By Heather Green

            We are all pondering prosperity during this time of the great shift on planet Earth. There are financial changes occurring worldwide, which are inspiring many of us to discover our soul’s purpose. In this process of self-discovery, we are making needed changes within ourselves, allowing prosperity to manifest in our lives.

           The new consciousness requires us to follow our bliss, passion, joy, or what brings deep peace.  We are called to spend time doing or being what makes us feel alive, or what helps bring beneficial change. All of us were born with codes and grids that are meant to be sowed upon the Earth, furthering the evolvement of ourselves, humanity, and all living beings. Feeling joy, bliss, and passion allows us to express an aspect of our soul, called soul’s purpose.  When we express ourselves through these emotions, our unique codes and grids are released into the world.

            The more we express our soul’s purpose, the more we manifest prosperity. Soul’s purpose doesn’t have to be expressed through our livelihood. It can be expressed during daily meditation, while listening to a friend, or having a cup of tea. The key is to experience joy, fun, passion, and play, as often as possible.  Maintain a light and easy lifestyle that will support more grace and movement in your life. Anything that lowers energy or emotions, feels dreadful, boring, or difficult, is meant to be released. Being prosperous isn’t just about money. It can be good health, emotional well-being, happy relationships, a thriving community, a new home, or a garden’s harvest. Recognize what is already going well in life and what brings gratitude. Feel that gratitude in the moment
of every moment when at ease, or even with the slightest bit of success. This feeling will attract more of the same.
            We can also express our soul’s purpose through working directly with nature, the nature spirits, or doing anything outdoors. When we tap into the magnetics of Earth while outside, we are better able to assimilate and anchor in the transformative, universal energies within our bodies. As the energies take a physical form, manifestation of desires can more easily take place in our world. This is when a new home, a promotion, or new relationships begin to show up for us. As we connect more deeply to Mother Earth, we are naturally able to access our own treasure of wealth, our core essence. This connection to our essence increases our prosperity.   
            In addition, it is essential that we heal and clear old emotions, thoughts, behavior patterns, and belief systems that no longer serve us. Transmute a lack consciousness into prosperity in any life area—health, career, relationships, and money, by looking for the root cause. Has a personal trauma occurred in one of our life areas? Many of the lack vibrations we carry come from family members, friends, school, our culture, or anyone else who has greatly influenced us. Wherever it originated, let it go.
            In this time of great change on the planet, there are many resources available to us in the healing and spiritual fields, helping us to release what no longer serves us. As we heal and transform, we are better able to access and express our soul’s purpose, living and experiencing the joy and service we came to Earth to be part of. As we align ourselves with the new consciousness, we are more able to attract in and maintain all forms of prosperity in our lives.