Full Moon & Healing W/Horses Workshop

Full Moon & Healing W/Horses Workshop

Saturday, September 17th from 6-7:30pm in Templeton. $35. Email or call me to sign up or for directions.

We could all use some extra assistance during these potent transformational times; especially this month with two eclipses and mercury retrograde! Celebrate the Fall Equinox and the full moon in this workshop as you set new intentions for yourself. Heal relationships, emotions, health issues and behavior patterns with the help of the horses!

Bring your intentions and a token of offering to the spirits of land and the horses in this powerful workshop for starting a fresh chapter in the book of your life! We will be working with the energies of nature and the full moon/equinox in sacred ceremony to fully access and activate our intentions. In the last half we will work with the horses for extra guidance, healing, nurturance, support, and empowerment with all of our upcoming changes.

The interactions with the horses will include active and reflective activities, all on the ground. No horse experience is necessary.
Bring snacks and water.

Cost is $35. Sign up deadline by Wed Sept 14th. Email or call me to sign up for directions: [email protected] or 805-451-1585.

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Halloween Horse Classes For Kids

Halloween Horse Classes For Kids

This Halloween Weekend Class is for kids aged 5-11 years old. Sat/Sun, October 29th & 30th, from 1-3pm. $40 per day. $25 for 2nd sibling.
The classes will include the following activities:

Basic horse skills and care, animal communication, interactions with horses that promote self-esteem and emotional well-being, projects that ignite creativity and imagination (Halloween themed) and light horseback riding. Sign your child up for one more both days!

Call or email Heather to sign up at: 805-451-1585, [email protected]

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