We are in an in-between time, since the last Aquarian new moon and before the full moon in Leo next week. This period offers us opportunities to honor ourselves, make leaps forward, and ponder ways to use our spiritual gifts to transcend lower timelines and obstacles.

There can be an attraction to new situations, people and ways of being. And in particular, many are acting in alignment with their worth, making choices based on what they feel they deserve.

If you’re feeling stuck, take yourself out of your comfort zone into different experiences and locations to help you find your flow again. Embrace and work with the feminine and masculine energies within for life balance.

Embrace your feminine energies in the following ways:
Follow your intuition
Allow your emotions to flow
Nurture yourself
Surrender & trust

Embrace your masculine energies in the following ways:
Grounding & protection
Supporting yourself and others
Take appropriate action

Healing relationships is a prominent and important theme right now. For many clients recently, I have become aware of the need to specifically heal issues related the feminine energies. This is up in the feminine collective. There is heartbreak, fear and anger/rage connected to times when the feminine has been used, abused or disregarded. There is pain over not being embraced, accepted, and loved for who we are. There is a sense of disempowerment connected with times when we were open or vulnerable and then suffered physical or emotional abandonment, pain or harm. The good news is that issues connected to the masculine energies are healing too. These unhealthy patterns are the controlling, domineering and abusive power plays that many of us can identify in our personal lives and in our world. There is a transformation that is occurring on deep levels for these feminine and masculine issues right now.

Last Sunday while outdoors, I saw a group of quail. Later that day, 3 turkeys showed up. This was significant to me because these animals embody the feminine. Collectively we are coming into an era when the masculine will hold space for the empowered feminine, allowing her to lead the way forward in her beauty, grace and openness. She will show us how be heart-centered, operating from a unified and cooperative stance. Nature is guiding us now! It is a great time to listen, allow and transform. It is also time that we honor, respect and nurture our earth and all of the wild too.

I am teaching a class coming up this Wednesday the 16th at 6:30pm PST on healing relationships. Are you desiring more co-creative relationships where the other can meet you in deep connection, equality, and respect? If you are currently struggling with any relationship issues or want to create more healthy and fulfilling partnerships, this is the class for you! Bring your personal relationship questions to be answered during class. For more details on the class or to sign up, go to my events page by clicking here.