As I sat down to write this newsletter, I pondered how quickly the last month went by. Can it really be that time of year, the end of the year? Yep. And our experience of time is speeding up as we weave into and out of the higher dimensions in our daily life.  Just when you thought you had that extra ten, fifteen, twenty minutes, it slips away from you.  But this is even more reason to be in the present moment of all moments. As you focus there, relish it for all that it offers.  The wise beings of the faery realm pose this question to us humans, “Why are you so busy trying to make things better for your future but not now?”

           And we’re often in a hurry, but that’s a whole other story.  As time seems to be passing us by, we move faster to catch up, but that only hinders our progress. The best way to stay aligned with time in our daily lives is to slow down, take in each moment, and set a pace for ourselves that feels natural and easy. Those of us who are Type A’s, workaholics, or high achievers, will find this a hard lesson to learn, but it needs to be learned nonetheless.  (More information shared here in my expanded version newsletter. For more information or to purchase the expanded version, go to http://tealhealing.blogspot.com/2013/03/expanded-version-monthly-updates-on.html#more ).
            The way I see it, in wouldn’t be a bad idea to have our own personal mercury retrograde at the end of this year and into the first couple weeks of January. We need the time to assimilate those major spiritual downloads we’ve received with the help of the shifting sun and earth throughout the Christmas holiday. If you didn’t notice, this was why many were feeling very tired, achy, dizzy, and nauseated. It wasn’t the food, drink, or family that caused it. But that sure fooled a lot of us! In combination with the downloads, our issues got brought up and triggered while being around family and loved ones. All the more reason to process and integrate!  (In the expanded version of this newsletter, I offer tools to help you shift those issues).
            At this time, the end of one year and beginning a new one, it’s really important to finish any unfinished business on a body, mind or spirit level. This is why many people have come down with colds and flu the last couple weeks of December.  You’re body is getting sick to provide you with the opportunity to clear and heal on a physical level. The rest required is helping you do this. I see complete cellular rejuvenation happening here. There is also an emotional and spiritual purification occurring simultaneously. All the more reason to be grateful for a circumstance that is anywhere from inconvenient to miserable!
So wrap up those issues you’ve struggled with throughout this year (or for some, throughout this life). You’ll want this January to be your clean slate. The new moon on the 1st sets you up for it, and in conjunction with the energy of the cosmos, will support you in the manifestation of your deepest desires and dreams. But you have to have done your work. January alone is a month that can launch you forward if you’re willing. Mid month’s full moon flanked by two new moons on the 1st and 30th might stir you up if you need stirring, perhaps in such an uncomfortable way that you’ll no longer be able to rest on your laurels. It will simply be unbearable now. This might sound daunting but we have to realize that as a collective, we need something to shake us up.  Having difficulties and hardships from time to time isn’t enough to ignite action (or change) in most. (More information shared here in expanded version).
In addition, many of us are working out patterns on an individual level that also need to be cleared for the human collective. All of these relationship-oriented patterns are helping us understand what it means to be a healthy, functioning member of a true collective. Family, friends, workplaces, neighborhoods, cities, and soul cluster groups are some common collectives. This month, many of us are learning what it means to put ourselves first, setting appropriate boundaries so we can be of greater service in the world. We are also letting go of unhealthy ties, binds, and attachments, and experiencing what it means to give and receive equally. Sex and sexuality is also changing for humans as we move closer to the 5th dimension. (Much more shared on the topics of this paragraph in the expanded version).
But finally, if you are struggling with feelings of loss, grief, or abandonment regarding any kind of relationship in your life, go back to focusing on your essence (the spark of God within you). Ask for and receive a hefty dose of unconditional love from your higher self on this one. As you connect to the love that always has and will exist within your essence, you’ll instantly reconnect with your soul cluster group, and eventually to all of those collectives you’ve been a part of, beyond this lifetime. This is the ultimate antidote to separation and loss. Feel the unity!
Blessings for a Happy New Year,
Heather, the Faeries, Pleiadians & Sirians

Want to work out those issues that got triggered this holiday with family and loved ones? The tools I have included in this month’s expanded version will help you. I also recommend that you read the November Expanded Version Newsletter for working on your core issues (core wounding that originated many lifetimes ago). These are the biggies, those patterns that you’ve repeatedly recreated throughout this life and many others. For more info. or to purchase any expanded version, click on the link in the 2nd paragraph of this newsletter.