The New World
Here we are: December, 2012–the point in time that has held so much meaning, both exciting anticipation and dread alike, depending on where your beliefs lie. The way I am seeing it, it is simply a new time, a new beginning that we are entering. But not to take that lightly, by the time the month is over, it’ll feel like a year has passed. Because of the merging of the dimensions, we will move from linear to spiral time, and the way we experience time, and what goes on in our everyday, 24 hour, 7 days/week lives will be very different. Let’s just say that things will go quicker, but easier, there will be instant solutions and insights to problems that have seemed to take forever to figure out in the past, and we won’t have to follow a step by step process to get from A to Z.

After the 21st, the Earth will no longer hold back on our behalf. She will maintain her stance more fully in the higher dimensions. Many of us will also have that option, and will walk across our own personal bridges into the new world. And many will not. This makes for an external reality that contains a variety of mixed energies and messages.

The best guidance I can offer this month is to use the tools and knowledge you have to remain centered, balanced, and focused within, starting each day off right. Daily meditation, yoga, chanting, prayer, shamanic/indigenous and nature medicine, or any other spiritual or grounding practices can be used. As you tune into your own inner light and love, the positive vibration you hold will energetically protect you from any external chaos occurring in the old world as you make your transition, and you will also benefit anyone you come into contact with, especially those struggling or stuck in the old energies. This is assuming you’ve done your own work–healing and releasing what no longer serves you on physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual level. Personal transformation is necessary to hold and maintain a higher personal vibration, allowing you full access to the 5th dimension in right timing. So it is essential that this is begun and continued as we all move through 2012 a nd beyond.

With this new world at our fingertips, anxiety and loss of control can arise because our response as humans is to balk at change or anything unfamiliar. This is definitely peculiar territory we are headed into…but what I can emphasize is that it will be even better than we have ever imagined. We are talking about the peace on earth we have dreamed of here, and this is what the newsletter guides, and the high councils of the Sirian and Pleiadian collective reveal. We can shift any fear of the unknown by asking our higher selves to access the time and space within the Akashic Records when we are fully in the 5th, and shower us with the emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical frequencies we will hold in that time. As we absorb these energies in our fields, they register on our energetic computers. The appropriate levels of our being are updated and alerted of the messages, and thereafter, there is a lessening or elimination of uncertainty/doubt/fear of what is to come.

There are a few different things occurring simultaneously by the end of the month. First, the Earth is going to role-model her place in the new world, and the gates to the 5th, which have already been in place since earlier this year, are available at any time for each us to access, and of course, when I speak of crossing that bridge, I mean that this is our personal opportunity to maintain our place there. The downloads and stargate portals into the higher dimensions on 12-12 and then again on 12-21, will assist many in arriving. It is process that we will work through during the whole holiday season, well into the 1st of the year, not just on a single date. There will also be activations of even more crystalline earth and human collective grids helping all to expand their consciousness even further between the time of the new moon and the full moon this month (and both of these moon times will help us assimilate and integrate all the energies we receive from the downloads o n 12-12 and 12-21, bolstering large clearings and manifesting new intentions). Astrologically, the placement of 2 triple digit date downloads bracketed by a new & full moon, helps to balance and stabilize the highly charged spiritual energies. We have been preparing for this and have personally bounced around from 3rd to 5th dimension since the summer solstice activations and downloads. Many, however, will still remain in 3rd or 4th well after 12-21, and will need to initiate or continue their awakening/spiritual growth processes.

The bottom line is this: Your personal vibration is what matters. Your external reality will reflect back to you where you are at. But being in the 5th dimension doesn’t mean all your challenges will disappear or that you’ll never feel a negative emotion again. It’s your response that will be different, and you will no longer be fooled by fear. You will recognize it immediately in the moment, feel it, and then it will fall away, never steering you off course or dragging you down. This will allow for a grace, ease, and speedy manifestation of desires and life happenings for those who are in this place.

The higher dimensional beings are sending me an image of those who can personally maintain a 5th dimensional stance, radiating a golden light from the highest mountain tops, altering the collective human consciousness, and allowing more people in the lower dimensions to climb the energetic ladder up into the 5th. After a certain number of people reach this new dimension, we begin to see huge transformation in our shared external world. This is one way of looking at the theory of “the 100th monkey.” This is the basis for why some people will be doing really well, and others not so well as we move into the new year. Ultimately, we still have our feet in two distinct realms, even on the same planet. And there will be some lag time before the old world completely falls away, and we see permanent changes with many of humanity’s most difficult issues.

Because the new world heralds a time of operating on the feminine principle; adopting and utilizing more feminine energies and qualities in our world in order to balance the current overriding masculine influence, we will all begin to feel the effects of peace, balance, and harmony in our day to day lives. This is how change slowly seeps in… and then one day we wake up and realize things really are unlike ever before…through the small, subtleties of compassion, caring, receptivity, openness, vulnerability, intuition, and heart-centered awareness.

Imagine examples of how these feminine energies would effect our lives. Instead of planning or implementing steps to reach a goal or even complete a task, you simply make decisions moment by moment, based on how you feel. In these cases, things might not be ordered, organized, or even make sense. Instead of being independent and private, you become more relationship and community-oriented, asking for and accepting help when you need it, and enjoying the connection and co-creation that comes with the human bond. And what would it be like to live in a world where emotions and wisdom (the inner knowledge that is available without experience or any kind of external learning, research, or proof) are valued above thinking, traditional methods for gathering knowledge, and achievements? How about living in a world without war or competition, because the feminine supports non-violence and cooperation, working together for the betterment of all? We are well on our way, so we have lots to look forward to. And while the feminine is leading, the masculine will be updating and shifting, so that when the time is right, the world will be sustainable through an equal blend of both sexual energies. That is something most of us are already mastering on a personal level–developing and expanding our feminine AND masculine energies and expressing them when appropriate.

While being ushered over the bridge into this new world, we cannot carry old maps, patterns, and ways of operating that worked in 3rd dimension (and we won’t be able to cross if we try to bring them with us, which is the reason behind all the clearing and releasing of the toxic, dense energies on all levels of our being), and we also can’t completely foresee what is to come. This is partly because there are no markers, no rules, and no reference points for this uncharted domain. We have to be completely aware and present in each moment, and it may feel like we are making things up as we go along, which we will be…It will be much like inheriting some untouched land or a national forest, and its up to you what you want to do with it, how, and where you’ll start. There’s no right or wrong, there simply just is. And you get to decide.

And as for 12-21, what can we expect to happen? It’s beyond words…a beautiful feeling I can only describe as the highest level of joy and spirituality, with a palpable sense of belonging/connection/unity that emanates with the true meaning behind the holiday season, winter solstice, yule, hanukkah, or Christ’s birth, depending on your orientation. Perhaps the original excitement, love, fun, believing, and magic that started back when this time was called the christmas holiday, or whatever your religion named it, is really what this “end point in time” is all about. It is possible we were already tapping into another time, a very special place in the future, and an unfathomable historical occurrence. Prepare to be blissed and blessed. Take it all in. See with childlike eyes of wonder and enchantment, the world in a fresh new way. Enjoy the journey!

Home For The Holidays
Before I start this month’s Energy Activations, I want to mention that starting early next year, I will only be offering the first section of the newsletter for FREE. More details and descriptions of the energetic changes and the shift in consciousness on Earth, including what we can do to stay in balance and navigate our lives during these times, as well as the Energy Activations, will be included in a separate newsletter called, “Updates of the Shift” in a paid monthly or yearly subscription. You will also have the option of buying it on an “as needed” basis. More to come later…

These Energy Activations will occur to the degree your soul chooses if you intend it.

With all the changes, activations, and assimilations happening this month, most who are NOT aligned with their highest good, or in a place of integrity, will be exposed. In other words, dishonesty, disloyalty, corruption, disrespect, lying, cheating…you get the picture here, will no longer be hidden. Everyone will have their own timing on this, so not all corruption will be exposed at once, (I think we can imagine the intensity of that), but it is important to know that energetically, we cannot move forward carrying these densities.

Because many of us are going home for the holidays (not just on our inward journeys, but visiting our biological families and friends), I thought I would offer some energy activations for helping you shift if you get triggered. If you get triggered by the way, it is a sign that you have work to do, and that “something” that triggered you, is your work. Most of us learn the hard way. We often experience the opposite of what we’d like to have happen, until we get the lesson. But in the new world, we are now actively pursuing our mastery, so we don’t have to learn the hard way again and again. Here are some examples:

A car accident occurs to slow us down. The next time, we stub our toe, and get the lesson sooner. After that, we sense internally when it’s time to slow down and do it on our own.

A loved one abandons or rejects us. This teaches us about self-love and being true to ourselves. The next time, when we try to get close to a friend or lover, and they start to push us away, we get the lesson sooner, and we don’t have to lose them. After that, we know we have to continuously work on mastering self-love and connecting to our divine selves, the place that is true within.

We are a victim of theft, assault, or another form of injustice or abuse. This teaches us about empowerment, because we must move into empowerment to heal the original trauma. The next time, it’s a little white lie, cheating, or some kind of deception, but you get it early and learn the lesson before something major happens. After that, you go about your life in an empowered way, seeing clearly and truly in every situation.

Basically, whatever is happening in our lives or whatever someone does or says to us, or what triggers us, is a reflection of what is going on within. And we want to shift these energies:


These are some of the major ones, but there are many more. I think you can pick up on the pattern here. But along with shifting these energies into their lessons, you also want to heal any trauma that caused them in the first place. So the first thing you need to do is identify what you are feeling in the moment, or what the primary energy is that is coming up (there might be more than one). To use another example, perhaps you feel insecure or have self-doubt. Your lesson is about confidence and clarity. Or if you feel unaccepted or scrutinized/judged, you are to learn compassion. Take a moment to tune into your divine self (the flame within your heart chakra) and ask that the appropriate sacred geometric shapes be placed in right order and number to activate confidence and clarity, or compassion. You should notice a shift in your energy. You might feel calmer, relaxed, energized, or feel the need to take a deep breath or stretch. You will get a shift, whatever shift you are ready for (which might be big or small). You can do this for any of the energies in the list above, and as many times as you need to. Since you’ll only get what you’re ready for, you can’t do it too much.

You will also want to release trauma and clear any negative karma that has accumulated because of or since the trauma. Again, tune into your divine self and ask for the trauma to be released and any negative karma cleared, with every feeling or energy that arises.

If you are so triggered or re-traumatized that you don’t notice a shift using the protocols above, and nothing else seems to work, re-connect to your divine self and ask to locate the original point of trauma (where this trauma began), which could have been a year ago, 20 years ago, or 200 lifetimes ago. You don’t have to know where it began. Just ask that the trauma and negative karma be cleared and the energies be shifted from that time, and that all trauma that has been re-created since then, be cleared as well (while the activations of the emotions and energies occur). You can also ask that all patterns that have re-created these unhealthy energies, emotions, and traumas be released as well. New, healthy ones will automatically replace them. If you feel connected to a particular ascended master or enlightened being, like Archangel Michael or another deity, you can also call them forth to help you shift these energies and release the traumas, and to send you additional ene rgetic information if you still feel stuck and don’t feel a shift. Then, if you give yourself time and a little bit of breathing space, you should notice the energy/emotion diminishes or disappears altogether. If you ask for the energetic information, you should notice a change within a few hours at the most.

These are quick and easy tools you can use in the moment, as needed, if you get triggered and you’re out of your comfort zone. Practice before you get together with family or friends, so you know how to work the energy ahead of time and in the moment, and don’t have to go back and read this newsletter. Try a few of the shifts now, as a warm up.

If you are planning more than one day or evening away, and will be staying with friends or family, it is wise to start each day off grounded and centered, tuned-in to your own energy. This is where meditation, yoga, taking a walk in nature, or doing another spiritual practice while your visiting can be helpful. Remember to ask your divine self or the ascended master(s) or deity you feel attracted to, to clear your energy fields (and your physical body) throughout each day, of energies that are not yours as often as needed. This keeps you from picking up and carrying another’s energy and thinking it’s yours. This is frequently the source of many unshiftable emotions and triggers. We just don’t realize the energy we feel is not our energy at all!

Have fun and enjoy connecting to your loved ones at a level you all have in common, whether they are biological, social, spiritual, or communal friends/family, find the place/topic/energy/activities where you can all relate to each other. This is the true meaning of belonging and connection, and there are varied types and ways to do so.

Happy Holidays and 12-21,

See you next year,

Heather, the newsletter guides, and the Sirian & Pleiadian Councils
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