space is limited in both camps, so signing up with payment asap is recommended!