Are you ready for a power packed month? Right now we are regrouping, assimilating, and integrating many of the energetic shifts we received throughout February. And speaking of changes, I want to announce this here so everyone’s aware: This will be the last month you’ll receive free newsletters from this email delivery service. From now on, I’ll be sending the link to the free newsletter in a plain text email from my website. The subject in the email will be: Newsletters on the Shift. If you’d like to find out more about my expanded version newsletters which will contain more information and energy activations, go to http://tealhealing.blogspot.com/2013/03/expanded-version-monthly-updates-on.html#more
We are very tired, sore, grumpy, and apathetic as we transition to a fifth dimensional energy system. The emotional intensity has currently heightened as we are at the peak of clearing karmic baggage that has been with us for hundreds and thousands of years. So if you have been feeling increasingly angry, out of control, or helpless, you’re not alone and you’re not crazy. This is such a prevalent issue with just about everybody, that I almost named this newsletter “March Madness.” (LOL. And please, take the time to find a sense of humor these days. You’ll lighten everyone up).
Many of us are just beginning to tap into core wounding that occurred in ancient lifetimes, and has been replayed and recreated ever since. The good news is that we can finally put an end to the repetitions of these disempowering cycles. Some of us are weary from working this process for years already. So mercury retrograde has arrived just in time; make the most of the rest, relaxation, and reflection that this time can offer you. We only have about another 7-10 days of it before we enter the equinox time, when the fireworks and excitement begins.
The 10th (today) signals Daylight Savings Time again for those of us directly impacted by it. I can say that during this month, many will definitely “spring forward,” as they say. On the Spring Equinox, which is bracketed by the new and full moons, those who are ready will receive the spiritual energy and impetus to help them go to that next evolutionary level, as well as “advance” in other life areas. There will be a new level of peace and relief that will be felt here. But much like being shot out of a cannon, the speed and novelty can lead to disorientation, anxiety, and even panic. Although we have reached a certain level of mastery last cycle, this cycle has its own unique challenges–our soul’s next set of tasks. (More information shared here in the expanded version of the newsletter).
And for those of who aren’t ready to move on to that next level yet? Utilize the powerful forces of the equinox to help you continue to work out your issues. You know what they are, don’t you? If you are paying attention to what’s going on within you and around you these days you can’t miss em’. Your world is your mirror, so take a good look. You really have to do your personal work now, because I’m hearing that even for those newly awakened, the transformative energies of the first part of 2013 will launch you to the spiritual point of no return. As if landing in Oz, you’ve entered a new world that functions in a completely different way than what you’ve ever known. Although you are finding your way home, life as you know it will never be the same. But your inner work will provide you with the needed tools to adapt.
All of us will witness magic this month. Manifesting–using our personal will, desire, or energy to make something take form in the physical realm, was knowledge formerly known to metaphysical masters–spiritual teachers, alchemists, and magicians. But like the theme presented in the new movie,”Oz The Great and Powerful,” these spiritual ideas and energetic abilities are now part of mainstream culture. We are all wizards if we tap into our gifts and passions, and bring them into the world in our own way–a way that promotes the highest good for all. As Harold Whitman said: “Don’t ask yourself what the world needs; ask yourself what makes you come alive. And then go do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”
In the movie, Oz, (the magician), experienced more of a 3rd dimensional existence before he came to the land of Oz. The journey to Oz raised him into 5th dimension, where he began living out his true destiny. How did he get there? He unconsciously chose to undergo the healing and spiritual transformation (represented by the tornado) necessary to catapult him into that next level. But this didn’t happen without his building up the inner strength and courage needed to go for it, as well as the cooperation of his shocked and frightened ego. We saw this happen as he begged and prayed for his life in the hot air balloon. And most important of all, this meant eventually looking at all of his arrogance, deception, shirked personal responsibility–in essence, his darkest shadow. Sound familiar yet?
The time of the new moon on the 11th will give us the chance to practice the power of manifesting through the fifth dimensional energies. As our energy systems are updated, becoming more crystalline, we can more easily create that which we intend, instead of relying on the law of attraction as we did in the old energies. (More information shared here in the expanded version newsletter).
Many people are wondering about the status of our worldly affairs. Now that Earth is hovering between the fifth and twelfth dimensions, will we finally see the social changes we’ve been longing for? With the lag time and assimilation process, and many still living out a 3rd dimensional existence, can this even be possible in our lifetimes? From what I hear and feel from the higher dimensional beings, I think much is possible. Although some issues may take decades to completely resolve, we can expect to see beneficial change in the next 5-10 years in areas of women’s rights, environmental issues, healthcare, and more… (More information shared here in the expanded version newsletter).
Just remember, it all starts with you. The wizard in “Oz the Great and Powerful,” was just an ordinary man. But because everyone had faith in him, believing he was the wizard, he became the wizard. As we believe in ourselves and become the change we want to see, the world will surely become our own piece of heaven.
Equinox Blessings,
Heather, The Higher Dimensional Beings & The Newsletter Guides
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