The cosmic energies are fluctuating and accelerating since this month’s new moon! And with the variety of light codes pouring in, we’re upgrading on so many levels. So take really good care emotionally and get lots of rest. This is all preparing us for the changes coming this summer.

We’re moving into a greater expression of feminine leadership with more progress in the lifting of social barriers. What can this look like? Breakthroughs in freedom, equality and acceptance for certain groups, including our animals and nature kingdom.

It’s helpful to spend time outdoors, near large bodies of water. I’ve been communicating with the whales and dolphins in my area, and they are available for extra balance, support, and healing.

The ocean and our sea creatures embody the divine feminine here on earth. They are showing us how to embrace this side of us and further develop qualities of intuition, vulnerability, and openness. This process assists us in navigating our lives with ease these days. Through our connections to the cetaceans, we can find the deep stillness and mystery within. This is the source of all magic in creation and manifestation. Our abilities in these areas are improving and bringing us quicker results!

The moon in combo with the whale energies illuminate our paths as we wash away the illusions. We are letting go in many different ways…releasing fear of the unknown, insecurity and doubt. It’s the end of a cycle for many of us personally and the collective. After we’ve integrated the downloads from the summer solstice, near the end of June or early July, we’ll enter this time of new beginnings. For some, it’ll be easier to hold a higher level of awareness and frequency on a more regular basis. Events will flow and pick up the pace; many will experience more grace and joy and a heightened desire to love and serve.

Don’t be confused by any old energies, ideas, or ways of being showing up in the external right now. This is a call to action. It is happening so we can acknowledge what has been hidden, stand up, speak out, or set appropriate boundaries. Then we can implement changes!

The shifts in consciousness that are occurring collectively will become more evident in our world. We are leading by example, creating in a compassionate, harmonious way. This is why many of us are drawn to connections in our communities. We want to find unique ways to serve, share resources, and discover solutions that support everyone.

Stay heart-centered during this time of change. Avoid overthinking or analyzing and be present and grounded to receive multidimensional information, answers to questions, and help with decisions. The whales are also guiding us in this area, as being is another feminine aspect and one that leads to overall balance and wellness.

Enjoy this summer of love!