As you gently glide out of the fuzzy minded, sleepy, slow and exhausted time of Mercury Retrograde–Yippee! (It has been a long one), be prepared as we are coming into the new. This cycle of the next month is meant to begin the preparation for 11-11-11. The hallmark of this time is groundbreaking change in our physical realities, our external worlds. Since this Mercury Retrograde was one of the deepest interdimensionally, technologically challenged, and we were literally being held back as if in a holding pen, as we enter this weekend into the first week in September it’s going to be on your mark, get set, and GO!

So take the steps needed now to be ready for busy-ness in whatever area of your life that applies…because this is definitely going to be a unique pace for all of us. If you are like me and your computer took a dive, or if your business, projects, or finances did the same, use this remaining time to your advantage. We are not yet living our physical consciousness fully in one dimension, and yet the 3rd-5th are overlapped, all at the same time. If this does not make sense, don’t try to understand it. You don’t have to. This current state which we have been in for a few weeks and might last until end of August, can be used to create from a completely clean slate. You can do this effortlessly, with full trust and passion. Decide what it is you want, and go for it! This advantage can allow your dreams and goals (if spiritually aligned) to come true overnight, and you can experience radical triumphs in overcoming some of the most difficult obstacles to growth. But you do have to take action.

As I work with the newsletter guides, fairies and elves this weekend, we want to bring a comfort to your weary souls, a refreshing and inspiring tonic to help ease your achy bodies and unruly minds. We have all come so far already, and yet there is still so much to do in so little time. To know that you have contact with an assisting resource such as this newsletter, and/or the many other spiritual resources available to all of you reading this, means you have what you need to transcend the difficulties of this time. Remember that many out there are not in the same boat. By this I do not mean that there aren’t resources available for all, but that many are not at a spiritual/evolutionary state where they can even locate or use the resources. The Angelic Realm and Ascended Beings from planets and stars such as Sirius, Arcturus, and Pleaides are here to offer comfort and support to all on Planet Earth. No matter what you are going through, if you open your arms and your heart t o receive the love that is there for you, it will uplift and calm.

This is a time of leadership for many. You know who you are. It is time to step into your soul’s purpose. Your divine blueprint is located inside your Divine Self, within the threefold flame of your heart. Living your soul’s purpose is not what you do, it is what you are. But you have to know this part of yourself energetically to fully express it. This is not something you can know logically and rarely something you can shift into overnight. It is a process, and it is about actively, choosing to be this, choosing the first steps in discovery if that is where you are. This, only your soul can do. We will bring healing in the activation part of this newsletter to assist you in locating and activating soul’s purpose, letting it shine through.

I met a woman today on my lunch break who was radiating her soul’s purpose. This was the second time I had seen her. She works at a local restaurant. When I walked into the restaurant, I could immediately sense the kindness, joy, peace, optimism and enthusiasm bursting forth. Might I add to this, being an energy practitioner and feeling, sensing, seeing, and hearing many levels of energy on a daily basis, I am usually not easily impressed by most people’s energy. She was naturally magnetic, a spirit full of beauty. In just being around someone like this, one could instantly shift from a more negative emotional state to a positive one. On top of all of this, through using my intuition, I could sense that it wasn’t because she had recently won the lottery, entered a new and exciting relationship or career, or healed miraculously from some disease. She is a waitress in a restaurant who happens to be in touch with her divinity and isn’t afraid to let it show. She is content with what’s going on within and without, and even parts of her life that aren’t so perfect. I couldn’t help but add my two cents. I told her she had lovely energy and how wonderful it was that she was spreading it to the world. She just nodded her head and laughed. And with the utmost confidence and self-esteem simply added, “I know.” Now, that’s soul’s purpose!

There is also life purpose, which is different than soul’s purpose in that it usually involves what you do. This can be your livelihood, or what you are involved in–projects, dreams, goals, people. For example: motherhood, artist, healer, plumber, loyal friend, networker. You can also have more than one, but usually there will be one that will stick out as the biggest. Harness your courage and use every ounce of spiritual mastery and personal power to live the life you were meant to, today. This does not mean rush or panic. Stay in the present moment and take the needed steps to get where you need to. But we must understand, the world needs us. Earth is counting on us (because it really is up to us), those stuck in suffering and left vulnerable to the dualistic forces (whether seen or unseen) could use our assistance. If you have to choose between either/or, choose soul’s purpose, but know that living the life you came here to live can only benefit everyone.

Sometimes soul’s purpose and life purpose are the same, but not always. They are only the same if you have consciously chosen that, because soul’s purpose can be expressed through your beingness in various, multifaceted ways. The important thing is to leave all self-doubt and insecurities behind. Do not let them block you from moving forward. If you feel the calling, that means it is time, no matter how conflicted you feel inside.

On that note, starting this weekend and going through the next month and a half, what is no longer aligned with soul’s purpose in our lives will fall away. For those that aren’t letting go of jobs, relationships, living situations, emotional baggage, limiting beliefs, and behavior patterns willingly, just know that the universe will be doing this for you. And let me remind you, it is much easier to choose to let these go (if they are meant to), than to have them taken from you. It is much easier and less painful to choose it. If you are not sure if one of these areas of your life needs letting go of, search your heart. Your heart will always reveal the truth if you allow yourself to look there. It is time to let the logical and rational mind go to the back burner, and feel into the heart. Our minds are going to be increasingly confused and distracted in the upcoming months, and it is not reliable to let them lead. Find a practice that supports heart-centered awareness, such a s meditation, yoga, energywork, prayer, gardening, hiking, journaling, or communing in nature to consistently live in this space and work this level of awareness like a muscle. After awhile, it will be automatic, and your mind will become secondary.

One the biggest hindrances during the next couple weeks and off and on over the end of the year, is multi-tasking. We just can’t do it. And we just can’t seem to get everything done in a day’s time like we used to. Trying to do it all can lead to a break or meltdown, physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually, or all of the above. My best advice is to focus on one thing at a time, or if possible, combine similar tasks into one project. Take care of yourself whenever possible, even if life circumstances direct you elsewhere.

A good friend of mine just started her dream job, living on a few acres in a beautiful setting, selling organic food, and offering healing in the form of many modalities to the public. She is finally where she has wanted to be for so long, but now she is…EXHAUSTED. She does not feel like doing anything, yet there is so much to do, get set up, people to meet and employ, promoting, and advertizing. It’s not that she feels overwhelmed and dreadful with all of this activity. She is more than excited to get to know her new community. She just can’t do it right now. Period.

And the truth is, she shouldn’t do it. Not now. Want to know why? This week and up until 11-11-11 we are receiving heavy downloads of healing energy and information. Our physical bodies are still undergoing tremendous transformation (and will continue through the end of the year), which makes us extremely fatigued, challenged with doing anything, much less thinking and speaking, hello, does anyone just want to communicate through energy these days? Or writing. (I guess I am feeling lucky today). But yes, the aches and pains, mysterious illnesses, weight gain or loss, and appetite changes will be with us for awhile. The more we resist change, the more physical symptoms and uncomfortable bodies we will have. Sometimes physical issues are experienced because we are picking up the resistance of mass consciousness. Another reason for the above complaints, especially the fatigue, hunger, weight gain, and irritability is our inability to ground to the Earth in the same way we have. The combo of the change in magnetics as well as Earth’s consciousness changes, thus her physical body changes, affects our consciousness and physical bodies. Since we are going through this transformation process very quickly, we are constantly needing to ground to Earth in a different way. I am finding new techniques that I am currently using with clients. In general, I will say that, R & R is the way to go. Eventually your body gets adjusted to the new changes and you re-ground. If you can take a vacation right now, it would be a good time. The energy downloads will be intermittent throughout the rest of 2011, so you will know when you can pick up and start working, engaging, and co-creating again. But an essential rule of thumb is to let yourself have days to just be.

The other intermittent complaint is that it is still hard to perceive the energy on the planet, as well as in others through traditional, psychic/intuitive ways. There is so much energetic chaos and interference. We are also adjusting to the new grid system, and our own personal grids are being updated and recalibrated. Trust me, you will know if this is you because you won’t be able to sense what you normally can. But it will pass. There are new grids and templates for intuition in all the ways of sensing coming in for use from now until the end of the year.

One of mass’s biggest themes this month is money. So if you have been feeling the pinch on the pocketbook or if unrealistic or irrational fears have hounded you, make sure to clear the energy of the mass from your fields. My inner guidance is telling me to encourage you to surrender to it. It is really beyond your control anyway, no matter how it looks on the surface. Just expect that you will have enough and you will. The energy that will continue to lift out of mass consciousness is about survival and security. This will happen over the next couple months. Locate your inner abundance, your eternal security and safety at your core, and let that elevate your personal vibration and frequency, taking you through this time with flying colors.

Remember to view your external world and even your personal life as an illusion. Because it is–whether you label it bad or good, or somewhere in between. If it is not pretty, it is what you have created out of fear and lack, or what needs to be shed by mass consciousness & for the Earth. In light of upcoming events, I have spoken of them in other newsletters. I will just mention this again briefly. As we see the physical realm shift dramatically right in front of our eyes over the next couple months, there will probably be many more natural disasters, economic hardship and potential collapse, environmental issues, and new health risks. Stay in the present moment, holding a stance of gratitude and joy, even for just a few minutes daily, for no other particular reason other than the day. This will help you stay out of the doom and gloom mentality. Many of the Earth’s changes, including unusual weather conditions are due to a clearing of old emotional patterns and consciousness of humanity. So, if we view it this way, we can see that even something unpleasant and scary like destruction or damage from a storm can bring a greater spiritual/evolutionary state for all. This is what recently happened in the Virginia/Washington D.C. area of the earthquake and Hurricane Irene.

What we can look forward to is the potential for the big dimensional leap that could occur on 11-11-11. At this time it cannot be predicted, and I will say that if nothing else, it will still be a powerful portal that will bring a huge shift in consciousness, giving us another chance to get there. That is why it is true we are all in this together. One person’s spiritual growth and evolution, allows the mass to have a better chance and vice versa. The stakes are fluctuating all the time. There will be signs in the world around us by Oct. 28th, 2011. This date will usher in some religious and racial uproars, but there will also be an undenying sense of spirituality/God/universal love for those who have never believed before. Thereafter, we will see some visits from the formerly unseens, which will convince those skeptical minds that we are not alone in all of this.


You will receive these energy activations to the degree your soul chooses if you intend it.

In the first part of this healing activation, we ask you to find a place in your memory or imagination, where you feel completely safe and relaxed. This could be a tropical island, a cottage in the forest, a cruise on a vast ocean, the highest mountain cabin, your grandmother’s kitchen, or someplace completely different. Whatever place you pick is perfect. Go there now.

With your intent, invite the fairies and elves to join you. They bring you a warm or cold (to your choosing) tonic in the form of a drink. It is golden yellow in color and has a taste similar to beer or kombucha. If alcohol brings an unattractive appeal for one reason or another, you can receive the tonic in a warm tea or a sparkling cider. As you drink this medicine you begin to feel warm, safe, and comforted all over. After a few minutes you will begin to feel invigorated on a body, mind & spirit level. The elves and fairies whisper in your ear now those words you really need to hear to continue on your spiritual journey. What is it that you most need to know? Ask, and you shall receive.

Now bring your awareness to your heart space. Tune into that area and with your intent, access your 5th dimensional emotional/mental and physical body grids. Ask your heart chakra to update and align with the physical and mental/emotional 5th dimensional grids and increase your ability to receive love. Give yourself a few moments. Now tune into your guides around you, as well as the fairies and elves, those beings from the ascended planets, and receive the uplift and calm through your heart center. Feel the love that is always around you, in every moment. As you are focused on your heart center, hold a vibration of gratitude and joy (for no other reason that because of today). After holding this state of being for about a minute, connect with your 5th dimensional self and the elves and fairies, and go deep into your heart to locate your soul’s blueprint. Ask to activate your soul’s purpose within this blueprint. As this occurs, you might notice a feeling, sound, physical sens ation, picture, other experience, or you might just feel energy moving. Ask your Divine Self to send all needed information about your soul’s purpose to your conscious awareness.

Next, still focused on your heart center, go deeper, to the threefold flame located inside of it. This is where your divinity lies. Ask your Divine Self to locate all the inner abundance, security, and safety you ever had and ever will, and radiate this vibration on your financial, emotional/mental, and physical health grids. As you are connected to your heart’s intelligence, ask that this part of your being lead in decisions, comprehending situations, communicating, and being in relationship. You can tap into this intelligence at any time. We will bring in an energy to help give the heart priority over the head, but to allow the head (mind) to still function in needed tasks like writing, speaking, and processing information. In the days and weeks to come, practice connecting to your heart in this way for answers, advice, guidance, and understanding (instead of your head). Let go of the logical mind for awhile and see how that changes your view of the world and your life. If you get stuck, an easy way to access the heart’s intelligence is to feel your physical heart and breathe into it, asking the question.

The elves and fairies of the 5th dimension are now assisting you in connecting to Earth energetically, in a new way that allows for greater grounding, stability, support, and nourishment to the etheric body (the blueprint of our physical body). Do this as many times as needed over the next several months because as the Earth’s fields shift, so do ours, and so does our ability to ground and be nourished by her energy (thus the hunger, irritability, and fatigue). Eventually we will be able to ground through our crystalline energy fields, but may of us are not there yet. Ask your 5th dimensional self to help you release any resistance to change that you are carrying, or any resistance to change that mass consciousness is carrying that you have absorbed. Lastly, ask for the grids for accessing and discerning intuitive information to be updated and aligned with your 5th dimensional intuitive grids for greater psychic clarity.

Once again, tune in to your safe environment. The elves and fairies welcome you back. You can come to this place whenever you need to in the following weeks or months, just through your intent. Come back here especially when you feel apathetic, exhausted, hopeless, or scared. You can come here even if you just need a little extra support. You can ask for the healing elixir again, to help you refuel and replenish, as you move back into your journey. Before you leave and go back to your everyday realities today, the elves and fairies wish to bring you a native plant, flower, or tree that can help build strength, courage and confidence during these next two weeks. This is something that grows in the area you live. Allow the healing to infuse into you now, and if it calls to you, go and spend time near one or buy one for a greater healing over the next several months.

Until the next lightyear,

Heather, the newsletter guides, elves & fairies