Sunday, Oct. 26th, from 1-4pm. $80 Early bird by Oct. 6th. $100 thereafter.
2991 Poco Rd, Templeton, CA

Have you been longing to discover your true purpose, your innate gifts & skills that will benefit the world during these changing times? Perhaps you know your soul’s purpose, but now need to take steps to weave it into a career or creative project. Or better yet, maybe you’re already living your dream but want to take it to the next level.

With the horses as your guide, receive the inspiration and insights to help you begin, move into, or increase the levels of success with your creative endeavors. Along with new ideas, the horses will offer you fresh perspectives and ways to deepen your fulfillment with work or service. They will help you release any life obstacles, emotions, or beliefs that stand in your way!

*Reflective sessions, while grounded and present with the horses in their pasture. They will help you clear any physical, emotional/mental, or spiritual blocks, as well as offer guidance w/decision making.

*Active sessions, while grooming, hoof picking, haltering, or leading.  The horses will help you break through previous challenges and barriers to life success. You will gain a greater sense of self-worth, confidence, and empowerment w/your work/passion.

*Bring your creative instruments such as easels, canvases, recipes, healing modalities or tools, sketchbooks, and/or notebooks or writing pads. You’ll receive motivational energy from the horses to spark your passion and help jumpstart or propel your creative momentum. Be prepared to receive the foundation for a new business plan or a work of art by the days end!

Bring snacks and plenty of water. Wear layers, toe covered shoes, and a hat and/or sunscreen.
For more information, directions, to sign up, or to pay by check, email Heather at [email protected] or call 805-451-1585. BUY online at :