Summer blessings! We’ve just completed an extra potent lions gate passage from 7/26-8/12. As usual, this portal offers activations for purification and healing. But in particular, this year’s brought an increase in our own personal clarity, awareness and power, as well as kicking off an unprecedented level of acceleration in transformation and manifestation for the collective that will take us well into 2020, culminating in 2021.

Can you feel the excitement in the air? As we continue our integration and approach this month’s full moon, we’re beginning to feel the initiation of important changes coming in our world. As more of our crystalline DNA is activated, the unconditional love and compassion within us is expanding. We’re remembering who we truly are, which goes back to our earliest incarnations on this planet. The memories further our awakening and heighten our desire for equality and harmony with all beings. This unfolding is deepening the connection between humanity and the earth, potentially leading to more action with regard to the care and respect for those in our wild.

As we operate on the elevated timelines, many of us are able to align with higher frequencies like joy, bliss, peace and love more consistently. But with more of our personal and collective shadow being revealed, there are old, outdated and often uncomfortable dynamics being felt and released as well. The key is to stay present. Acknowledge these patterns and energies when they arise so you can feel them completely and let go. As we further our transmutation of these issues, we create from a more easy, joyful and relaxed state of being. This process enlivens all of our experiences and relationships, balancing the ups and downs.

From the higher consciousness of the whales:
“In this time of living in the flow of richness…all of the many delights, including those most magnificent can come your way. As you open your hearts, you’ll find lightness, freedom, and joy there that keeps you buoyant and aware. Anything is possible…it’s a time to dream, play and bring your imagination to life, as you did as a child. Focus on what you want to create and let the old release and dissolve from your reality.”

I would agree this is a magical time to be here on the planet. It’s like being on a fast track train to manifestation. In fact, our creations are popping up in our world faster than many of us can keep up with them! These shifts can feel and happen rapidly, like night and day. As we realize our potential, we begin to trust ourselves more deeply. We trust the truth of our intuition, our knowingness, and creative abilities. We no longer look back, rehash, obsess or dwell on anything. We look ahead only to the future, taking appropriate steps and making amendments as needed in every right now moment.

As the Pleiadians share:
“Flow with these changes, allow all of it. Let all of who you are shine in your world. When you show up authentically in this way, you can be who you truly came here to be.”

Warmest wishes,

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