A Break in Time

Let’s start off this month’s newsletter with a pause. Take a deep BREATH. Are you still in your body? Check-in with yourself now and bring all of your awareness, all aspects of your being back into the now. We will need to practice this more as we head into June with the acceleration of the energies, to stay grounded and centered. Being in the present moment will also be the way you can remain in the flow, which brings abundance and takes you to amazing places, and I am not just talking spiritually, but even in your physical world/everyday life happenings. May has been a very busy month preparing us energetically for what is coming in June.

Shall we speak of the upcoming cosmic events? There is a full moon lunar eclipse on the 4th and Venus in Transit across our sun on the 5th/6th, depending on where you are on the globe. The viewing of this will be something to behold! If you are in the southern california area, you should be able to see it from about 3pm-dark. Whether you actually see it or not, the energies of these events will bring a remembrance of our galactic origins. If you have felt homesick for your true home or “planet or origin,” this gateway will help you make contact with the frequencies there, download all of your mastery from your existences so it can be utilized here on Earth, as well as connect to your families. For those who have always felt like they were an outsider, a misfit, or that they didn’t belong to this world, the energies of these events will help you finally know and understand who you are as a cosmic being, which will allow a greater connection and comfort with Earth and all of he r inhabitants. The best thing about this feeling is the sense of being exactly where you need to be. Home.

I can relate to this in my own personal life. My partner and I left Ojai last year when we were called to Sedona. It was a chance for both of us to build ourselves up professionally and financially, and it paid off. Then we began to seek the dream we created since we have been together, which is to live and work on land, a spiritual farm, and support ourselves sustainably. We were sent to Orleans, California to work on a organic vegetable, permaculture homestead with chickens and milking goats. Our original contract was eight months. We were there for five weeks. There was so much that happened so quickly on a personal and professional level. We shifted personally, and assisted the land in the northern california/west coast area, as well as many in the community in their evolutional process. We got what we needed faster than predicted, but we also realized that it was time to go home. We were surprised to discover this “home” was Ojai! We took a leap of trust and found our wa y back here and since we have arrived, about two weeks ago, we have been handed one opportunity after the next. And it is better and bigger than I expected. Multiple work options for my partner, a greater connection to a spiritual and healing community that will allow me to reach even more people with the healing work I do, a partnership with friends and practitioners on sacred land that we can farm, heal, provide service, play on, and a perfect place to live. We have come full circle and Ojai has embraced us with open arms. I have never felt so welcomed!

I share this to facilitate the understanding that there are no mistakes. What doesn’t work out allows for a new beginning. It may seem as if life is taking you on a long, arduous, never-ending road to nowhere. Maybe you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel yet. Maybe you have begun to doubt yourself or the choices you have made. I have definitely questioned my own intuition after realizing Orleans was not the right fit. But if we hadn’t gone there, we wouldn’t have found our way back to Ojai (at least not at this time which is the right time). We thought we had left Ojai to the past. But it is Ojai that we needed. For all of you out there, it might be important to realize that sometimes we don’t know exactly what it is that we need, until we get it. This is why it’s also a good idea to let go of setting very specific and often limiting intentions about what you want to manifest. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t follow your dreams. By all means do, but remain open to th e assistance of the universe in co-creating with you what will support your happiness, evolution, and greatest service to the world. And you just might be surprised by where you land!

And these quick, unexpected changes like what I experienced are what we can look forward to for the rest of 2012. As I alluded to above, the transformative energies are accelerating, and we are blessed to be given many options to process and release the karma and baggage that we’ve been dragging around for Eons. Allow these moments, no matter how painful and challenging they can be. For in doing so, a door will open for you to move forward spiritually that you’ve never had access to before. In addition to your personal process, these portals of the eclipse and venus transit will be a break in time–a moment of standstill that will ignite major advancement spiritually, so pay attention to what is coming up for you during that time. Trust that no matter how tough or confusing an area of your life or life situation in general is, if you let go of resistance and follow the inner calling that tells you what to do, the universe will support you in doing so in the most comfortable a nd graceful way. For us, it was the blessing of having left our furniture in Ojai before we went up to Orleans. Ha! The move back here was simple, easy, and light. We even enjoyed our travels before arriving here. The same can be true for each person’s spiritual evolution. Decide to step out of the old paradigm and into the new one with joy and spontaneity, while still being real with your emotional process. There’s the duality again.

The solar eclipse last weekend helped us tap into the oneness, which is the theme for these changing times. In other words, it is simply, oneness/unity consciousness=ascension. Ready or not, this is why you’ve come to Earth. We might get it on an intellectual level, like yeah, I consider myself equal to all humans–no matter what race, sex, age, religion, economic status, etc. Or yeah, of course the animals and nature kingdom are important. But do we feel it on visceral level? Does every cell of our being resonate with the awareness that every being’s well-being is directly connected to our own? This is what fifth dimension is truly about.

One of the biggest shifts in the area of equality will be the disintegration of the pedestals that we have placed our spiritual teachers, gurus, and leaders on. This is not to say we should look down upon them. Quite the contrary. Look to those who can role model being a genuine human, embracing their transformation, and at the same time inspiring others to move into their greatest potentials.These are the spiritual teachers of these times. I am grateful to have known a couple of powerful local healers/teachers who have shown their real, human selves when I’ve run into them in everyday life–even in public. I have seen both of them emotional–in grief and fear, and also in an irritated or indignant place due to their own life circumstances. Others were witness to this as well. Many would say this shows a weakness, as if perhaps the healer isn’t as evolved as they had otherwise appeared. To me, this realness is what our evolution is all about. When we drop the pedestal placing and the projections of false perfection that we place on those we feel should be unshakable, we see that this is what it means to live a spiritual life. The end of this month into June brings a sense of humility for the old ways of healing and teaching. We are all evolving whether we are conscious of it or not. We all have the ability to use our source-given power to locate and utilize our wisdom and spiritual gifts to ascend and serve. We all have our own blind spots and areas of challenge. No one is more evolved than anyone else, but we may be working at different ends of an eternal spectrum. It is great to work with a guide/healer/teacher/channel that can help facilitate your evolutionary process. But remember they are in your life to help you find, connect with, and trust your own inner teacher. Listen to the wisdom they express and integrate the healing they radiate only if it resonates with your deepest knowing. And for those you admire, see yourself in the mirror tha t is reflected to you in their presence. Ultimately, there will come a point when it is time to step into your own power and continue your own spiritual process automatically with the help of your higher power within.

These next two weeks will bring a healing for the karma that has accumulated from the wounds of learning about empowerment through victimization with the gurus and spiritual teachers of our past. This time of 2012 is such a perfect opportunity to change the way we spiritually evolve. Instead of being enlightened by another, we evolve through being guided by our own inner teachers in our everyday living. Many healers and teachers will change the role they have been playing, and instead of cleaning wounds and changing bandages, will simply hold safe space and shine their inner light as the people they serve do their own work. We are already doing this now! In the near future, we will all evolve through simply being. When that time comes, there will be no work in the process, it will be instant and effortless.

And at this time of Memorial Day, when many are remembering their loved ones who have served the U.S., take the time to reflect on all of those beings who you have loved and lost, whether in peace or war. The energies are working with all of us since the solar eclipse/Pleidian alignment last weekend to clear any residual anger, resentments, hatred, and fear about who or what we have lost in our lives, as well as those we have fought with and saw as our enemies. From a spiritual perspective, there is no loss. We create this feeling through our limited awareness of being separate in the human condition. It is normal to go through the grieving process when we lose someone for a period of time, which includes all of the feelings above–denial, anger, bargaining, and finally grief, but continuing to hold onto these emotions many years later only blocks our evolution. After moving through the emotions, we can tap into the divine love and connection within ourselves, where our own l ove and all the love we’ve ever experienced with another eternally exists. The love we have for another always starts with the love we have for ourselves. If we don’t have that, we cannot truly love anyone else. As these energies continue to work with us for the rest of the month and into June, we may finally be able to make peace with those who we’ve held grudges, perhaps over many lifetimes. This may or may not be people or beings that you consciously know. It is time to let go of these grudges, judgments, and fears. The cosmic events give us the opportunity to transmute these energies into compassion and forgiveness if we allow it. Then we can truly feel at peace with humanity, the animals & nature kingdom, Earth, and even all of the beings across the universe.

Across the Universe
These Energy activations will occur to the degree your soul chooses if you intend it. This first energy activation is a song that will help you remember your galactic origins, make peace with all beings, and clear loss. It is a special song that many of you recall from the past. As you read it, the energies are activated within. For a deeper activation you can listen to the song on you tube or an old record or CD:

“Across the Universe” by the Beatles (lyrics fromwww.metrolyrics.com/across-the-universe-lyrics-beatles.html)

Words are flowing out
Like endless rain into a papercup
They slither while they pass
They slip away across the universe

Pools of sorrow waves of joy
are drifting through my open mind
Possessing and caressing me

Tai Guru Deva, OM
Nothing’s gonna change my world
(this line repeated 4x’s)

Images of broken light
Which dance before me like a million eyes
They call me on and on across the universe

Thoughts meander like a restless wind
Inside a letterbox
They tumble blindly as they make
Their way across the universe


Sounds of laughter shades of Earth
Are ringing through my open views
inciting and inviting me

Limitless undying love
which shines around me like a million suns
It calls me on and on across the universe

For help with moving into a greater degree of oneness consciousness, trusting that our needs will be taken care of (thus letting go of greed and desire), and gaining the inspiration to move into our service work even more, we call the Galactic Council and those fifth dimensional and beyond light beings, as well as Gaia to send to our energy fields the transmissions that will support us in expanding our consciousness to these appropriate levels if we choose to. These transmissions will bring in a greater activation of compassion, divine love, trust, faith, and a greater caring for the welfare of others–because the more they benefit, the more we all do. To greatly anchor in this activation, tap into the energy of the service work you are doing for the world at this time. If you are not currently doing service work, ask all of the beings helping with this energy activation to bring in the energy of the service work you will be doing in the near future. Ask that this energy insp ire & motivate you, elevate your vibration and frequency. For those who need a better idea of what area your service work or soul’s purpose lies, pick your favorite season from the list: spring, summer, fall, or winter. After you’ve picked the season, match it with the correlating area of service. You just might be surprised!

Spring=communications/humanitarian causes
For those who picked Spring, pick the topic below that resonates the most with you for a more specific view:
1. writing/teaching
2.healing (in its many forms: can be energywork, channeling, psychic work, traditional medicine/alternative medicine, the expressive healing arts, like dance or acting.)
3.human rights
You should feel a strong pull to one of the numbers. Follow your heart not your head!

Enjoy the magnificence of the the cosmic fireworks!
With love & peace,

Heather & The Galactic Council, Gaia & all light beings,

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Announcements & Upcoming Classes/Email meditations
I am now doing monthly meditations sent via email to assist all with staying in balance during these changing times. This is a great way to gain the extra support and centeredness with all that is going on energetically the rest of the year, especially the full moon eclipse and Venus transit the first week in June! Each month, the energywork will address the themes of that month depending on what is going on. If interested, email me [email protected]. The cost is now just $6 per month to receive them monthly, or $10 each (in which case you let me know when you want to receive one).

More classes and workshops to come as I get settled in Ojai! A special thanks and toast to our friend Aaron Ogden and his work at the Yoga Nest in Ojai. We are planning to work together with our local practitioners to provide healing services for the community there. Check out the yoga classes, meditation, and other spiritual events held at the Nest by visitingwww.aaronogden.com/yoganest. I will be hosting some events there coming up…
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