Here it is, August already. And I ask myself, how do I begin explaining what’s been happening for all of us? As the evolution on Earth unfolds and we move deeper into our abstract, all knowing, nonlinear awareness, our primarily left-brained, 3rd dimensional minds no longer have full control. They are becoming useless for comprehension and explanation purposes, which is why many aspects of the world and our lives now seem so perplexing and obscure. This brings challenges for writers like myself, and other lightworkers who are guiding others. If this is you, know that it’s now about how we show the way through the example of our own lives, and the energy that comes through our writing or teaching, not the written or expressed words themselves.

It is also so very,very hard to think at all. And you’d be lucky to have a moment’s notice to do so with time slipping through your fingers. In fact, thinking or trying to figure anything out at this point feels like exhausting, torturous work. (More information shared here in the expanded version newsletter. To read more about the expanded versions or to purchase for $9 go to:

You might also be feeling tortured, exhausted, and at your wit’s end on a regular basis these days. After that astrological, Grand Sextile event that began on July 29th, I can see why. This helped bring about an expansion of consciousness related to the balanced inner masculine/feminine, and a release of old limitations within and without, but it had an element of friction, thus the explosions in interpersonal relationships.

These explosions, emotional meltdowns, or the psychological instability–whatever you’d prefer to call them, are not to be taken lightly. They erupt because we try to hold on, keep it together, ignore, or deny how we feel. Many of us are horrified by what we’re learning about ourselves and others, seeing perhaps for the first time, the degree of hostility, fear, or grief we’ve been carrying. As we wake up and clear our baggage through our awareness, we become willing to make those courageous choices, doing what’s necessary to heal. Like an alcoholic, many are finally hitting an emotional rock bottom.

We have moved in to a new evolutionary cycle, and although some of us are finally receiving fruits for our labor, many of us will not see major life change right away. This is where much of our tension and angst comes from. A friend of mine recently exclaimed, “I’m so overwhelmed with my life! I just don’t want to suffer anymore. I want to be happy. I want to be at peace. I want to be able to say that I love my life and that there’d be nothing I’d do differently to change it.”

We have to learn our lessons–fully and completely–before we can move on from specific issues for good. This is what is so frustrating: the chronic issues and untapped solutions. But the 5th dimensional nature spirits assure me that we HAVE made progress and that we ARE rounding corners, even if it’s unnoticeable through 3rd dimensional eyes. We must keep going and maintain the faith, without knowing how or when it will be done.

I can say for myself, this overall feeling of uncertainty and doubt has led to my arising at 3 a.m. on more than one occasion, begging for answers, questioning the bigger picture of my life and wondering whether I’m just attempting to live out some kind of fantasy. There are many of you out there who feel constantly conflicted about certain aspects of your life–enjoying and yet hating them for different reasons. You may feel stuck between a rock and a hard place, there might not seem to be any clear way to freedom or success. This 3rd dimensional reality (duality and limitation) in combo with the 5th dimensional integration experience (release of density with body/mind) can bring a heavy intensity; a feeling of depression, despair, or wanting to give up or escape. This is why many aren’t choosing to stick around and will continue to exit the planet up until the old world disappears. (More information shared here in the expanded version newsletter).

We have to continually remind ourselves why we have signed up to be on Earth at this time: to ASCEND. It is our soul’s intention (and the goal and prize my friend is crying out for) to get there if not in this life, then in another. When we understand the profundity of what that requires of us, we can keep things in perspective. Although we may long or wish for the good ole’ times of the past, we’ll make things easier for ourselves if we surrender to our ascension destiny, as well as step into our earthly missions. And the nature spirits say this destiny is worth creating. There will be freedom with jobs, changes with money (debts) & banking, true communities, and health (no more illness), all of which many will see in their lifetimes before we get to the 5th.

As a collective, we still reside in the physical, old world.  Most of us experience reality in between the two worlds (no longer primarily in 3rd dimension but not fully anchored in the 5th). Even though we’re still in transition, we always have open access to the new world’s ideologies, energy, and consciousness. In our direst moments and times of greatest need, with our intent, we can link back to the new world through the portal in the depths of our hearts. This is how we transcend our current limitations and contradictions, click our heels three times, and begin our return home. (More information in expanded version). If you’re unable to access this inner portal, begin getting yourself into the zone by bringing to mind what makes you smile, finding gratitude, experimenting with your creative/manifesting power in every moment, and connecting with those around you. Then, be present, open up to insights, and expect miracles.

See you around the next bend of the journey,
heather and the nature spirits

These energy activations will help with the following life areas:

*support & solutions for cognitive dysfunction (thinking/speaking/writing)
*creating more time
*healing/releasing longstanding emotional issues (and eruptions)
*comfort with change, taking risks, uncertainty
*accessing 5th dimensional info to shift our biggest problems/challenges

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