As we are living in a time of accelerated change and spiritual expansion, many of us feel ready to step into a greater level of prosperity consciousness. We were born to experience joy, wealth, good health and successful relationships. And now more than any other time, more of us are accessing our innate sovereignty and beginning to create the life of our dreams.

In this special online class, Heather will bring through information, tools and energy protocols she has gained from the Pleiadians for helping you manifest a more abundant life. Heather will also channel direct messages from the Pleiadian High Council on the topic of prosperity and what is relevant to us during these changing times.

Specifically, you will learn:
*How to work with your crystalline consciousness and other creation processes to move beyond limiting issues and patterns, and live a more emotionally balanced, joyful and fulfilled life
*How to manifest greater levels of health
*How to create new relationships with all of the soul qualities you desire
*How to expand your prosperity consciousness to experience more abundance in all forms
*How to increase your self-worth for more success in work, love and money

This class will be offered online via Zoom or by phone on Friday, Feb.26th from 6:30-8pm. The cost is $20. To sign up, send your payment by clicking here. You will receive the Zoom link and dial in number after your payment is received. For more questions, email Heather at [email protected].