“Greetings from the whale collective! We are coming to the surface now, being revealed more and more across the globe. It is always our joy and our pleasure to connect with humans and all other life forms on the planet. This is a time of greater connections, experiences of joy & happiness–a feeling of unity across the globe. This time now and over the next month will be very potent with those feelings of unity, sustenance, trust, and camaraderie in moving along the waves of time and in going with the flow of the unknown in your changing realities. We are with you in this. We are riding the waves of change right along with all of you. We invite you all to join in the fun and playfulness of this time, to revel in the creativity that is upon you.

The freedom…there is so much freedom now being activated and available energetically to all beings. The old rules simply don’t apply anymore to most of your trivial human ways and societal structures. Take now, the moment to feel into the unfolding of this next month. Feel into the new energies that are available, to the switching and fluctuating of these energies, and the ups and downs that they may bring emotionally. Embrace all of it. Feel the richness of your human experience. As you do this, feel at the same time, the buoyancy that you can maintain no matter what is happening around you. As we share for you now, this is a process that you can practice everyday. In our way, we show you energetically how to be in that state of maintaining your vibration, of remaining buoyant no matter what is happening in the world. This unattachment, this neutral state is your new peace, contentment and love quotient. It is one that will persist and pervade across your planet in the years to come. But many of you will be feeling this energy more now and in the summer months.

We wish to invite you to explore the depths of all that is available to you when you release the limits of your mind. When you let go of the limitations of the mind you recognize the vastness in the possibilities of what you can create, you see that even the simplicities of life can be extraordinary. We enjoy this in the unfolding of our everyday lives out in the oceans.  So we leave you with this invitation to play, explore–to just be. Allow; be present with what is and feel fulfilled, content and at ease with all that occurs around you, all that is in your life. Feel at home where you are on your earth now, because for many this feeling of home will be expanded in this next cycle, the next quarter of your year. The frequency of home: remembering who you are, where you come from, and what you are here to do.

We love you always. We are the whales.”