Feb. 15, 2021, from the Pleiadian High Council:

“Greetings to all of you, we send our love and blessings!

It is like the color red for Valentine’s Day, that beautiful loving energy that is gracing you at this time. You are feeling that energy of love infusing your life in many areas. Just like different shades of red or pink reflect different tones or qualities of love, there are energies that have to do with variances of love that are reaching your planet at this time. This is helping some of you with mother issues and those related to the feminine. But for others, the energies that are a general essence of compassion and forgiveness allow for an overall letting go of some of that heavy baggage that has kept them attached to past pain and hurts. So this is the time now to open up and receive these loving energies that will guide you. You can ask for a particular energy of your choosing to help you in a specific life area. Simply intend it, open up to receive it, allow it to move through you, grace you and help you to heal.

As many of you align with the star system of your choosing, you will receive direct love and support from that area. Guidance, clarity, and information about steps to take and changes coming for you personally and the collective at large will be revealed. So it is time to go deeper inward to access these truths, all that is available to you, all of the knowledge. Receive the energies coming in and allow them to activate your codes, grids and DNA, which will assist many of you with moving into greater empowerment, new roles of service, and leading and guiding the way for your humankind.”

Excerpt from the Prosperity and Abundance from a Pleiadian Perspective Class, Feb. 26, 2021:

“So this is what it means to focus on what you desire, what you want to create for yourselves. It is a simple shift we see here for you. Simply move your attention, move your focus in every moment to what you desire to create and feel the passion and joy behind these creations. Begin to take action on these desired creations. In this time as you are moving towards the Equinox, the energies and astrology can assist you in taking that forward action. There is no reason to delay now. This is the time to take that forward action and make those choices and decisions to support yourself in moving into greater states of abundance. Recognize that this is who you are. Just by being present here on earth at this time, it is enough for you to be an abundant being. Decide to create that for yourself, believe in it and in your believing it, you will start to see the manifestation of it…

But recognize for all of you that as you move into these higher states of being, it will change your reality. It will bring you what you desire, but the people, situations and circumstances may shift. Relationships may fall away, but new ones will come in. Jobs might change. Money might temporarily shift or slow down while that new beginning is created. And then as you step into it and take on a new vocation or career, it is all amplified. The resources, the abundance, or the finances can come in tenfold or twentyfold. And it is changed! So there is a level of trust and faith involved in this new leap in consciousness that you are all moving into. In this new leap and change in moving forward, there is a trust and faith that will carry you into the higher dimensions, into these new timelines where new levels of prosperity can be embraced and experienced. And that is our wish for all of you, to have and experience these great states of being.”

~From the Pleiadian High Council