“In the deep rich ocean of the collective consciousness, we are here, we are here. Breathe deep. As you breathe, feel your connection and alignment with us, as if you are swimming in our oceans, in the deep blue seas. Feel our motion, our rhythms, the ebb and flow of the waves and the movement of our bodies, as if you are one of us. As you are moving through the water, gliding, feel the perfection of that movement…the rhythm, the flows, the soothing rocking motion for all aspects of your being and soul.

Breathe now and allow this flow. Flow with us, be with us, team up with us. We wish for you to do so and we welcome you into our own realms, the watery realms. And in this time that you are in, as you make your way closer to the end of the month, the powerful month that it is, you will feel even more of this watery energy. You will become more aware of your oceans, all the watery planets, and the bodies of water around you on your own planet.

You will become aware of so much that is below the surface there, so much that has never been seen, experienced, known or tapped into in the way that you are about to tap into it. As you make your way towards the end of this month, you will breakthrough a level of consciousness into the depths of a great mystery that has never been solved, that has never been tapped before. Many of you will understand this in different ways and it is for you, and only you, to embrace. Use it in a fashion that benefits your life.

Along with this depth of awareness of what is below the surface in your oceans will come an awareness of what is in the depth of the oceans of your collective consciousness, and in particular, your political scene. Throughout this later month of October and on, much more will become unveiled. Many more facts, proofs, and evidence will be made clear and known to the public. There will be other twists and turns that your human collective is not expecting. Be ready to shift yourself accordingly in order to stay balanced and on track in the appropriate direction. It will all assist you in moving into the role you are mean to hold and uphold during this time.

You are all the leaders now, those who hear this message are the leaders. You are the ones guiding, showing the way, and we are supporting you. We carry this  leadership position from our place in the oceans. Although it is a hidden place, it is a place nonetheless, that has power. We are working hard behind the scenes and many of you are working behind the scenes as well, in your own way. Some of you will remain behind the scenes, in hidden places, or in places where there are not very many humans to notice. While others will be more in the limelight or forefront, more in contact with groups of humans, speaking, sharing and expressing in many different ways. Follow the calling, follow the pull, and allow yourself to be all that you are meant to be during this time. Your role, no matter how you may see it, is important. Everyone has their place. And we are all working together.”