“Greetings from The Pleiadian High Council. It is always our pleasure to connect with all of you lovely beings. Feel now into the new energy coming onto your Earth. It is a permeable, light energy. Many of you would describe it as magical.There’s Divine energy that flows within this new cosmic energy coming onto your Earth. It assists all of you in moving into a state of love and balance within the center of your beings. This will help you to ground and stabilize with much of the change that you have all recently been through on your Earth.

Look back now at 2020 and all that you have been through in this year of change both for yourselves personally and for your collective. There’s been so much change here and as we see for all of you, there were monumental shifts being made throughout the month of October. Many of you are still integrating these huge shifts, releases and upgrades for your physical bodies and your souls.

You have not quite caught up to all the changes yet. But as you make your way to the end of the year, you will finally be able to take that deep breath and feel different levels of oneness, integration and assimilation. The feeling is one of power and strength as you begin to take in more of the eclipse energies coming on the planet, coming right up this month and in your month of December as well, much like last year. But these eclipses carry with them the energies of 2021, and will get you prepped for what is coming next in your world and for yourselves personally. Take a nice deep breath as you feel into these new energies of 2021.

There will be a quickening and acceleration as if your time is speeding up. And of course that is a perception, it is a reflection of the merging of the dimensions that you notice as you make your way into that higher vibrational frequency state personally and collectively. Feel that sense of presence, the oneness, that stability in this moment and with these new energies of 2021 coming in on your planet.

As you feel into them, you may sense a rosy color hue that comes with them and a soft flowery energy. That soft, sweet essence that accompanies these new energies on your planet is much like the smell of a rose, much like the beauty of a rose and the Divine that flows through every flower and plant life on your Earth. This will assist all of you in connecting more deeply to Earth and appreciating Earth and all that she is as you make your way through the end of this month of November.”

(2nd Segment)

“Many more humans are aligning with the ascending collective. The energy of this timeline will take many of you into the higher frequencies, so you’ll be able to maintain that 5th dimensional stance for longer periods of time. Your minds will let go, there won’t be much to hold onto there. And in that way, it’ll be as if a whole new reality has come about you. Many new opportunities will be coming in and you’ll be expanding inside yourselves at such a rapid pace that being present in each moment will bring terrific surprises, grace, gentleness, love and abundance in many forms for you.

In this way, you’ll be able to experience what it’s like to be a creator being. This is what it will mean for many of you who are on those ascending timelines. You will be able to create what you desire with ease without the baggage getting in the way, without the blocks. So this is coming. This is what you have to look forward to. For those of you who feel weary, heavy or uncomfortable at this time, just take a breath. And remember to hang in there with the changes. Remember to continue your process, your own inner work, which in this time is just acknowledging what you feel in every moment, allowing it and then bringing yourself back into balance using all the tools and ways that you have available to you so that you can then sustain your vibrational frequency.

This is what it is to do your work now, and all that many of you who are awakened need to be doing as you wrap up the end of this year. And from our perspective we see a quite beautiful energy flowing around you and to you. Many of you will relish this new time of change with this energy and bathe in it with glory and love. So much is coming to those of you who have worked very hard and who have had a very difficult year. There will be a gentleness coming in with this wave that will help bolster you forward.”

(3rd Segment)

“Take a moment now and as you bring your attention into your heart center, feel that Divine neutrality of love, complete acceptance of what is, a complete embracing of what is.

This is who you are as beings of light and love. As you become more crystalline earthlings, you will find yourselves being more neutral with everything around you, with everyone around you, just experiencing that state of love or balance, and always bringing yourselves back to this state. Whenever you need to access love just bring yourself back into your heart center, take a deep breath and feel that Divine neutrality. It is balance. It is oneness. It is all you need to be fulfilled. And it is another reset for all of you to use in each and every moment when you need it.

As you feel into your heart center and that Divine neutrality of love, you can also feel the essence of rose that is there. This is the essence that accompanies the new energies coming on to your planet now, a rose energy of love. It is one of the Divine Mother and it is here to help your Planet Earth, the animals, and your humankind.”

(These three excerpts are from the Support with World Changes Online Class on Nov. 18th 2020.)


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