Living in the New Energy Paradigm
As we enter this new time of the season, summer, and a new time for planet Earth and all who live on her, it is important to start off by remembering all of life’s gifts. What has been a gift to you this year? These gifts may be physical or energetic in origin, and they may have been pleasant or unpleasant. Remember the unpleasant is not wrong or bad, it simply is. This is what living in the New Energy Paradigm is all about.

If you find yourself slipping back into 3rd dimension during this great time of change, with extreme amounts of energy blasting our planet, and all of us striving towards our very best–go back into the moments of the now. Focus on your contentment or peace in that moment. Breathe into the truth that everything is just as it should be and even better than alright. If that doesn’t shift you back into the 5th, remember what you are passionate about, and what brings you joy and gratitude. Then, feel it.

The above tool will become useful over the course of the next month. Anything that needs clearing will be rising to the surface of our awareness–our darkest shadows, deepest secrets, haunting fears, and looming insecurities. How will you deal with them? Take the time to look at them, and get the lesson behind why they’ve manifested in your life. You will then see them evaporate out of your life. Even the panic of seeing one of your worst attributes, or perhaps something in your past that might have harmed another greatly is nothing to fear any longer. Remember the darkness that is embraced through the light of awareness becomes your greatest strength. We’ve all learned through creating negative karma, and the beauty of this time is that we can finally clear it through forgiving ourselves and others, and letting go.

Everyone must do their “spiritual” work at this time, or we end up sick or with chaos in our external lives. Even the animals are being called to heal themselves multidimensionally. I have seen an increase in clients needing help for sick or stressed out animals. They are impacted by the transformational energies as well, and it is important to give them extra comfort and love at this time. Supportive, holistic therapies can be beneficial for their health and well-being.

Something to celebrate is that we have finally hit the jackpot in being able to call upon and work with the new energies at will to help reach our greatest hopes and dreams. This has been possible since 2010 and before for those working within the crystalline matrix, but many of us have been doing so much healing and assimilating of the new energies up until this point, that we have needed some down time to integrate first. Most of us can do it now. You can align yourself to these new energies simply through your intent. If you have difficulty, locate the crystalline system through your crystalline energy field within your electromagnetic field. You don’t have to know exactly where this is, your imagination and willingness will get you there. You should notice a nice, positive shift in energy when you do. Now call upon these new energies as your ally (as if calling up a friend to ask for help). If you’ve struggled with or been challenged by tasks or steps taken in the areas o f your dreams, goals, or soul’s purpose, you won’t have to do this anymore! But remember to ask for the alignment to happen, or you might continue to live things out through the drudgery of 3rd dimension.

I learned this lesson the hard way since getting back in Ojai, and making plans for my teaching schedule. Of course this involved some work with the mind, but I was spending too much time in my head space and forgot about feeling my way through it in the heart. I became confused and overwhelmed. A contract I have been waiting and wanting to fulfill since I had moved out to Ojai in 2010, being able to send the horses’ messages to horse owners, was about to be attempted again. I found myself coming up with the same ideas as last time, and so began to doubt and question them. What if I was unable to fulfill my contract and couldn’t reach these people? Was it a lack of connection to the conventional horse world due to my metaphysical background? I asked and received advice from horse people with experience in the old ways, but what really made the difference was realizing that it was now easier for most people to get the energy behind the words or physical appearance of anything being offered in our world right now. It was no longer about appealing to anyone’s minds. Those not interested, simply weren’t at a vibrational level to resonate with the material. I finally got the information that it was important that I align to the new energies completely, letting go of trying to do it the old way (through 3D), which was much slower and arduous. What a relief that has been!

So if you are in a similar situation, or have been confused, unsure, unclear, and having issues of self-doubt arise, align with the new energies and simply go into your heart space. This is your new information system and the doorway to your other chakras. Many of us are confused and unclear because we are still using our heads too much. Ask for guidance from within your heart about a choice, solution to a problem, or even additional information you need in a certain life area.

Much has come up with security issues as we cleanse and heal the root chakra as a collective. Although this tends to affect our survival (health) and security (money) as well as our general feeling of stability on the planet, it is really about assimilating the energy of oneness–that all of our destinies are entwined. One person/sex/species/religion/class’s well-being affects all the rest. Working these issues can trigger financial and health issues, so having them come up is very normal considering the times. Take the opportunity to look at greed/lack or dis-ease in your life. How have you created this? And more importantly, why? We all hold the answers inside of us and it’s time to step up to the plate and trust what we receive when we ask ourselves these questions. The doors and veils preventing us from hearing/seeing/feeling our guides and angels have opened significantly since the solstice, so many more of us are becoming more intuitive.

When we realize what we’ve created that isn’t working in our lives and why, we can begin to heal and transform. At this time, most people can begin to heal simply through awareness. It is no longer about needing someone to work on or with us to help us release or transmute what no longer serves us. The only exception is when we need a safe container, someone to role model unconditional love as we do the work needed to shift something (usually big) that we feel overwhelmed attempting alone. You may ask, what happens to healers like myself if we are not needed in the same way as before?

The healers will become leaders and teachers of the new way in the 5th, which really involves radiating soul’s purpose and living in joy. But this is also a time when those previously unawakened ones are now beginning to awaken. The time is coming soon when they will need guidance, support, and assistance, for they won’t know where to begin. Healers or teachers like myself and many of those who have long been on this path to awakening will be able to offer service through traditional healing modalities, hospitality, friendship, volunteer work, role-modeling, and so much more. You can help someone by simply lending and ear or crossing their path in your day to day life. Its really about holding the space of unconditional love that does the trick. We do this by understanding that we have been in their shoes before, maybe not the exact life circumstances, but a similar vibration. When we realize this, there can be no judgment.

This awakening process will bring great change to the world in many ways: altered weather patterns, global financial dismantling, and as I spoke of above, as we are all feeling the energy behind words and appearances–exposing of governmental fraud and greed. Yet there will be so much more joy and ease in people’s daily lives. The old ship will sink, but another upgraded submarine will surface. We will take the time to remember what matters and decide how we want to live and use money. Even with life’s ups and downs, our problems and everyday concerns, no matter how serious…Can you sit for a moment and be in the truth of the peace that exists there? Are you aware of how much you have, how much you are steeped in abundance even if its not the kind you’d like? This is what will make the difference in when and how our huge collective shift manifests. This is what will launch us into the 5th on a personal level when the baggage is cleared out enough for us to feel it. We don’t have to learn lessons the hard way anymore, personally or collectively. As we live more fully in the new energy paradigm, and make new and improved choices for ourselves and our world, it’s more likely that this is possible.

Imagine a world where everyone has enough and no one has much more or less than anyone else. What would it be like to live knowing your food, water, shelter, clothing, basic medical care, and connection to your communities and world at large was automatically taken care of? You wouldn’t have to pay for your primary needs and you’d spend your days doing exactly what you’d like to do–service, soul’s purpose, or whatever you want to call it, with enough time still for rest, play, meditation, and relationships. How you’d use money if you choose it would be up to you. We are moving closer to this reality everyday. Can you feel it? At the time of the 4th of July next week, when the U.S. celebrates its freedom as a country, the need for our freedom as human beings will be accentuated. When we think of the pledge of allegiance, who are we really being loyal to? Our country? our government? our job? If you think about it, we can see where this brainwashing began, even if its original intent was good. Isn’t it time we focus on liberty and justice for our individual souls and those in the collective? The 4th will be a good time to discover what freedom really means for you.

On a physical level, the solar flares of this month and into July, as well as the incorporation of the solstice energies will affect our energy levels, emotionality, and can bring a slowing of computers and technological devices. This will be heightened during the full moon around the 4th and into that weekend. So if you find yourself grumpy, anxious, or emotional, its not just the fireworks setting you off! Around the 4th will also start a deepening for the physical/cellular changes in the human body for most people. We are all at different stages in this process. It can be painful and there might be dis-ease that comes to the surface like dirt in a tub after bathing, because you are clearing and cleansing on so many levels. Use supportive therapies to help stay in balance and adjust to the changes in as comfortable a way as possible. Although I always recommend seeing a medical professional or Vet, for most people and animals I will say, you are not really ill! It is a proc ess of change/transformation for your physical body. It will get better with time, but we are going into a deepening very soon as we continue the shift from a 3rd dimensional vessel into a 5th.

Let Freedom Ring & A Mad-Lovers Tea Party
These Energy Activations will occur to the degree your soul chooses if you intend it.

For your main energy activations today (or whatever day you choose to receive them), take the time to do something that you feel passionate about or that you experience joy or bliss while doing. Actively engage creatively or spiritually.


Do something physical. Be outside or in nature, playing with the nature spirits and faeries. They will help elevate you.

As you do either one of these, exercise the freedom of expressing your unique, individual vibration/frequency in your own way. When you do this, the energy activations for aligning more fully to the new energies and centering in the heart will occur.

Now take a moment to go into your imagination. Invite your spirit guides/angels, or the nature spirits & faeries to go to a tea party with you. In the midst of being outside or experiencing your passion today, find a space in your day to go into the dimension where this tea party exists. The spirits present at this party are your council. They are there to help you navigate your life at this time, make decisions, and live your highest potential.

First of all, take a look around. Who is there? Who is the first spirit you see? Be aware that whether this is a deceased love one, angel, a being that you think you made up, or a nature/animal spirit, this is the guide this is working with you most closely right now. Take the time to feel their presence, warmth, and love. You might hear a name. Remember this for future reference, if you want a direct connection to them later. Take another moment to see everyone there and take all the energy in. This is the supportive and loving environment that will help you continue to make the shifts needed as you move closer to the 5th.

Take a sip of your tea. What kind of tea is it? How does it taste? This is an herb or medicine that you could use more of for health and balance. Now your main guide picks up and shows you a piece of a work of art. It is something you know from your life already–a painting, sculpture, poster, garden, place in nature, or even a play or movie scene that is familiar. Pay attention to the specific details you are focusing on. This is a metaphor for what you need to know about yourself right now. This is what can be healed simply through your awareness.

Now feel into your body. What are you most aware of? Is there a pain or physical sensation that stands out? What emotion comes up as you are more aware of this physical sensation? Whether its sorrow, joy, or love and anger, it makes no difference. It is what has been coming up for you most at this time. If it is negative in anyway, the traumas behind its origins are clearing. Now bring to mind an area of your life that hasn’t been going well. As you bring this area to mind a word pops into your head. The guides are laughing because they sent it to you. If you reflect on the word, it can give you clues as to why you’ve created your dilemma and how you can get out of it.

You continue to laugh with your friends, knowing this is but the game of life, solving all of life’s lessons like riddles and then going home when it’s all over. Even though it doesn’t always seem like it, you can understand now, how life is a beautiful experience. You feel connected and safe in this happy place. As you listen to your guides chat, you overhear a discussion they are having, about a topic that affects life on Earth. What is it? The topic is an area that you can help with in some way, perhaps its a life passion or an area that you feel indignant or enraged about? The guides want you to make a shift needed inside of you, so you can help the collective shift in the best way possible through helping in this area. The guide on your right places an object in your hand that represents how you can begin to make that shift now.

Now it is time to leave. You must bid your friends goodbye, but not for long, because you will always have contact with them in the other dimensions or this physical one, whenever you want it. As you say your parting words and have your embraces before leaving, you are instructed to pick an area of life that you desire to change. It is one of the following: money, health, work, lifestyle, relationships, home/family. Pick one.

An animal from the tea party, a bunny, decides to lead you back to your physical world. Follow him along the path. You have been underground, and after he pops his head above ground, you are walking along a path of fruit trees, cedars, and towering pines. He skips along and you continue walking while listening to the cheerful birds, and smelling the sweet lilac and rose aromas. Suddenly, out of the corner of your vision a ferocious animal jumps onto your path. It is a wild animal that you fear greatly, and teeth are clenched, claws are bared and ready to strike…You take a deep breathe and go within. What or who is this animal? He or she represents the greatest obstacle on your path to changing the area of your life you picked above. Look this animal in the eye and ask to be shown who he or she really is. Now you will see the ferocious animal transmutate into that obstacle. As soon as this transmutation occurs, the faeries are at your side. They have a gift for you, a remedy for your present obstacle. What is it? Ask to be shown how to use it in your daily life. Ask for anything else you need, whether its confidence in how to use the remedy, courage, or the support to move into that change you’ve been desiring. And when you are ready, when you feel complete, you can come back into your physical world, back into the present moment. Just snap your fingers three times.

Best wishes to all of you at this time on your journey,

Summer Blessings,

Heather, the newsletter guides, your guides & the faeries

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Upcoming Classes/Email meditations
I am teaching several classes in July on a variety of topics. Scroll down to read them all here. Please visit my writing page at for more details, directions, how to pay & to sign up. Energy Healing meditations & activations will be included in all of them:

July 7th, 10:30am-12:30pm at The Well in Ojai.$15. “Discovering & Living Soul’s Purpose.” This class will help you figure out and step into your reason for being on the planet, which will benefit your whole life!

July 14th and/or 15th, “An Ojai Retreat” on sacred land in Ojai. This retreat includes three classes: A morning yoga class, a late afternoon farming/gardening class, and an evening class I’ve never taught before, “Living in the New Energy Paradigm”, all on saturday. Sunday will open up to private sessions with myself or my colleague, Aaron Ogden. You can attend any or all of the classes or sign up for one day or both days. $55 for the whole retreat or $20 per class. Getting out of your comfortable/familiar town & routine can help you shift more easily and deeply.If you have only attended my out of town classes, here’s your chance to visit Ojai, soak up the spiritual energy here, get some R&R, and have fun while you transform!

July 21st, from 5-6pm in the Dome at Soul Centered in Ojai. $15. I am teaching an animal communication class for those animal lovers who want to connect and understand their animals more deeply. All experience levels are welcome.

July 26th, from 6:30-8pm at California Coastal Horse Rescue in Ojai. Free! For the horse owners out there…”Learn Communication Skills & Energy Techniques For Behavior, Riding, & Health Issues.” This class will help you send & receive messages both to and from your horse as well as learn energywork that can improve your horse’s health & happiness.

July 29th, from 9-12:30, at California Coastal Horse Rescue in Ojai.$100. “Echoes of the Horse,” A Horses Healing Humans workshop. Let the horses reflect to you what you need to know to grow, heal, or change on a physical, mental/emotional, relational, or spiritual level. Leave what no longer serves you behind, and live a more successful life! You will also learn animal communication skills.

I will also be teaching a Horses Healing Humans workshop in Colorado on August 25th &26th for those in the area or those who want to travel. For all of those in the Orange County area, I will be speaking at the Cancer Expo on sunday, July 22nd from 11-6pm at The School of Multidimensional Healing Arts & Sciences. I am open to seeing clients in person for private sessions in the morning, before the expo starts. If you are interested in attending this event, go to for more information. If you want to see me for a private, contact me directly at [email protected].

Want to stay in balance & gain extra support with all that’s going on energetically during these changing times? Sign up for my monthly meditations sent via email. Each month, the energywork will address the themes of that month depending on what is going on. If interested, email me at [email protected]. The cost is now just $6 per month to receive them monthly, or $10 each (in which case you let me know when you want to receive one).

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