As we kick off this new year of 2022, relationships are highlighted. In particular, this is a time for embracing and healing the feminine energies within. We have the opportunity to review and evaluate our past relationships, receive any healing for ourselves, and further recognize our own worth and value. We can begin to ask ourselves what we want and deserve in all life areas, including our career and soul’s purpose. Then we can take action to create it.

In this special class, I’ll be going into depth on how to heal the feminine within us and our world. I’ll explain more on the healing of the masculine energies as well, and how the masculine can now support the feminine in leading the way to freedom and harmony during these unprecedented times. Are you desiring more co-creative relationships where the other can meet you in deep connection, equality, and respect? If you are currently struggling with any relationship issues or want to create more healthy and fulfilling partnerships, this is the class for you! Bring your personal relationship questions to be answered during class.

This class is Wednesday, Feb. 16th from 6:30-8pm PST. The cost is $20. To sign up, send your payment at this paypal link: