It has been quite an adventure through the month of February, if you still find yourself standing up that is. Two eclipse sandwiches and we purified ourselves emotionally, mentally, and physically before the month’s end. If you don’t recognize yourself yet, give it some time. 

Be tender and compassionate with yourselves and others. Since this was such an intense process, we’re all being aligned and reset once again, so we can make our way to the Equinox ready and able to receive those upgrades and activations. But most of us, aware of it or not, are still reeling from all of the healing and clearing, both internal and external.
     If this is true for you, be reassured all is as it should be. With all of the shifts happening for us within, and the subsequent changes we see reflected back to us  in our personal lives and in the world, there is always a time of confusion and chaos. Most will find these disturbing feelings and happenings, along with a lack or clarity or direction in what’s coming over the next several weeks. It’s a great opportunity to practice patience and trust. Where can you find that trust when all seems shrouded in doubt and the unknown? 
     We are beginning to see the budding fruits of our labors in many life areas as exponential possibilities for expansion arising individually and collectively, with positive events occurring as people come together for passionate causes. The women’s marches in January were a great example. Additionally, as the Pleiadians have often shared with me, “In the deep recesses of the heart, all shall be revealed. ” Go there when you despair or fear and the truth with always be made evident. 
     Energetically, so many areas are affected by transformation and will continue to be during this first half of the year. Relationships are highlighted. We are letting go of what isn’t in our highest and best or what doesn’t help us grow, while new connections with a potential for deeper spiritual partnership are being formed. And many relationships are on the fence as we relearn this dance between the divine feminine and masculine. The feminine is deepening her healing, moving through anger and rage from oppression, releasing memories and trauma of being abused or used, and feeling grief from being unvalued, unnoticed, or abandoned outright for far too long. It’s time for us to let this all go, so we can open fully to unconditional love. 
     From this stance, the feminine can hold space for the masculine as he begins taking baby steps in his vulnerability. As the feminine holds that supportive anchor of love and compassion, the masculine can put down his sword of competition, pride, conquering, control and so much more. There can be a balance with the sexes now, and the joy of true knowing and honoring.With the feminine and the masculine, we are also releasing old sexual energies and memories of neediness, uncontrollable desire/attachments, all related to survival in 3D.  Sexual union can now become more sacred, more aligned with the heart center and unconditional love. 
     So if it isn’t enough to have relationships and sex on the brain, throw in the emotional components and major life changes and you’d think you’ve reached the end of your rope. The spinning and repetitive thoughts can be relentless. And if this is true for you, surrender to it. The energetic downloads are almost continuous now, and we are releasing what no longer serves. Fear patterns and grief are lifting out for most, but regardless of what you are feeling, go into it as much as possible while not attaching to any of it. Celebrate the fact that it is leaving for good and your new life and creations are just around the corner.
     Many in their current changes are experiencing different levels of loss.  With this comes a letting go of what had been safe and comfortable while following the calling of the soul. The old is falling away to make room for the new and upgraded. For myself personally I’ve had to make changes in relationships and residence that have been challenging and sorrowful, but I made the conscious choice to relinquish control and therefore allow my soul to move into higher levels of spiritual evolution and partnership, peace, unconditional love, and joy in all life areas.
     Major transformations like this are comparable to birthing a baby. The labor is unbearable at times, overwhelming, and all consuming. But any temporary pain is so worth the reward at the end. And we will have those rewards coming to us in many packages: freedom, love, joy, connection, peace, fulfillment and abundance are just several. When and how this will all happen for each of us and collectively is yet to be certain, but most are already getting sneak peaks and sporadic moments with these gems now. Some of us are even experiencing these energies on a 24/7 basis, and this is all related to the level of healing/clearing that has been done. 
     But no matter where you are at, the important point is to continue on your path of integrity with determination, courage, and faith. As you die and are reborn again and again, your most authentic and enlightened self comes forth. From here, you’ll be crystal clear about what you really want and you will manifest these heavenly versions more simply and easily. From this place only are you truly the creator of your life and the co-creator of your bigger world. And this is the year, 2017, that we’ll begin seeing the changes we’ve been forever waiting for!
Until the next bend of the journey,

Heather and the guides