As we move into these full moon energies now and over the next couple weeks, many of us can expect to feel the release of more long-standing emotions and patterns. What’s showing up for you might take you back to the past…Buried memories, long forgotten desires, hurts or losses, and old, outdated beliefs or ways of being are often reflected back to you in your current life when they are up for review and release. Embrace the letting go, forgiveness and endings that this time offers. It might feel bittersweet, but ultimately the healing and truths revealed are setting you free!

When we contemplate during this mercury retrograde cycle, we are also given the opportunity to heal relationship issues. Allow yourself to feel any fears, anger, heartache, disappointment or grief. As you do, recognize the wisdom you’ve gained from these experiences, the changes you’ve made or will make, and decide what you want for yourself now. Love and value yourself even more than ever before. As you access the abundance available through self love and connection to the divine, you operate from a place of fulfillment over lack. Thereafter, you can make choices and set boundaries that honor you and what you’ve learned as you go forward in all your new beginnings.

Part of this healing also involves the dissolving of control strategies, manipulation, power struggles and deceit that often play out in unhealthy relationship dynamics. After the emotions are fully processed, the stories of victimization can be cleared. That’s when true openheartedness can begin, leading the way for healthy and balanced relationship harmony.

As these issues related to the masculine and feminine energies start resolving, there is more compassion and forgiveness. Unconditional love can be easily felt and expressed, helping all involved begin to drop the coping mechanisms, defenses, conflict, dishonesty or corruption. This is happening now for many of us in our personal relationships and in the collective!

We are going to see more of the results from these changes in our world over the next few years. As the old, distorted patriarchal structures and ways of operating continue dissolving, the empowered feminine will lead the way through her love and vulnerability. To be clear, this isn’t about being a passive pushover. This feminine empowerment is a combination of a full and open heart, wisdom, nurturing, healthy boundaries, self-respect and honoring. It also involves taking appropriate actions that support these qualities. The feminine will help the masculine put down his weapons, heal and open to love again. When I talk about the masculine and feminine, I’m not just referring to men and women. We all have masculine and feminine energies within, so both sides apply to all of us.

Another additional bonus to this full moon is the potential to offer us discernment between fantasy and truth. When it comes to relationship harmony, we must be able to look beyond the illusions and get to the heart of the matter. Is it possible you’ve been deluding yourself about someone or something in your life? On the contrary, has your imagination kept you from seeing the real issues or seriousness of a relationship situation? Over the next month, many will have breakthroughs in decision-making regarding relationships and relationships issues, along with other important considerations in a variety of life areas.

So celebrate the clarity that comes with this full moon! Let it inspire you to go after your wildest dreams and greatest happiness not only in relationships, but also in other life areas including all kinds of abundance, career/vocation and health. As you align with your authenticity, you can step into a new or expanded soul’s purpose, which brings a deeper meaning and joy to your life.

Blessings and love! ~Heather

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