Change, change, change! Enjoy the following channeled message for the month of May…

“Greetings dear ones! We are the Pleiadian High Council. As always, it is our pleasure to be with you now. As you are discovering, the now is so important, so much more than it has been for you in the last several years. The power of the now. Feel into the immensity of this and all that’s available to you in the moment: the wonder, mystery, abundance and all of the potentials that can come forward from here.

How would it be to remain focused, completely present in each moment? As you do, you are able to manifest much more quickly all that you desire. This happens because in the moment as you become more present, you are able to focus on and feel into the frequencies of what you want to experience and then those frequencies take form in your physical reality around you.

So remember in each day going forward from this day, now that you’ve entered the May, 555 gateways, it is important for you to be even more present, grounded and focused in each moment on what you desire and how you want to feel, while remaining in that balanced state.

As as you feel into your heart center now, breathe into this deep, rich beingness in this presence of love, the zero-point energy state. Drop even more deeply into your physical vessel, which is transforming very rapidly in this month of May. In each and every day you’ll notice drastic differences here. By the time you reach the month of June, for many of you there will be very different realities and lifestreams playing out. This we see with excitement for all of you as well. And you are handling this gracefully, easily—in such a way that you can be proud.

As more and more Stargate portals begin to open on your earth—new opportunities andtimelines also open for each of you to consider. This is why it is important to be clear and discerning about what you truly desire so that you know what action to take and what opportunity to embrace in any given moment. Understand that the extraneous details and many of the external events that are unknown at this time will take care of themselves. You are primarily responsible for setting course on your journey, for stepping into the action of the overall big picture that you desire to create for yourself.

You may not know exactly how it’s going to play out or how it will take complete form in the months to come or even in the years to come. But it is important at this time that you at least take action on the energy that feels right to you and on the desires that feel in alignment with you on a heart and soul level. Focus again on feeling the way you want to feel—embracing the love, joy, the spontaneity—the connections, and allowing them to carry you forward.

If you have been working towards staying organized, getting things done, and for those who have been feeling scattered in thoughts or actions—do what’s needed to create more structure in your lives, like setting a schedule or writing a list. But also, let yourself enjoy more play, freedom and spontaneity in your day. Be able to break away and take a walk, listen to music, or have a chance to talk with a friend in order to be in balance with what’s happening around you and inside of you. The changes that are happening that seem to be coming from the outside are really starting from the inside. You are going to need that downtime to give yourself—your body, mind and soul—everything it needs right now to completely transform.

Allow what no longer feels in resonance to fall away. This may be old relationships that no longer feel aligned, or old jobs, other partnerships and residences. This could apply to a lot of areas in your life. Allow them to release and don’t focus on them. Put your attention on what you want to create. The more you do that and the less you engage with those things that you are not in resonance with—the more you’ll easily move forward and release those outdated patterns, situations, and relationships.

Don’t hold onto anything. Just open up and embrace the new. Be receptive to all that comes and experience your life as an adventure, like an enjoyable novel or movie where you don’t know what will happen next but you’re sure it’s going to be interesting! This will allow for more fruitful experiences, the depth that you want to have in your connections and the success in all of your endeavors. It will be a time of ease and grace, as if you are ushered forward by invisible helpers. And of course, on many levels and in many realms, this is true.”

-From the PHC through Heather Green

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