For those who are helping the nature & animal kingdoms thrive during these times of change, may the energies of this artwork piece below be of assistance to you. May we all experience more peace, joy & unconditional love on this beloved planet! Below is a message from the creator of this artwork about the importance of recognizing our connection to each other, the planet and the entire universe. Happy New Year!
“Earth Altered,” created by Lauren Zimmerman

I was aboard The Esartania a few weeks ago when I was advised that one million OPBs (Off Planet Be-ings) were now stationed around the planet. They are here on behalf of the planet and it’s place in the Universe. It was my energetic connection to them that created “Earth Altered.”

Along with the artwork they talked of the impact of energy. Everything, including thoughts, is energy and energy has no walls. It touches every other form of energy. (including Earth’s energy-impact on the Universe) They spoke of a combined effort to raise the frequency of “reality” on this planet. Each person can contribute to the effort and eventual success.

One of the key points was what they termed .. “Interpretation Filters.” Every moment of every day our thoughts are interpreting our experiences and the environment/people around us. For the most part, our interpretations are based upon the beliefs we have been taught in this isolated, 3-D “reality.” To change our interpretation filters we need to expand our understanding of Existence. We can take that down a notch or two, if needed. Perceive your presence as being not just on Earth but as a part of this entire Universe. Interpret your presence here from a different perspective. The concept of being an infinite soul could be considered a worn-out old New Age “thing.” But it’s actually a Truth that is more necessary now than ever. If we can interpret this life-experience from a place of understanding the impact we can make on others, on Earth, and in the Universe, we’re on the right path for assisting Earth’s changes. If we can change our interpretations/judgments/understandings by expanding our thinking to include ALL, we will be assisting Earth’s changes. This was the goal/hope explained to me as I was asked to create this artwork. Mind expansion.