If your September has been anything like mine, your deepest, darkest fears and unresolved issues (even those you thought were long gone and cleared by now) have been really in your face. Like your worst nightmare come true, they appear in your life when you’re least expecting them, and in a way that you wouldn’t ever guess, right? On top of that, there simply is no way to distract yourself from the fear, anger, hurt, or sadness. For most of us, we can’t just go off and play basketball, watch a film, or go have ice cream to feel better anymore.  
  In fact, nothing will help. Nothing except doing the inner work needed to master the lessons while tapping into the only part of you that is real, your essence. This aspect of you is also known as the light of God, source energy, a higher power, the I AM presence. It doesn’t matter what you call it, as long as you know what it is, and that it is located deep within your core. Aligning with it will bring peace, comfort, and joy during these challenging times. It will keep you from reacting to or believing in fear—what we often see reflected in our external realities every day in some shape or form. But it also assists you in connecting to the energy of the collective. Our souls are delighted with every step we take to get closer to operating fully as a collective in our world. (More information shared here in my expanded version newsletters. To read more about the expanded version’s or purchase them, click here.)
Many of us are experiencing personal losses in areas of work, money, homes, and also losses in relationships, including death. You may be reliving or feeling the hurts and betrayals of something from years ago, or something that didn’t even happen in this lifetime. But it’s real nonetheless.  Surrender to the feelings and at the same time, ask your higher self and the light of God within to radiate to you the frequency of unconditional love and compassion, which helps you move through it.  On another note of surrender, it’s wise to let yourself rest or sleep when your physical body is in pain or exhausted these days. When you do this, you’re helping your body release heavy energies and toxins, and become more crystalline.  This leads to more energy later if you don’t fight the agony in the moment!
As we fully integrate these experiences and feelings, we’ll move into the next stage of our evolution, one that involves coming together as a collective and really understanding the implications of that.  When you help your group(s), you help yourself, and when you turn a blind eye to another’s suffering, you suffer right along with them. Obviously, we see the negative effects of these truths in our every day realities: poverty, homelessness, economic decline, or being slaves to our jobs (which I will discuss more thoroughly in the expanded version). But we also see the positive effects of helping and including others showing up in insurance changes, equal opportunities for marriage for gay couples in some states, and legislation that will pass sometime in the near? future with regard to release of student loan debt. As you can imagine, the latter changes will lead to even more equality in those underprivileged or abused: women, youth, and those who are mistreated because of their race or religion. 
And speaking of the abused, it’s time to really look at our victim mentality. This is another area that is really up big time to be cleared right now in collective humanity.  How often do you feel helpless, a lack of control, that nothing you do has any impact on your life or destiny, or that others or yourself are to blame for your current life situation or future? Think about it. Ask yourself, why have you chosen to experience the re-creation of victimhood in the many guises it takes? (More information shared here in the expanded version).
The bottom line with all of this is that we simply experienced our own versions of victimhood to learn a lesson—a lesson about empowerment, ultimately. And this is one of life’s greatest lessons because it truly aids us in stepping completely into our new role as creator beings. So, what would you really like to see happen?
It is essential that we contemplate this as we get ready for the upcoming full moon/lunar eclipse on the 18th of this month.  As I shared on facebook last month, many of us were wrapping up some core issues that we’ve struggled with in this life as well as throughout a multitude of lifetimes. As this is finalized, we are being initiated into a new level of our evolution, one that involves new lessons and soul tasks.  For those of you who are experiencing this, it’s important that you pass all the tests you are being given during this initiative period, and if this is you, you’ll know exactly what these life “tests” are. You want to be in a place of strength by the time of the full moon. This will help you stay balanced and less overwhelmed, as many of the issues that have to do with the new lessons will get triggered at that time (so they can be cleared).  The best news is that the illumination and downloads of the lunar eclipse will bring insights and guidance, giving you the tools and resources needed to work through whatever rises to the surface. (More info. in expanded version).
At this time, many people only know what their life will be like for about the next two weeks to a month. That’s it. They don’t have any further guarantees. I encourage you to take this idea a step further. Pretend that all you have is the moment you are living right now. What would you have your next moment be? And the moment after that? You get the picture. This is where we get to have fun with it all. See the challenge of living with the unknown as an adventure. Embrace risk-taking as part of your safety and security in these changing times. The power of your awareness and your spiritual mastery, with the intense desire and willingness to direct the unfolding of your life will help you rise above any obstacles in the physical world.  One by one, as we each experience our realities this way, operating from a more 5thdimensional, present-moment stance, we’ll assist the rest of the collective in creating more abundance.  And this is when we begin to see the kind of global changes that we’ve all been waiting for. I think we can imagine what that would look like!
See you around the next bend of the journey,
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