Well, here we are and it’s July already. It feels like yesterday was weeks ago and last year was a moment ago, yet our concerns should be with the present. And in the right now, there’s a lot to be considering here on planet earth. Most all of us are sensing the changes going on in our world, even though many of them are covert, subtle, and still undercover. We can feel the simmering pot of humanity, stewing and stirring as the energies shift on our planet, as we observe the physical manifestation of transformation on environmental, governmental, legal, and social levels.

           Many are confused about what they see occurring. Is it good or bad? Others know for sure how they feel about it all and are excited or enraged, maybe even depressed, apathetic, or completely checked out. I can attest to feeling all of the above at one time or another in the last month. With the intensity out there now, for some, being a willing participant in life feels like an act of courage.
And act we should. In fact, if I had to give one word of advice to those who are bewildered or overwhelmed by the world’s current state, I’d say take action. Follow your bliss, speak your truth, stand up for what you believe, and fight for what’s right, because doing nothing is an action too, and one that has definite consequences during these times.  If you’re not sure what to believe or what’s true, or even if you think you know, follow your intuition. It will never lead you astray or contradict like the so called “facts” out there, the laws, some research, and the many ideas and thinking that seem rational, logical—that appear to make sense.
            No matter how you feel about what’s happening on the planet, or even in your personal life, just know that these are necessary alterations. What has previously been hidden must come to light in order to be acknowledged, evaluated, and ultimately decided upon. When it comes to the worldly changes, we get to decide as a collective—is this what we want? If so, the adjustment goes through or things continue. If not, it’s halted.
            Some of you might be feeling pretty helpless when reflecting on the collective’s decisions, figuring out our future based on a group consensus. Are we ready for that? Is there enough of us awakened to appropriately support or reject these changes?  As we sit with the many possibilities here, our group pot begins to boil. The boiling helps us let off steam but also creates an internal chaos.  The chaos can bring with it feelings of anger, rage, anxiety, or even panic.
            These feelings are completely normal considering the circumstances. The pleiadian and angelic guides encourage us to feel and express all of these emotions as needed, and if you are one of many feeling helpless or hopeless, to access your own sovereignty. They also say, “As you move forward in your own ascension process, you’ll become more of a leader and guide for others.  You’ll understand yourself as a creator being and from that stage, be able to make your greatest dreams come true while at the same time influencing others to do the same.”
            Many have asked me recently, what’s going to happen this summer? Contemplating the boiling point that is surely coming, I say it’s going to be a summer on fire. But from my perspective, this isn’t something we should fear.  If the internal chaos shows up in the external world in ways that make you uneasy, simply view it as validation that radical change is upon us.
Revolution doesn’t have to be destructive but if it is, does it not illuminate our society’s shadow side? These revelations wake people up; they bring new developments and opportunities, which are long over due. Thereafter, our collective evolution progresses. Consider new laws or political leaders. Do any of these worry you? If so, if your worst case scenario happens or has happened, how can that give you the chance to break out and do something completely unique, discover a new line of work, move, raise and teach your children differently, change your lifestyle, or invent a new technology? When you look back on your life later you’ll be glad it all happened, that you were willing to step up and stand out.
In fact, that’s where the angelic and nature spirit guides want you to focus. If you want greater success and abundance during these changing times, as we get closer to the 5th dimension, be willing to be different.  Don’t even try to fit in.  Let your odd, peculiar, or eccentric side shine in the world. And yes, it will pay off! But most of all, don’t compartmentalize yourself.  Let who you truly are be expressed in everything you do.
That’s right, don’t try to hide any authentic aspect of you.  If you are a healer, teacher, nurturer, or artist at heart, you still are even when you’re paying your bills, at the grocery store, visiting with family, or working at an unrelated job. If you are afraid or skeptical about the effects of this change, ask your higher self for assistance, and let this part of you lead the way in all your life’s tasks.
In addition, as the angelic ones say, “Don’t compare yourself to others, do your own thing fearlessly.  Don’t look to what others have done to decide what choices you’ll make. Blaze your own path.” And that, my friends, is what this summer is all about. That is why despite the internal chaos, our future’s uncertainty, and our collective’s pot getting ready to boil, we have something wonderful to look forward to. Let your passion, fierce focus, and undying devotion to yourself and your evolution be the impetus for the changes that you desire over the next few months.
And we’ll leave you with this last pearl of wisdom. This summer’s fireball of transformation is also a rebirthing. In order to be reborn, we must die. So ask yourself, are you resistant to this inner death? What parts of yourself are you willing to let go of? What aspects of your life must end?  To those who currently feel like they’re dying or have thoughts about death, we can assure you that your inner death is imminent. So when you’re ready, take a deep breath and make that leap…into the great unknown.
See you on the next bend of the journey,
Heather & the guides