Find out how our relationships are affected by our evolutionary process, and what we can do to
promote harmony and happiness…

Recording of teleconference, $10. Sent by email as mp3 file.
90 minutes long.

If you’ve been noticing big changes in all your relationships over the last few years and want some insights, guidance, and healing energy to help them improve, this is the class for you!

This class will offer information about:
*Resolving conflict/tension in romantic relationships, especially with chronic issues
*Why many are experiencing losses (with romance, friendships, family, and business partnerships)
*How to promote a thriving, co-creative partnership in any group situation, based on cooperation, mutual support, equality, and beneficence.
*When to hang in there and when to say enough is enough in all relationships during changing times
*Why things are so intense: the unavoidable mirror of truth that we must now see in the other)
*How to release unhealthy karmic ties, binds & attachments, and move out of the victim role
*Soulmates and twin flames: finding one another and ascending together
*How your most intimate relationships affect every life area!
*Sex issues and how they relate to the ascension process
*Change within biological and spiritual families during the shift
*The importance of acquaintances and casual friendships


Energy Healing will be offered to help you:
*Release losses and gain spiritual mastery with all relationship issues to break patterns and start new
*Gain clarity about conflict, see from the other’s perspective, and develop compassion
*Acquire solutions to chronic issues
*Move from co-dependence to co-creation in all relationships
*When it’s not in your highest good to be in a particular relationship
*In relating to those who are not awakened or newly awakened
*See your shadow in the other and assimilate it for greater self empowerment
*Find your soulmate/twin flame and thrive together
*Balance your relationships and the rest of your life at the same time
*Release unhealthy attachments–experience freedom & relationship harmony

To receive the recording: email Heather at [email protected] and pay $10 here